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ordinary but truly special

text & photo: Jennifer Hallqvist

Every day I walk past this house at the corner of Sveavägen and Kungsgatan. It is a truly ordinary house but if you study it closer there are some special tiles all over the facade.

Each tile depict scenes from ordinary daily life; a woman with a stroller, a man painting, a door man, a couple snogging, a pretty woman with a handful of balloons and so on. And they all blend in perfectly and are hardly noticeable, but now that you know of these small sculpture like pictures it is what makes this truly ordinary building truly special.

Want to see more?

Sveavägen/Kungsgatan (map) 26 April 2010


lots of holes in Farsta

I hope this structure holds. It looks more like a Swiss cheese to me. This is the exterior of the mall in Farsta.

Farsta centrum (map) 14 March 2010


island link

The Essingeleden seen from below. This bridge links Lilla Essingen with Stora Essingen (smaller and greater Essinge islands). With some 170,000 cars per day (2007) you have to have a sturdy construction.

Essingeleden is a part of the European routes E20 (Shannon, Ireland to St Petersburg, Russia) and E4 (Torneå, Finland to Helsingborg, Sweden).

Lilla Essingen (map) 17 April 2010


yikes, you scared me

What are you? There's no sign anywhere, to tell what this might be called. Just a scrapheap? Probably not. Gotta have name, don't you?

Kungsträdgården (map) 2 December 2009


living on the edge

Triangular shaped and glassed-in balconies on the island Lilla Essingen. This used to be an industrial area with Electrolux as the dominating industry.

Lux-området Lilla Essingen (map) 17 April 2010


flat depot

The Cementa cement depot as seen from Långholmsgatan. I like the way the telephoto lens (~250 mm) flattens the image. Here's the same depot from another angle.

Bergsunds strand/Långholmsgatan (map) 17 April 2010


turn left for vintage clothes

The Vintage Fair has moved in at Hornstulls strand for a weekend of vintage clothes, shoes and accessories. A very popular occasion, judging from the very long queue.

Hornstull (map) 27 March 2010


rheum rhabarbarum

text & photo: Anna Boberg

The rhubarbs are just beginning to grow in my allotment garden. At this stage they look very odd: pink buds, large as fists, with something green and crumpled spilling out of them.

But soon there will be pie.

Listuddens koloniträdgårdsområde, Skarpnäck (map) 17 April 2010


rush hour

Rådhuset Station is a "museum" showing glimpses of the district Kungsholmen from days gone by. Meanwhile, subway trains keep on rushing between north-western suburbia and the city. See more?

Tunnelbana Rådhuset (map) 16 April 2010


nocturne for Hammarby Church (2)

Contrasts. Between those who went before us and ourselves. Between the freeze frame we call winter and the sparkling life lying before us. Between darkness and light. A lonesome spotlight sets the scene for a night of contrasts by Hammarby Church.

Hammarby kyrka, Upplands-Väsby (map) 12 April 2010


red breeze down under

Red is the signature colour of subway station Duvbo, nine kilometers north-west of the city center. We're on the platform underneath a ventilation shaft looking straight up. See more?

Tunnelbana Duvbo, Sundbyberg (map) 16 April 2010



Swedish readers will recognize this train, publicly known as the X2000. We're back at the railroad module meeting.

Tekniska museet, Museivägen (map) 20 March 2010


foggy Östermalm

On a very foggy day I decided to visit the district Östermalm. Nothing much that one could see of a normally nice area.

Karlaplan (map) 27 March 2010


spring fountain

Spring has come in full force and the pipes can't hold the water. It's a happy spring fountain at Stureby metro station.

Tunnelbana Stureby (map) 20 March 2010


watching over the young

The christening font in Boo Church looks quite sturdy. What makes it more remarkable is the bird hovering above.

Boo kyrka, Nacka (map) 6 March 2010


last call for Akalla

...or maybe not. This was taken right after all passengers had left and before any new have had a chance to enter.

Tunnelbana Kungsträdgården (map) 8 December 2009


honey - where's the car?

This is a 3 hour parking lot. Wanna bet that this car has been there a little longer?

Tumba centrum, Botkyrka (map) 20 February 2010



The shopping and housing complex Fältöversten - literally "field colonel" - at the heart of Östermalm. The district Östermalm have many remembrances of military life in the names of areas and places.

Fältöversten, Karlaplan (map) 27 March 2010

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street food

There's always something to be surprised at in the morning on your way to work. Like why there's a cheeseburger on the pavement. And why there are no birds or other animals having breakfast. Or how the bikers can withstand the temptation to run it over. Oh well, we will never know.

Hornsgatan (map) 18 March 2010


metro sign

I love the graphic design the metro company is using on their signs. Here metro station Stureby.

Tunnelbana Stureby (map) 20 March 2010


alone under ground

Alone on a Sunday afternoon at Vreten metro station. Come back Monday morning, it will be packed with commuters.

Tunnelbana Vreten, Solna (map) 7 March 2010


stonewalling in Råsunda

When life provides a window of opportunity, are we open to embrace new possibilities? Or will the sun shine in vain on our closed façade?

A philosophical question in Råsunda Church.

Råsunda kyrka, Solna (map) 14 March 2010


silent waffles

Filmstaden in Solna used to be a vibrant, modern film studio. These days it's more like a museum. Step into this small café, have yourself a waffle and relax among portraits of once well-known actors from the days of silent movies.

Filmstaden, Solna (map) 14 March 2010


going to the chapel

Seven kilometers north-north-west of the city center is Ulriksdal, a peaceful spot by Edsviken in Solna. Here's a detail from a palace chapel, designed by architect Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander. See more?

Slottskapellet, Ulriksdals slott, Solna (map) 14 March 2010


modular modelers

Railway modeling is a hobby you can grow with. And not just literally. There's so much to learn and at some point it becomes an art form. Modular railroading take this one step further. You design your own section or module of a landscape and then you meet up with fellow modular modelers to interconnect and collaborate. The net effect is... mesmerizing! Just ask any member of the society MälarModulMöte. See more?

Tekniska museet, Museivägen (map) 20 March 2010


stainless Garbo

Greta Lovisa Gustafsson was born 1905 in Stockholm. During a brief career, she became a larger-than-life Hollywood movie star under the name Greta Garbo. Her final film was released in 1941, she died in 1990 and this sculpture in stainless steel by Thomas Qvarsebo was created in 2005.

Filmstaden, Solna (map) 14 March 2010


popular bus

Bus 62 with the Royal Palace and Storkyrkan, the Stockholm Cathedral, in the background. This bus line even has its own space or column in Sweden's largest daily - DN.

Jakobsgatan/Malmtorgsgatan (map) 13 March 2010


the mall

Täby Centrum is one of the largest shopping centres in Sweden. It has an area of 50.000 sq m where you will find more than 160 shops. If you go there late on a Sunday - say around 5 PM - there are just a few shoppers left. And you have the escalators and stairs almost to yourself.

Täby centrum, Täby (map) 14 March 2010


a show of force

 photo: Stefan Ågren

Vernal Equinox again. Maritime powers are patrolling their districts. Don't mess with this swan.

Baggensfjärden, Nacka (map) 20 March 2010


get inside

Now, doesn't this look inviting? The title of this installation is "Co co cold outside", so why stay there? This is part of Djurgårdsljus (see more?), and the house is a famous restaurant. I bet it's much warmer inside. In fact, I know it is.

Restaurang Ulla Winbladh, Djurgården (map) 6 March 2010

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