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home of punk

Rågsved, the home of Swedish punk music in the eighties. The mural/graffiti painting of today keeps the tradition alive.

Rågsved (map) 26 June 2010


no way out

At Skärmarbrink metro station they are very clear on what you can and cannot do.

Tunnelbana Skärmarbrink (map) 26 June 2010


a commuting saint

Am I the only one being reminded of detective Simon Templar at Universitetet station?

Tunnelbana Universitetet (map) 11 July 2010


groovy Tensta

"We must embrace each other in order not to fall."

Helga Henschen takes us right back to the seventies. Just look at those clothes.

Tunnelbana Tensta (map) 6 July 2010


colour me blue

All it takes is a touch of coloured light underneath a concrete bridge and an otherwise gloomy walkway in Danderyd becomes exciting.

Danderyds sjukhus, Danderyd (map) 10 July 2010


me peacock - you commuter

More from those artsy cave walls in Tensta, decorated by Helga Henschen.

Tunnelbana Tensta (map) 6 July 2010


Sunny lunch 2

Sunny Sunday lunch at Fåfängan.

Fåfängan (map) 20 June 2010



The foundation of the tram bridge between Alvik and Stora Essingen with Tranebergsbron and Kristineberg residential area in the background.

Alvik (map) 23 June 2010



Wikipedia: "Fika is both a Swedish verb and noun that roughly means 'to drink coffee', usually accompanied by something sweet. Fika is a social institution in Sweden; it means having a break most often a coffee-break with one's colleagues, friends, date, or family. Traditionally, fika requires sweet, baked goods, especially cinnamon rolls."

This lovely little place can be found at the northern side of Årstaviken.

Årstaviken (map) 20 June 2010


Big Brother

Artwork in Hammarby sjöstad. It covers the entrance so you have to walk around it to enter the buildings. Neighbourhood watch?

Hammarby sjöstad (map) 20 June 2010
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snail mail

Once upon the time there was such a thing as snail mail. This is the magnificent entrance of the building where Swedish Posten had its head office until 2003. The architect was Ferdinand Boberg.

Vasagatan (map) 27 April 2010


watch it!

Here's a low angle from a cannon-piece at Siarö fortress. This island was once meant to be a stronghold in the archipelago of Stockholm. Fortunately it never came to that and once it was finished there was no need for it. So nowadays the Finland-ferries can safely travel the route.

Kyrkogårdsön, Österåker (map) 22 May 2010


are you insured

The insurance company Folksam head office at Skanstull. It's a pretty ugly building but today it matches the sky very well, don't you think?

Skanstull (map) 20 June 2010


Sunny lunch 1

Lazy pick-nick at Hammarby sjöstad. The Whites family came by to chat and to have a bite to eat.

Hammarby sjöstad (map) 20 June 2010


suddenly ... train

Suddenly, the Saltsjöbanan commuter train burst out from the hill.

Folkungatan (map) 20 June 2010


making a difference

No matter how many times the elevator is cleaned and painted - some folks are determined to keep this place shabby. Congratulations on succeeding!

Danderyds sjukhus, Danderyd (map) 10 July 2010


time lines

A subway platform can be a lengthy history lesson. Here's a close-up of time lines guiding the commuter through many centuries.

Tunnelbana Rissne, Sundbyberg (map) 6 July 2010


dome at dawn

Still shrouded in secrecy at dawn, here's the dome of Naturhistoriska riksmuseet - The Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Frescativägen (map) 11 July 2010


segregated we stand

Tensta subway station from 1975 is a time capsule. Strong political views are expressed in strong colours by artist Helga Henschen. No less than 86% of residents in Tensta are of foreign descent and here you can see "sisterhood" celebrated in several languages. Makes sense.

Tunnelbana Tensta (map) 6 July 2010


center of attention

Not unlike a flower bud ready to burst and in the midst of a roundabout, a dramatic bronze sculpture - Livskraft ("Lustiness") by Carl-Gustaf Ekberg.

Edsviksvägen, Danderyd (map) 11 July 2010


Djurgården dwelling

A stately house at Djurgården island.

Djurgården (map) 20 June 2010


we're doing Stockholm

Two crew members having a few minutes off while the passengers are doing Stockholm. The AIDA Blu - on a 10 days Baltic Sea cruise - is safely anchored at Tegelvikshamnen.

Tegelvikshamnen (map) 20 June 2010


I tag you it

Kids playing kull (tag) in the skateboard tubs at Björns Trädgård.

Medborgarplatsen (map) 20 June 2010


harbour living

Hammarby harbour area or - as it's nowadays called - Hammarby sjöstad (sea city). Not so many years ago this was an industrial area and at parts a quite shabby one too.

Hammarby sjöstad (map) 20 June 2010


foxing you

"Rag and bone with blanket" is a series of sculptures by Laura Ford, depicting the situation for the homeless.

Strömgatan (map) 24 April 2010


the grass is greener Söderstadion, where Hammarby play soccer. By the looks from the top of the Globe, the field is in fairly good shape. The team too?

Söderstadion (map) 2 April 2010


party with Aunty O

Kids having a party with drinking, music, drinking and eating at Tantolunden (or Aunty O's Grove as we like to call it). For the first time in many many years I got to hear some real aggressive live punk rock music and was instantly transported back to the seventies. In the morning the cleaners will remove all traces.

Tantolunden (map) 5 June 2010


metro on bridge

Traneberg Bridge, linking Kungsholmen and Alvik together. A metro train is passing on it's way to the western suburbs.

Kristineberg (map) 21 June 2010


yet another organ

This beautiful organ is found inside Adolf Fredrik Church, where (among others) Olof Palme is buried. The organ is fairly new - from 1966.

Adolf Fredriks kyrka (map) 27 April 2010


church in the village (4)

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Like an old friend, she keeps coming back; yes, it's the Sofia Church. Photo taken from Skanstullsbron just over a kilometre away.

Skanstullsbron (map) 20 June 2010


see ling - or is it ceiling ?

This ceiling is in one of the chambers of City Hall. During an "open house", it was OK to wander around on your own, and see things you normally don't

Stadshuset (map) 24 April 2010

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