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thin ice

photo: Michael Zucker
The ice at Hellasgården looks quite thin, it's good to have a warning sign. (More by Micke on plenty)

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Hellasgården (map) 16 Feb 2008


the university of life (3)

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The University of Life does not award its scholarships fairly. Some are given the best of circumstances, yet others will have to make do with bits and pieces. Yours truly has seldom missed an opportunity to grumble about the levels of taxation in Sweden. But the fact that higher education is available to anyone is something to appreciate. To be proud of.

Studying at the Stockholm University changes perspectives for tens of thousands of students every year and brings insight into stuff they didn't dream of, things not remotely connected to what they were really here to learn in Frescati.
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"...Universitetet presenteras i samarbete med landets skattebetalare..."
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Universitetet (map) 27 Jan 2008



Saint Nicolaus Church, commonly known as Storkyrkan (The Great Church), is the oldest church in the Old town. On this photo we see the church from its right side, from Högvaktsterrassen (Royal Guard terrace). The church is situated right next to the Royal Palace and if you look very closely you can see one of the royal guards. If you turn your head to your right you can see the Parliament.

Storkyrkan (map) 6 January 2008


evening class

This is an upper secondary school. It seems they have evening classes as well. Or has everybody gone home and left the light on?
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Är det månne flitens lampor som brinner här, var är i så fall eleverna?

Värmdö Gymnasium (map) 10 Dec 2007


stureplan never sleeps

Night falls by Stureplan. Nowhere is the pulse of the inner city more vibrant. Here you'd find some of the most prestigious office locations. And here's where the local jet set mingle into the morning.
En stor svamp räcker. Pappa betalar.
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Stureplan (map) 23 Feb 2008



Wikipedia: 'Roslagsbanan is a narrow-gauge suburban railway system with a combined route length of 65 kilometres and 39 stations. Roslagsbanan is one of the oldest electrified railway lines for public transportation in northern Europe. The first parts were inaugurated in 1876 as the Uppsala-Lenna railroad. In 1885 the main line from Stockholm to Rimbo opened.'

This photo was taken at the
Stockholm Östra station (Stockholm East) marshalling yard.

Stockholm Östra (map) 7 January 2008


sea horses?

If you have been following this blog, you can't have missed that the snow this year is almost canceled. It has snowed twice but it has rained heavy many times, causing very high water everywhere. This playground is NOT supposed to be under water. The pic is taken on Lida, an open air recreation area in the southern suburbs.

.Sjöhästar ? Ja, kanske. Normalt sett så borde nog strandlinjen ligga liiiiite längre ut än så här. Det behövs nästan sjöstövlar för att komma ut och rida på hästarna.

Lida (map) 13 Jan 2008


giraffes unlimited

The Giraffe is a versatile motion picture and television crane. This is not one of those. It's a crane, decorated as giraffe. Close enough. So it's not a zoo and it's not much of a shipyard anymore. Whatever there is on Beckholmen ("the Pitch Islet"), it's part of our National City Park and it's time to pay another visit. Centuries of shipping activities on this island has left high concentrations of stuff like lead, quicksilver and even arsenic in the ground. Our friend Gerald covered the other angle of them cranes on his brief visit to Stockholm.
Vad får man egentligen om man korsar en kamel och en giraff?
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Beckholmen (map) 13 Jan 2008



The Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) is a one chamber assembly with 349 members, who are elected on a proportional basis. The Riksdag building stands on the island of Helgeandsholmen in Stockholm. A coalition of four conservative and liberal parties are in power since the 2006 elections.

Helgeandsholmen (map) 6 January 2008


how to slay a dragon

St George must have been good at it. He got himself a few statues, showing his skills. If you walk Östra Långgatan (Old Town) toward Köpmanbrinken, you can hardly miss the Stockholm version of him. In daylight, that is. Nighttime is a different story. A few watts would help, but they're not there, so flash will have to do.

St Göran är väl bekant för de flesta men hur många har sett statyn i mörkret? För mörkt är det vid Köpmanbrinken där han står. En lampa eller två vore trevligt...
Köpmanbrinken (map) 23 Jan 2008


the university of life (2)

...previously on pixels

In the University of Life every day is an exam. We meet new people, face new challenges and if we want some pages at the end of the book with all the right answers - we have to write them ourselves.

