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blinded by snow

When some poor bugger loses his glasses in the winter chaos, can you then say he is snow blind?

Fridhemsplan (map) 14 January 2010


cross and rooster

It looks small from this perspective, but the two towers of Högalid Church are 84 meters high. The left tower has a cross on top and is named Olaus Petri after the clergyman, writer, and contributor to the Protestant Reformation in Sweden. The right tower is named Ansgar after Saint Ansgar, the Apostle of the North, and has a rooster on top.

Högalid (map) 13 January 2010


icing on the lake

While skating through life, sometimes holding hands is the most important thing.

Övre Rudasjön, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


meet me by the shell

A young lady patiently waiting in Huddinge commuter train station by a sculpture depicting a shell fossil and a star system. The artist Nils G Stenqvist calls this sculpture Du har tid! ("You've got time!"). Makes sense, doesn't it?

Huddinge station, Huddinge (map) 24 January 2010


T time in Hässelby gård

13 kilometers (and no less than 19 subway stations) west-north-west of the city lies Hässelby gård. This suburban district was created in the fifties, a time of rapid expansion and optimistic city planning. Some of the optimism may have faded but the subway station is still here. The Swedish word for subway is "tunnelbana" - hence the "T" symbol.

Tunnelbana Hässelby gård (map) 23 January 2010


gained some weight, eh?

A large birch tree has a zillion branches and twigs. Given the right (=wrong) weather they will all start accumulating a fair amount of ice. I wonder how much extra weight these trees at the conference center Sjövillan by Lake Norrviken had to carry all of a sudden when humidity rose and temperatures fell.

Rotebergsvägen. Sollentuna (map) 30 December 2009


local glacier

Parking is fun! So entirely absorbing in fact that time just flies and before you know it a month or so has passed. Notice the radio antenna still peeking out of this snow cover.

Gamla Nynäsvägen, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


off season

A footbridge taking you over Borgargatan from Högalidskyrkan, the church on the hill, to apartment buildings at Hornstull. The park - behind us - is a popular spot for sun bathers in the summer.

Högalid/Hornstull (map) 13 January 2010


morning over Stockholm

A standard format 1A view of Stockholm City. Here on a cold morning is the icy Riddarfjärden with City Hall at the center. Photo taken from Västerbron.

Västerbron (map) 11 January 2010


a bath in the cold - and dark night

This guy doesn't seem to mind. Found him in the park in front of Centralbadet ("the Central Bath") and got an urge to test my camera a bit. This image is at ISO3200 and 1/4 sek. No tripod.

Drottninggatan (map) 19 November 2009


close the door - it's cold tonight

Selling vegetables in 10 - 15 below zero is not that lucrative so this caravan is closed for the season. The trees are full of white frost after a few foggy and cold days. The whole world outside is suddenly so beautiful. I just wish there would be a blue sky and some sun, before it all melts away...

Rissne, Sundbyberg (map) 13 January 2010


are you coming

The escalators to and from tracks #1 and #2 at Södra (South) commuter train station. The ad for Viking Line says "They are coming". In the blank space should be a similar one with the text "Are you coming". Despite a vivid imagination, I can't imagine why it's been nicked.

Södra station (map) 10 January 2010


the church that's not a church

Skeppsholmskyrkan, the church on Skeppsholmen islet, was secularized in 2002 and is now a regular building. Beautiful, but just a building.

Skeppsholmen (map) 27 December 2009


out shopping

A pedestrian tunnel under motorway E18 leading from a Jakobsberg residence area to Stockholm Quality Outlet, IKEA and the shopping village.

Jakobsberg, Järfälla (map) 10 January 2010


my snow flakes are bigger than yours

Seasonal decorations in the big shopping mall.

Gallerian (map) 17 Decembet 2009


ski in my backyard

Hammarbybacken ("Hammarby Hill") with Hammarby sjöstad (lake city) in front. Hammarbybacken is 82 metres in height and has five pists, the longest 450 metres. On top of the hill you have a stunning view of the city.

Hammarby skidbacke (map) 6 January 2010



Proud, courageous S/S Blidösund. In 1910, the people on the island Blidösund commissioned Eriksbergs Mekaniska Verkstad in Gothenburg to build this vessel for their transportation. Today it is the symbol for jazz and blues on Stockholm water, still a coal-fired steam boat. In the background is a glimpse of the National Museum.

Skeppsbron (map) 27 December 2009


silent raspberries

Ever listened to the sound of walking in cold snow? If not - just hop over to waves for a moment.

Walk up these stairs and before long you're in Hallonbergen ("Raspberry Mountains"). The raspberries themselves are unfortunately out of stock due to the season but it does look rather spiffy anyhow, don't you agree?

Ursviksvägen, Sundbyberg (map) 18 December 2009


let the hours pass

Missed the commuter train? So what! Here's a comfy bench.

Rotebro station, Sollentuna (map) 17 December 2009


some like it cold (2)

Hanging around for a snack with your buddies on a day off by the lake. Well, not exactly. More like trying to survive, in fact. A parting shot from the winged squad by Lötsjön.

Lötsjön, Sundbyberg (map) 18 December 2009


ice wide shut

Once in a while, the suburb turns into an icy spectacle. Here's a frosty postcard from Sollentuna.

Rotebergsvägen. Sollentuna (map) 30 December 2009


living on water

Some people like it on water but I would find this kind of life ghastly cold in winter.

Liljeholmshamnen (map) 9 January 2010



Colourful light decoration at Skeppsbron.

Skeppsbron (map) 27 December 2009


window shopping

There's a lot to look at in the windows of the big stores these days. This is one of the decorated windows of a central warehouse and it keeps attracting young and old "children" every year. See more?

Hamngatan (map) 21 December 2009


dreaming of a white Christmas ?

Perhaps. But I think this guy might settle for any white day. This was taken before the snow hit Stockholm and I guess he was on his way to northern pastures.

Centralen (map) 4 December 2009


freezing art

Statue of a very lightly dressed lady. It must be cold.

Strandvägen (map) 27 December 2009


hurrying volunteer

A member of the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS) is hurrying past the harbour restaurant in the seaside city of Nynäshamn. The SSRS is a volunteer organisation and the work is unpaid, similar to the UK's Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Nynäshamn (map) 19 December 2009


going to the movies

We were a bit early to the cinema. When the film started it was almost full. The film? 2012, a surprisingly funny movie about the end of life as we know it and the beginning of something new.

Hötorget (map) 24 November 2009


bridge over cold water

Liljeholmen bay and bridge in minus ten degrees Celsius.

Hornstull (map) 31 December 2009

photo #1600 on pixels since 19 October 2005



Handelsbanken head office (blue sign) and Grand Hôtel are just two of the majestic buildings on Blasieholmen.

Blasieholmen (map) 27 December 2009


a bridge of many meanings

text & photo: Pia K

to cross a bridge, to take a step further from the past and forward to a new beginning. from one year to another, from a decade to a new one.

if i could have wishes come true in the year 2010 that would hold each and every human on this earth to show insightfulness and embrace incompleteness whilst striving to be a better, kinder, compassionate being.

always learning from past mistakes and bad choices while looking onwards, to your right and your left, showing caring kindness and heartfelt good will. have a lovely new year, the first of yet another decade ~

Saltå kvarn, Järna, Södertälje (map) 19 December 2009

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