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one more from the roof

This time we're looking towards the southern part of Stockholm. The green little patch in the water is a helo-pad. The water on the right side is lake Mälaren and the leftmost bridge also contains the sleuce, where the Baltic sea (with salt water) meets up with Mälaren (sweet water). You also clearly see the railroad-tracks and the ones from the subway (middle bridge), which incidentally is where Peter's subway-pic was taken.
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.Dags för en takbild igen. En till finns på lagret...


end of the road

New car in the Old Town. This one won't be driving any further right now, it'd be well advised to back out gently from Prästgatan (the Priest Street, here)
Begränsat svängrum, omkörning undanbedes


busy traffic

Multi lane traffic at Slussen. One bicycle, one car and two buses. Over our heads are Sweden's (probably) busiest railway tracks and six lanes of highway traffic.


sorry, we're closed

If you're thirsty, this is not the place to be. It looks very much closed down. The pub itself looks interesting but dark and with noone in sight. Perhaps it changes during the weeks. This pic was taken on a Saturday. It's near the station of Sollentuna, close to the fair.
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Här får man vara törstig, inte en öppen dörr i sikte denna förmiddag


St. Gertrude's Church (3)

...previously on pixels
Are we constructing anything these days which will remain or at least be remembered 600 years from now? 200? 100? Let's pay tribute once in a while to those who did. Using the power of brains and muscles they raised the German Church, still standing.
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old age music

photo #800 on pixels since October 19, 2005

This - according to her sign - Estonian pensioner is frequently seen in summer Stockholm. Here at Drottninggatan, just off Sergels torg.


our house

That was the title of a song by Madness, quite a while ago. This airphoto is taken from a small helicopter, you know the ones that look like a soap-bubble (who would have guessed?). I got a tour as a gift on my 40th birthday. This pic is a bit outdated as for the surroundings but the big house in the middle is where most of the pixels team spend their days. I guess many recognize it but for our friends outside of Stockholm - this is Rissne.
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Många känner säkert igen huset även om detta är lite från ovan


iron sunrise (2)

previously on pixels

How can a large sculpture, mostly out of black iron, radiate so much light? The generous September sunlight explores and reflects all over Gryning (Dawn) by Stefan Thorén at Brunkebergstorg (here). The sculpture, originally installed at Medborgarplatsen in 1979, portrays our solar system in morning light. See more?
Med en bank på vardera sidan känns "guldet" helt rätt placerat


stairway to heaven

The stairs from Söder Mälarstrand to Centralbron railway bridge, just a few meters from the red boat.


and there shall be light

These are kind of funnylooking lamp-posts. I couldn't resist them. They stand close to subway-station Slussen (The sluice).
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Varde ljus, eller hur var de´ nu ?


windows 2007

Kulturhuset is world-renowned for it's stunning beauty. Not. When you're done with the front and the inside you might want to venture to the opposite side of the building from 1974. Behold what you'd find behind this cultural center (here) (see more?)
Kultur är i bästa fall verkligen en kul tur. Arkitekturen kunde ju få hjälpa till lite.


the royal guard

On the top of that hill stands the Royal guard at his little hut and the King and Queen are safe. Let's go a bit closer ...
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see you in court

Svea Hovrätt (Court of appeal) has two of it's offices here at Riddarholmen. The rest of them are in other buildings close by. I guess they need to get in touch quickly, eh ?

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.Birger Jarls Torg 10, Schering Rosenhanes palats. Numera huserar Svea Hovrätt här. Nåja, lite i alla fall.


St. Gertrude's Church (2)

previously on pixels

Last week we learnt that St. Gertrude is the patron saint of travellers. The German Church in the old town (here) is from the 14th century but the painted windows are "only" a century old.
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Får man något från bordet, tro?


exercise that fat

SOL Grillen - the SUN Grill - at Hornstulls strand serve very good wraps. The chicken with mango chutney is a personal favourite. But remember, if your diet is fast food, you should also exercise.



Or is it a day without sun? It's doing it's best to hide from us. Like here, taken from the station Karlberg, slightly north of the central station.
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.Solen börjar bli mer och mer osynlig nu för tiden. Just den här leker kurragömma lite extra.


mid-month theme: subway day

Here you have it. The Stockholm subway in a handy format. All the stations. Usually you would choose to have the pocket version, but this time I make the choice. You will have the BIG version. It's found in the Subway Central, the main junction where the three lines meet: the green, red and blue.