A stunning 100% of the students at the Stockholm University are paying members of the Student Union. This might have something to do with the right to vote in annual elections, the possibility to take part in cultural activities and debates or - just maybe - the fact that membership is mandatory in Swedish law. Unless you paid your fees you can't even attend a written exam here at the campus in Frescati. See more?
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Universitetet (map) 27 Jan 2008



We haven't had much of a winter here at 60 degrees North but ice has been reported on a few occasions
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Söder Mälarstrand (map) 6 Jan 2008


good intention

It's nice with mirrors when the streets are narrow and you can't really see what's around the corner or how fast it's going to hit you. This one has been a little manhandled though. You can still see something but you have to be a little more observant - which is good. Otherwise you might get the hook from a crane in your windshield (or head). There are constructions going on around the tracks north of the Central Station so you might expect anything.
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Det byggs för fullt runt norra delen av centralområdet. En spegel för att se vad som döljs runt hörnet är inte fel. Än bättre om den vore hel.

.Östra Järnvägsgatan (map) 18 Sep 2007


Wallins Bageri & Konditori

Whether you're out to get your daily lenten bun (semla), have a decent breakfast or just a coffee to go, Wallins by Ringvägen is a reputable establishment
Själv är bästa bagare, intygas dubbelt upp
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Ringvägen (map) 20 Jan 2008


mid-month theme: subway day

Overground underground

Where there's room in the metropolis the underground often climbs overground. Here we have the train to Skarpnäck (Sharp Nude) arriving the Alvik (Alder Bay) station. These stations are part of the green line T17. The time is twenty past four in the afternoon and it's already getting dark.

subway day is a mid-month theme shared by the following blogs:
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om stockholm tunnelbana

Alvik (map) 5 February 2008


the wall

Everybody's building walls these days and of course we need one in Stockholm as well, like here at the guest scientist apartments at Wenner-Gren Center.

"Mother, did it need to be so high?"


Wenner-Gren Center (map) 2 January 2008


refreshment someone ?

This sign is widely familiar, I believe. All over the world. This particular one is on top of a building at Klevgränd, close to Slussen ("The Sleuce").
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Man tror man har sett den här skylten i evigheter men så är det nog inte, det bara känns så

Klevgränd (map) 13 Sep 2007


ice, please

Looking back from the Djurgården Bridge we see Strandvägen. It's a prominent boulevard, passing along the water and offering some of the most fashionable residential houses on posh Östermalm. If anyone wonders why there's no winter to be seen, so do we.
Nå't slags vårkänslor på Tjugondag Knut
andra om stockholm djurgården östermalm

Djurgårdsbron (map) 13 Jan 2008


misty city hall

Down at Söder Mälarstrand we see City Hall on the other side of a misty winter Riddarfjärd.

Söder Mälarstrand (map) 6 Jan 2008



Yes, I'm down crawling on the ground again. And if someone thinks I'm cheating, watch this picture taken by fellow stroller Peter. That's me - taking this one. Take in consideration that it's January and approximately 3 below zero (OK, no snow, I'll give you that). So where are we? In the Old Town of course and if you go up the street you will get to Stortorget. The street is called "Kåkbrinken" (facing the second of the pictures in the article) and we're at the intersection with Västerlånggatan, where most tourists in Stockholm probably have been strolling.
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Man får lida lite för konsten ibland. Som tur var så var det torrt och fint att ligga på gatan och plåta. Folk som gick förbi undrade dock lite grann, berättade kamraterna. Jag har tydligen roat en och annan och det är ju trevligt om man kan göra det med så små medel.

Kåkbrinken (map) 23 Jan 2008


the university of life

In the University of Life we're all students. There are many paths to knowledge and knowledge hasn't much to do with wisdom. Go figure!

