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not half bad in Sollentuna

Sollentuna simhall is a recently renovated swimming complex as well as a challenging language exercise. Contrary to what an English speaking person might believe, the text on the façade means "bath sports exercise". See more?

Stubbhagsvägen, Sollentuna (map) 1 June 2009


silence is golden

Call it tradition if you like. At least one summer night should be spent in Sigtuna. A 48 kilometers drive from the city, we're still within Stockholm County which happens to be our district here at pixels. Someone had given the mosquitoes the night off which made my visit to Sigtuna Marina surprisingly pleasant. See more?

Sigtuna hamn (map) 31 May 2009


city on water (2)

So we borrowed a luxurious motor boat and drove from Ulriksdal to Slussen. On the way we passed under the Lidingö bridge. Notice the tram. Yes, it was a good day.

Lidingöbron (map) 29 May 2009


secluded spot

This looks like an idyllic place to have a cup of coffee when the weather permits it. Far away from the traffic of the city - even though it's all around.

Tavastgatan (map) 12 May 2009


the ballooning season

The ballooning season is here and those big bubbles again sweep the city at low altitude. It was only last year we had our own correspondent up there, showing us what it was like to fly over this beautiful city.

Gamla stan (map) 6 June 2009


bye bye boats

Over 36,000 miles down, and just 400 or so to go. The eight Volvo Ocean Race 2008/2009 - the ‘Everest of Sailing’ as they like to call it - contenders are leaving Stockholm today after a week-long stop over. The next, and final, stop of this year's race is St Petersburg in Russia. In a couple of days the race around the world will all be over.

Skeppsbron (map) 24 June 2009


nocturne for Hammarby Church

Hammarby Church from the 13th century is located by Lake Fysingen in Upplands-Väsby and is surrounded by a beautiful cemetery. The small church has no bell tower. Instead there's a campanile standing on the ridge next to the church with the bells operated by remote control. See more?

Hammarby kyrka, Upplands-Väsby (map) 31 May 2009


just between you and me ...

Cell phones are pure magic. Being able to carry on a remote conversation wherever you are, whatever you're doing. Maybe even share a secret while waiting for green at Stureplan.

Stureplan (map) 25 May 2009


good morning, Riksdagen!

Sunday morning by our House of Parliament (Riksdagen) at Helgeandsholmen. 349 members and their staff have just been through a few hectic weeks before the summer recess. Here's a wintry view from the other side.

Riksdagshuset, Helgeandsholmen (map) 24 May 2009


rum and chocolate, anyone?

Meet Mr Duane Dove, sommelier, rum and chocolate expert at the restaurant Sjögräs and the shop Small Island Chocolates & Coffee. Duane is in fact Sweden's only cocoa farmer with his own farm in Tobago in the West Indies. For a tasty sensation, marry some quality rum with some quality chocolate in your mouth.

Timmermansgatan (map) 29 May 2009


on a sunny day

People like to sit outside and just enjoy. The tables are set. Only a few guests but more to come - for sure.

Djurgårdsbron (map) 1 May 2009


city on water (1)

The coast guard patrolling the Liljeholmsviken bay. In the back is the old public bath (evening details) and they are about to pass under the Liljeholmen bridge (scenic shot).

Liljeholmsbron (map) 23 May 2009


the ark (2)

The setting sun flirts a bit with the head office ("the Ark") of Swedish Posten in Tomteboda

Terminalvägen, Solna (map) 23 May 2009


carry me

Walk me through the darkness
hold my hand when I am lost

Carry me when the road gets rough

pick me up each time I fall

(Randy Travis)

Everybody needs a local support function now and then. If you're lucky, it's available 7x24.

Nybroplan (map) 25 May 2009

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nocturne for Nordiska museet

Interior design, folk art and Sami life... There's so much going on at Nordiska museet, our large museum of cultural history on Djurgården. Still, some of us prefer to stroll about outside in the park at night.

Nordiska museet, Djurgården (map) 16 May 2009


mid-month theme: subway day

Meet a cheetah! The world's fastest animal is in no hurry as yet another subway train stops by. Kristineberg station from 1952 is located 6 kilometers (and no less than seven stations) from Subway Central. Alongside the noisy Drottningholm Road, Kristineberg is not a particularly pleasant place to hang around but we should stop by to visit a cool cat. Carina Wallert has created the sculpture Resande med djur ("Traveller With Animal") in bronze and concrete.

