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the royal guards

This band had lost their bus and had to walk all the way through the city. Fortunately the vehicle was later found.
"Ser du något i trafiken, ring..."


dove hunter

Hötorget 4
At least one person trying to deal with the problem of too many birds in one place


the yellow/green men have left the building...

I don't know if it's just a coffee-break but there are no men around (or girls for that matter) and the building is not finished by far.

.Bara jackan kvar av byggfolket. Gul eller grön ?


odds and ends for sale

Hötorget 3
There's a wealth of odds and ends, bits and pieces and just regular junk on sale at the Hay market. One longs for the weekdays when they sell vegetables and flowers there.


return of city hall

Why change a winning concept? We've all been having a few shots at it and now it's time again. I don't think that we have had one this close though.

He he, Stadshuset är också ett sådant där objekt som har en tendens att dyka upp då och då, men vad katten - det är ju inte så lätt att missa.....


rock solid

Sweden's central bank is The Riksbank by Brunkebergstorg. Our currency may be small from a global perspective, a fact which became painfully evident in the early nineties. But fear not! This facade signals strength and robustness. See more?
Skvalpvaluta? Vi?


a whole different hay market

Hötorget 2
On weekends there's a whole different hay market at Hötorget. For instance you can buy a textile bracelet with your name on it. The gentleman in yellow is just passing by.


yellow cab company?

Only cabs on this pic in front of the Central Station. 5 yellow ones and 3 black. The yellow cabs are becoming more common. I remember the last time we had yellow ones. They didn't quite catch on at that time. Volvo had a try at it. You could see a few but they soon disappeared again. This time I think they're here to stay - at least a while. Heck, it just occurs to me - 4 of these are Volvo's. Deja vu...?
Kommer ni ihåg förra gången det fanns gula taxibilar ? Det är rätt länge sedan nu men även denna gång verkar Volvo ha ett finger med i spelet ...eller?


sollentuna un-fair (2)

...previously on pixels

I'm pretty sure this is not the main entrance of Sollentuna Expo Center. While we're examining the outside our daring correspondent Pia ventured inside. Unfortunately her report is characterized by a distinct lack of enthusiasm as far as the premises are concerned. So is there a happy end to all of this? Stay tuned to find out.
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Efter osäkerhet om framtiden behöver Sollentunamässan en nystart


time for contemplation

Hötorget 1
Time for contemplation on the fourth or fifth floor
in the PUB building at Hötorget


look, someone's still up...

Most people seem to have gone to bed already but a single window has still got the light on. The backdrop is of course Globen. Per has already done an extensive series on it but I thought this one might have a place too.

.Nattugglor vakna vid Globen?


E4 - andante mobile

...previously on pixels

If road traffic is a kind of music one might consider this the andante hour of the motorway. The moon surveys the scene but still finds it way too noisy and decides to stay by the treetops. And so we say goodnight to the E4, at least for now.
Jag kan sitta på min måne
Och göra vad jag vill
Där stannar jag tills allting ordnat sig
(Kenneth Gärdestad)


waiting for the customers

Nothing much happening at the Spånga square market place. Actually, nothing much happening in Spånga at all, as we have observed at plenty.


fiddling on the roof ?

I would not recommend it. Being on this height you'd better keep concentrated on where to set your foot next time. Fiddling will have to come second. On the other hand, the view in itself is so astounding so you might forget anyhow to watch your step. Lucky that you're attached to a safety rope. This is like something out of Disney's Aristocats, the scene where they've just arrived at the rooftop and are watching ScatCat, the difference being that it is Stockholm, not Paris, and daytime, not night...
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Lite osäkert är det på taket. Jag inbillar mig att jag har fått in Danviks-klippan i bakgrunden men har rätt svårt att bestämma vad resten kan vara.


street for a king (2)

...previously on pixels

When an average king gets tired of Kungsgatan (the King's Street) he might take the stairs up to the crossing Malmskillnadsgatan. Well, he probably won't. Malmskillnadsgatan is a rather isolated street notorious for a history of prostitution.
See more?
Den här trappan är betydligt häftigare i kvällsljus. Det är strängt taget det mesta.


mid-month theme: subway day

Subway through Venice of the North

In Stockholm, also known as Venice of the North, it’s only natural that some subway passages are over water. The photo is taken from the southern Södermalm towards subway station Old Town and Riddarholmen (Knight Islet). On the extreme left is City Hall.