Subway day is a mid-month theme shared by the following blogs:
New York City Daily Photo - stockholm by pixels

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Hela tunnelbanenätet i Stockholm i lagom stooort format så att även de som inte har falkögon kan se att läsa.


iron sunrise

I've rushed by Brunkeberg Square (here) many times without paying attention to Gryning (Dawn) by Stefan Thorén. It took a vacation day and a bit of strolling in the September sun for me to notice this sculpture made of iron. Black iron and "gold". The sunlight is reflected by the various surfaces. Go see for yourself if you have the chance. Here's a detail, we'll see more later on.
Verket fanns länge på Medborgarplatsen men flyttades till Brunkebergs torg 2003


shopping district

The roof of one of the entrance's to the well-known department store NK. I wonder why the pile of planks. The photo was taken from a multi storey car park.
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time for reflection

photo: Christer Palm
On the way to the mess.
You can be called out before dinner and return after midnight.
You don't know what to find.
You have a mission.
Think different, adapt and improvise is the key.


tranquility at the Woodland Cemetery

The Woodland Cemetery has so nice surroundings,
so there is need to show some more.

.Det finns så mycket att se på Skogskyrkogården, så det blir lite fler bilder.
Kolla in här för ännu fler.


making peace

Our armed forces are subject to continuous budget cut-backs. We like to think of ourselves as a peaceful nation and judging from this particular piece of equipment by the royal castle (here), that's probably a wise approach. We've got some peaceful art on display as well.
Den här hårdvaran borde kunna tilltala även den mest vapenfrie


yellow men taking a break

Little yellow - or green or greenish yellow - men taking a break in their little hideaway at Sergels torg


park-a-lot (4)

Seems you can park-a-lot of bikes in a way so you at least have a chance of finding them in one piece again. I mean, who would go to the trouble of trashing them up there? On the other hand, who would want to put them up there in the first place? I think they're part of an ad for a tv-show to come. Found this at Odenplan.
Snacka om att vara ute och cykla...


St. Gertrude's Church

The narrow streets of the Old Town (Gamla Stan) are perfect for strolling. The highest point of the Old Town is this tower of the German Church (Tyska kyrkan) or St. Gertrude's Church. (here)
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Alla turister kan inte ha fel - myllra i gränderna du med!


preparing for another season

Having seen Christer's photo yesterday, one understands why people start taking their boats out of the water. This beauty was loaded onto a truck this morning at the Liljeholmen bridge but the same thing can be seen all over town.


north bound

photo: Christer Palm
North bound on a lovely Easter Day one minute south of the Stockholm county border


safe to cross ?

I'm not really sure whether St.Peter is blessing the pedestrian crossings or the girl or just showing that she might use any of the crossings. But then again this might just be a coincidence. Does anyone need the address on this one? Just look at the signs. Doesn't get any more obvious than this...

Det ser nästan ut som om han slår ut med armarna och säger: "använd vilket övergångsställe du vill, jag bryr mig inte"


sollentuna un-fair (3)

...previously on pixels

Sollentunamässan (the Sollentuna Fair) in all its splendor. Well, I shouldn't continue grumbling about its exterior qualities. Let's just hope they can have a fresh start in their new premises next year. Sort of a fair-well, if you like...

Inte mycket att mässa om


equip yourself here

Hötorget 5
When times are hard, equip yourself here at the Hay market. We stock all your clothing needs.


daily photo theme day: Woodland Cemetery

This is a view from Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery). It's the largest cemetery in Sweden with approximately 90,000 graves and several chapels. Skogskyrkogården was inaugurated in 1920 and the wooden landscape was shaped before 1940. The graves are divided into grave quarters. In the summertime you can go on a guided tour here. It's also one of the UNESCO World Heritages. Among the famous people buried here you will find actress Greta Garbo and football-player Lennart "Nacka" Skoglund. See more?

Här ligger också Gunnar Wiklund, Birgit Cullberg, Stieg Trenter & Olle Hellbom. Kyrkogårdsförvaltningen i Stockholm har en underbar söktjänst för att hitta till rätt grav och det kan minsann behövas på den 100 hektar stora kyrkogården.
andra om stockholm kyrkogård gravsten

Theme Day for the month of October 2007: "Cemetery / Tombstone".
There are currently 103 blogs participating in this theme day...

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