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Bob the Builder is at it again

Here he's fixing the asphalt for the new tramline City.

Hamngatan (map) 22 May 2010


that cookie nose again

Kaknästornet revisited, this time seen from Nacka/Värmdö in southern greater Stockholm.

Visborgs minne, Nacka (map) 5 August 2010


aiming for a vantage point

Could be so. It does get some attention though - the figure climbing on Kulturhuset's facade.

Sergels torg (map) 19 June 2010


the light at the end of the tunnel

Stop listening to Murphy. It doesn't have to be the light of the oncoming train.

Valhallavägen (map) 17 May 2010


the first tram

There, behind all water, is the first tram on the new tram service from Sergels torg to Norrmalmstorg. To be exact, it's a practice tram on a run-in period.

Sergels torg (map) 29 July 2010


salty sea

A sunny boating day in Saltsjön (Salty sea), the entrance to Stockholm.

Saltsjön, Nacka (map) 5 August 2010


car wash

A summer car wash at the top of the Parkaden multi-storey car park.

Regeringsgatan (map) 27 July 2010



Bridges on your left, bridges on your right... The Skanstull/Gullmarsplan area is full of bridges for cars, trams and metro trains. Here's another view of one of the bridges.

Gullmarsplan (map) 11 July 2010


paddle away

Two kayaks as seen from above, from the Tranebergsbron bridge.

Kayak, or canoe, paddling is a popular pastime and training on the Stockholm water ways. The kayak was invented and first used by the native Ainu, Aleut and Eskimo hunters in sub-Arctic regions of northeastern Asia, North America and Greenland.

Tranebergsbron (map) 21 July 2010


please be seated

This is another view of the interior of City Hall. On big parties there's tables all around here.

Stadshuset (map) 24 April 2010


hello ...!!??

- Hey, we've been waiting forever in this queue. Can we have some attention please?

Strandvägen (map) 6 June 2010


full moon

Unfortunately it was a cloudy night but - hey - you can't have it all

Riddarholmen (map) 20 March 2010


guardian ...lion?

Why not? Seems rather secure if you ask me.

Kungsträdgården (map) 22 May 2010



It's been a while now but I needed to revisit as promised so here it is - Havsvind (Seabreeze) revisited.

Gustavslundvägen, Alvik (map) 23 June 2010


Chim chimeney ...

Not the first chimney you would think of in the song from Mary Poppins, but nevertheless it is one. As you may have guessed already, it's on a boat. One of those going out into Lake Mälaren actually.

Stadshuskajen (map) 24 April 2010


wall to wall parking

Some people just have it in them. Like here, parking her bicycle wall to wall outside the office of Wall to wall Arkitektur&Form AB where it explicitly says no bicycles - three signs in the window. You can only put on a big smile!

Döbelnsgatan (map) 20 July 2010


yes, we can!

Positivism in Huvudsta.

Huvudsta, Solna (map) 10 July 2010



Wikipedia: "When the ball leaves the side of the field, a lineout is awarded against the team which last touched the ball. A number of players from both teams line up, at least 5m from the sideline, and the ball is thrown in by the hooker."

A game of rugby at Årstafältet. Attila RG (the oldest rugby club in Sweden - founded in 1949) is playing Hammarby.

Årstafältet (map) 4 July 2010


...and there was light

Used tea lights at Café Mineur in Old town. The café is located in a centuries-old cellar and doubles as a gallery.

Stora Nygatan (map) 6 August 2010


entrance to Stockholm

Entering Stockholm through the channel from Sundbyberg and Solna. In the back is Kristineberg.

Huvudstaleden (map) 10 July 2010


a break in the fountain

There's not much water in the fountain today. Let's make it a beach instead. Maybe we can dip our toes every now and again....

Sergels torg (map) 6 June 2010


more from city hall

The golden hall of City Hall. For the night illuminated a little extra. This evening you could wander the premises on your own. Quite a few people took the chance.

Stadshuset (map) 24 April 2010


I do

Elin and Rikard got married at the Central Station in front of hundreds of passers by (many stopped).

Centralstationen (map) 3 April 2010


different religions

The old S:ta Clara church mirroring in the Stockholm Waterfront complex.

Klarabergsviadukten (map) 28 June 2010


House on the hill

Danviksklippan in Nacka/Hammarby. The bridge on the left is the old Danviksbron and, in the far behind, Kaknästornet is ever present.

Danviksklippan (map) 20 June 2010



Some people put in a lot of energy to tag their turf. Here they must have used a boat to get to the concrete. Here's a view of the turf itself.

Lillsjön/Ulvsundaleden (map) 10 July 2010


heavenly bugler

A bugler at the top of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Västerhaninge.

Tempelvägen, Haninge (map) 3 July 2010


music at sea

A small indie band floating around on a raft for a considerable time playing music. They had even brought along some of their fans.

Liljeholmsviken (map) 14 July 2010



and other stuff hanging from the ceiling in the Globe mall. Kind of makes you a little happier. When the sun shines in like this and makes it bright it's even better.

Globen (map) 2 April 2010


cookie nose tower ?

During the installation Djurgårdsljus, the Kaknästornet tower also wore different colours, changing all the time. In front of the tower lies Sjöfartsmuseum, the Maritime museum.

Kaknästornet (map) 6 March 2010


view to the sky - or skyview?

A glimpse of the new attraction Skyview at Globen ("the Globe arenas").

Johanneshov (map) 2 April 2010

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