Subway day is a mid-month theme shared by the following blogs:
New York City Daily Photo - stockholm by pixels

Can't get enough?



one famous ship

Inside of this museum lies the Vasa-ship. Once it was a not so good token of the Swedish craftsmanship, since it sank on it's virgin-tour. Today it's a "must see" for most tourists. This was a rather unfamiliar view for me, taken during a tour on a Segway, the strange vehicle that reacts to the way your body shifts the weight on the platform you stand on. It was great fun to ride.

Vasa-museet från en annorlunda sida. Åtminstone för mig som oftast sett det från vattnet. På en Segway hinner man runt Djurgården rätt snabbt och ser mer än man tror. Jättekul leksak. Hoppas verkligen att Vägverket tänker om och godkänner den.


sollentuna un-fair

“Sollentuna Expo Center is one of the biggest and most exciting venues
and meeting places in Sweden” (from their web site)
Well, you be the judge. I’d suggest the façade of the Sollentuna Fair on Malmvägen could use some make-up.
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Sollentunamässan flyttar till Kista nästa år. Lika bra, kanske.
Fast den här kåken lär inte bli fräschare av det.


revisited (1)

After having watched Midnattsloppet on the 18th of august, I found myself heading for the train station on foot. Strolling through Fatbursparken, I suddenly realized that the fountain was lit up. I haven't seen that before. Struggling with the thoughts that I had the camera and tripod already packed down, and should I really unpack again. I lost the fight (or won), and did just that - unpacked again. What can I say, I'm a sucker for light and water....

.Jag har bara sett den här fontänen i dagsljus tidigare. Hade inte en susning om att den var belyst på natten. Det blev för svårt att motstå.


little yellow girls

While little orange men dig holes in the ground, little yellow girls take care of plants and gardens. I like the girls!


E4 - the backbone

The E4 motorway spells noise and pollution without end. But it's also the backbone of a long, sparsely populated country.
Connecting people
, sort of.
Ibland planskilt, sällan planlöst


relaxed at Street (2)

Nothing much has happened over the year. People are still taking it easy at Street in Stockholm. This is what it looked like a year ago.



Enjoying a moment by the Green Cottage. With a bit of luck everything's included: your meal, some feathered friends for company and that lakeside view.
See more?


spirit of the wild

Take a chance to watch this photo-exhibition "Spirit of the wild" by Steve Bloom if you find yourself in the vicinity of Nybroplan. It's really worth it. Open till the 30th of September.
If you miss it you'll regret it.

.Gå och se den här utställningen vid Nybroplan. Helt underbara bilder och så lättillgängligt. Alldeles gratis dessutom. 30 september är sista dagen. Don't miss it.


enjoy a good book

I'm not sure if this is the official symbol of Hallonbergen. If so - well, I've seen better ones. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. This guy has found himself a nice and quiet spot to read his book. There's no risk that he will get trampled down by the tourists in this place. I doubt they even find it.

.Tja, vad ska man säga ? Vackert ? Njae....kanske inte, va ? Annorlunda ? Ja, definitivt. I behov av målning också kan jag meddela, men en lugn plats för en stunds läsning är det i alla fall verkar det som.


the gate

Skansen 5

We leave Skansen for this time through the Hazelius gate and take a stroll on the island of Djurgården.


beach 2008

Sometimes I wish I could fly on the wings of Helium. Then I realize I'm just not my former self. I feel bloated. Like some kind of local aviation left-overs. Gotta get back in shape again!
Allt fler lyfter sig. Är det upplyftande?


a look in the mirror

Skansen 4

Skansen is the world’s oldest open-air museum. It is spread out over a 30 hectare area of the island of Djurgården within the city limits.


daily photo theme day: it's wild out there ...

Street-sign? Well sort of .... The message is a bit different but the looks are right. These two cats are advertising for a wildlife-park about 1,5 hours drive from Stockholm. I met them in Kungsträdgården. It was a hot day, so I imagine they didn't like it too much in their costumes.
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.Vägskylt. Ja, absolut. Rätt ? Nej, kanske inte, va ? Men en kul variant var det.

Theme Day for the month of September 2007: "Street lights and signs"
.There are currently 101 blogs participating in this theme day


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