With 4600 full-time employees and 39000 students (figures from 2006) the Stockholm University is an educational power house. Here's a view inside one of the six main buildings "södra husen" of the campus in Frescati. See more?
Arkitekturen stör verkligen inte studierna med någon onödig skönhet
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Universitetet (map) 27 Jan 2008



Socialhögskolan (Stockholm University Department of Social Work) is a fine example of early functionalism where buildings were designed based on light and purpose rather than concentrating on ornamentation which used to be the case. It was built in 1936 and architects were Ahrbom and Zimdahl. I find the stairs especially interesting.

Bellevue/Cederdalsgatan (map) 2 January 2008



This oversized boat lies stranded in Hallunda, one of the suburbs of Stockholm. Wait a minute... that's no boat - it's a church! Who would have known? It's called "Church of the light", inaugurated in Dec 2004. This has to be one of the strangest churches I've come across so far. Someday I might be curious enough to try to sneak into it. Time will tell.
Ljusets Kyrka i Hallunda har en rätt särpräglad form. Kanske är det Noaks ark?

Church of the light (map) 30 Dec 2007


light rail to Sickla Udde

(No, it's not subway day quite yet.)

Our light rail system Tvärbanan has become a huge success. Initial skepticism from politicians in various parties has been replaced with an eagerness to have the network extended into the suburbs. Here's a rail car at Gullmarsplan ready to continue the short remaining distance to it's destination Sickla Udde. Bernt has been here too.
Steg för steg mot en fullskalig come-back för spårvagnarna, drygt 40 år efter att rälsen revs upp i sta'n
andra om stockholm tvärbanan gullmarsplan

Gullmarsplan (map) 20 Jan 2008


water castle

I think this may be one of the classiest water tanks I have ever seen. It's more like a water castle. The beauty is positioned on top of a fairly small hill in Vanadislunden (Vanadis grove).
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Vanadislundens vattenreservoir (map) 2 January 2008


waiting for tickets

It seems to be a fairly common thing nowadays, to wait outside a store for tickets to be released. I found these guys waiting outside the Concert Hall at Hötorget. Hmmmm - I wonder which performer they are waiting for? Must be Papageno in the Magic Flute (Mozart).

.Först trodde jag att de spelade Fågelhandlaren (Carl Zeller) på Konserthuset men sedan slog det mig att det kanske var Trollflöjtens Papageno som de väntade på

Concert Hall (map) 27 Dec 2007


history in the making

photo #900 on pixels since October 19, 2005

Sweden's cultural history is on display seven days a week by Djurgårdsvägen. The island of Djurgården is jam-packed with attractions and Nordiska museet ("the Nordic Museum") is the very first you encounter after passing the Djurgården Bridge. You won't miss it, it's not exactly smallish. Here is a misty view by Stefan.
Utställningen Masker öppnar 21 feb, läs mer här
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Nordiska museet (map) 13 Jan 2008



City Hall and the Hötorg City (high-rise buildings illuminated in green) on the other side of Riddarfjärden. In the foreground a couple of boats tied up at Söder Mälarstrand. On some boats people live, on others they work and still on others they seem to do nothing. On Söder Mälarstrand there are also four or five hotel/hostel boats, like the Red Boat.

Söder Mälarstrand (map), 16 Dec 2007


daily photo theme day: Queen of Lake Mälaren

If there's one defining quality of Stockholm that people could agree on, it'd have to be the water. Located on several islands at the mouth of Lake Mälaren and by a spectacular archipelago, the city is embedded in water. We travel across our waterways, we fish in the inner city and during those flickering short moments of Nordic summer we swim in this surprisingly clean water.

Any person having visited Stockholm even just briefly will remember the water. There is no immediate shortage of photos ;) of this our main attraction and, to celebrate the February theme day, here's yet another one. It was shot by the Parliament (Riksdagen), we can see the Vasa Bridge and, lurking in the background, the well-known tower of our City Hall. At this time of year the city should have a distinct winter look but January 2008 didn't bring us any winter weather.

Here is more moist from different seasons. And here. Enjoy!

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Kalla det gärna en kliché. Vem vill inte leva mitt i en så'n?
andra om stockholm mälaren vatten

Riksbron (
map) 23 Jan 2008

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to visit our fellow city photobloggers across the globe on this theme day.
The February theme is "What your city is known for". 133 blogs had signed up to join by January 31.

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