Kristineberg station (map) 16 May 2009

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stairway to Liljeholmen

The stairs up to the Liljeholmen bridge. The bridge connects the western end of the major island Södermalm to the southern mainland district Liljeholmen. The stairs connect the bridge to the quay.

Liljeholmsbron (map) 3 May 2009


lots of museums

Here's yet another splendid view from the open air museum Skansen. We're looking across Djurgårdsbrunnsviken towards the Maritime Museum, the National Museum of Science and Technology and the Kaknäs Tower in the background.
Skansen (map) 1 May 2009


graduation day

photo: Ing-Marie Karlsson

It's graduation day for Social Science class 3A of Walther's Upper Secondary School. The white - there are other colours - caps are traditional Swedish graduation gear. Often the school's name is embroided on the cap and the students write their names and a tribute on the inside. This is the peak of 12 years of studying and many weeks of partying.

Vällingby (map) 5 June 2009


laid back battle of boule

The game is on at the 15th annual Kalimotxo cup boule (or pétanque or boccie) tournament at Södra Latin school yard. Some twenty players in eight teams battled for the cup. Well, it's a pretty laid back battle as you can see. This is in the middle of an exciting round.

Södra Latin (map) 21 May 2009


old alley

Göran Hälsinges Gränd (G.H. alley) in Old Town. In the back we see the ever present Storkyrkan (the Great Church). The alley has taken its name from Göran Hälsinge who owned a house here in the 14th century.

Gamla stan (map) 3 May 2009


anyone for boule

Wikipedia: Boules is a game where the goal is, while standing with the feet together in a small circle, to throw hollow metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet (jack).

In Södertälje this beautiful sign invites you to play a game.

Södertälje (map) 2 May 2009


pretzel city

A kringla is a Nordic pretzel and the city Södertälje is the number one kringla city in Sweden. In the 18hundreds, when Södertälje was a popular seaside resort, kringelmadammer (pretzels ladies) sold the sweet pastry to the tourists. Nowadays the kringelmadammer are made of concrete and work as traffic obstacles.

Södertälje (map) 2 May 2009


definitely construction site

Remember this? Today it looks like the picture above, only this time it's taken from the other side of Riddarfjärden or - more precisely - here.

Södra Klarabergskopplet (map) 12 May 2009


time for fruit ?

This girl with a fruitbasket is waiting for you if you visit Huddinge's municipal house. It's done by one of Sweden's famous artists - Bror Hjorth (1894-1968) - and is said to be an homage to woman.
Huddinge (map) 25 april 2009


...and there she goes

text & photo: Anna Lindfelt

Is it a bird … ? No it´s a plane … ? No it´s our sailing boat! Launching day at Bullandö Marina, in the Stockholm archipelago.

Bullandö (map) 19 May 2009


one moment in time

Give me one moment in time
When I'm more than I thought I could be

When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away

And the answers are all up to me

Spring has sprung, an ethanol-powered bus rolls by and life at Stureplan generally feels like a Whitney Houston song.
Stureplan (map) 25 May 2009


nocturne for Gustaf Vasa (2)

Remember that enchanted night by Gustaf Vasa Church? Here's the iron fence alongside Odengatan.

Odenplan (map) 16 May 2009


old bird

The S/S Ejdern (the Eider) is the world's oldest coal fired propeller driven steamer with original engine. Built 1880 in Gothenburg it has had its home port in Södertälje since 1906. Visit the Museiföreningen Ångfartyget Ejdern who maintain the old beauty.

Södertälje (map) 2 May 2009


daily photo theme day: marathon feet

With 18,736 pairs of feet running the 42.195 kilometres long marathon run in Stockholm on 30 May, it was again a record number of participants. The ladies winner, Isabellah Andersson from Sweden, completed the run in 2.33.52 while the male winner, Paul Kipkemei Kogo from Kenya, did the distance in 2.15.35.

Västerbron (map) 30 May 2009

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