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guard away from home

Swedish Coast Guard vessel KBV 002 Triton anchoring at Nacka strand. The ship is usually stationed at the island Gotland in the Baltic Sea.

Nacka strand, Nacka (map) 16 June 2010


look up 2

Please do. These are new for this year (I think) all along Drottninggatan. See more?

Drottninggatan (map) 2 December 2009


National Day sailing

Lake Mälaren and Liljeholmsviken. The photo is taken on Stora Essingen island and we see the open Liljeholmsbron and Årsta in the back.

Liljeholmsviken (map) 6 June 2010


brunch music

Live music at Clarion Hotel Sign. It's good with a bit of music to a Sunday brunch.

Clarion Hotel Sign (map) 30 May 2010


Ulriksdal, 4 PM

Ulriksdal Palace on the banks of the Edsviken in the National City Park, 6 km north of Stockholm. It was originally called Jakobsdal after its owner Jacob De la Gardie, who had it built by architect Hans Jacob Kristler in 1643-1645 as a country retreat. The present design is mainly the work of architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder and dates from the late 17th century. The Palace Theatre, the Confidencen, is today the oldest Rococo theatre in Sweden.

Ulriksdals slott, Solna (map) 5 June 2010


train in disguise

Uppsala - situated 69 km north-north-west of Stockholm - is Sweden's 4th largest city. Here's one of many train connections to Uppsala. To the casual observer, this may not look like a train at all. For some reason, night train connections frequently assume the shape of replacement buses.

Klarabergsviadukten (map) 30 May 2010


night geometry

Lines, shapes and angles at Östra Ryd in Österåker. This church was built in the 14th century. See more?

Östra Ryds kyrka, Österåker (map) 30 May 2010


nocturne for Kista Science Tower

If you rank all countries by population density, Sweden will be found at place 194. In other words, we've got plenty of space. So, with its 33 floors and 117 meters Kista Science Tower may not be much of a skyscraper by international standards but it is in fact Sweden's second tallest building.

Hanstavägen, Kista (map) 7 June 2010


poetry in motion

Poet Nils Ferlin hasn't been moving about a lot recently. Neither did this night bus. Statue by K.G. Bejemark. See more?

Klarabergsgatan (map) 30 May 2010



We've met this cheetah before but I felt like doing a remake of the sculpture Resande med djur ("Traveller With Animal") in bronze and concrete by Carina Wallert.

Tunnelbana Kristineberg (map) 29 May 2010


recycle your stuff

The sixth annual flea market at Hornstull when people take to the streets to sell their stuff - recycling at its best. It's still the largest flea market in Norden (the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).

Hornstull (map) 30 May 2010


just passing thru

Essingeleden, Klarastrandsleden, Tomtebodavägen, a railway and whatnot on the border between Solna and Stockholm. A quiet evening at the outskirts of City.

Essingeleden (map) 27 May 2010


when in need

Portable toilets, or bajamaja (poop Maja) as they are generally called here, at a forest path on Långholmen island. When in need, Maja is a friend indeed.

Långholmen (map) 29 May 2010


in the afternoon, after that morning

Demonstrations at Sergels torg. Early the same morning, six ships on route for Gaza were boarded and seized by Israel Defense Forces (Wikipedia).

Sergels torg (map) 31 May 2010


a few feet away

It's a piece by David Taylor, called "mushroom of feet" (free translation) and is supposed to compete as a connection point with the famous mushroom at Stureplan, which is very close. See more?

Tunnelbana Östermalmstorg (map) 22 January 2010


look up

Honestly. I mean it. You may see some interesting stuff. Like this. Inside one of the bigger stores at Hötorget. Unless you're too busy shopping to notice?

PUB (map) 21 December 2009


the old school

This impressive building - Tomtebodaskolan - used to house a school for visually impaired children. Opened in 1888 it had room for 100 pupils, 50 boys and 50 girls. The students received reading training and vocational education. The school was eventually closed in 1986. Since 2005 it's the home of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), an EU agency aimed at strengthening Europe's defences against infectious diseases.

Tomtebodavägen, Solna (map) 27 May 2010


down under

People coming and going at Slussen terminal for commuter trains and buses. This is pretty much right under here and even below this.

Slussen (map) 16 May 2010


church on top

The twin towers of Högalid Church seen behind Tantolundens ("Aunty O's") allotment gardens.

Tantolunden (map) 22 May 2010


nocturne for Royal Viking

In the 1870's a new prominent street was created, aimed to be a grand entrance to the city for those having arrived by train at the new Stockholm Central railway station. Today Vasagatan ("Vasa Street") connects the Old town with the square Norra Bantorget and - as you can tell - it's not terribly busy on a Sunday morning. Seen here is Royal Viking Hotel, at the address Vasagatan 1.

Vasagatan (map) 30 May 2010


game over at Thorildsplan

The subway is long. Art is longer.

Artist Lars Arrhenius explores familiar pixel shapes from early days of computer graphics. Does this bring back any memories? See more!

Tunnelbana Thorildsplan (map) 29 May 2010


going with the flow

A small creek meanders by the village Vira bruk, 20 kilometers north-east of Åkersberga in Österåker Municipality. Established in the 17th century, Vira used to be an important ironworks site and had a monopoly for delivering rapiers to the Swedish army.

Vira bruk, Österåker (map) 31 May 2010


a history channel

We're 22 kilometers north of the city and there's something intriguing about the shape of Vallentuna Church. Remember the runestone?

Vallentuna kyrka, Vallentuna (map) 22 May 2010


nocturne for Kristineberg

Nights are short. The subway is long.

Tunnelbana Kristineberg (map) 29 May 2010


culture island

The passenger ferry Djurgården 9 on its way from Gröna Lund to Slussen. In the back we see Skeppsholmen, what used to be an island full of military installations. Now it is full of museums and culture instead. For instance we find the Museum of Modern Art and the East-Asia museum here. The Stockholm Jazz Festival is also held on the island.

Skeppsholmen (map) 24 April 2010


the fight continues

H&M recently launched its third Fashion Against AIDS campaign, which included the first festival clothes collection with 25% of the sales donated to youth HIV/AIDS awareness projects. The collection encompassed a whole festival experience, raising funds to promote the message of safe sex.

Sergels torg (map) 19 May 2010


Chapel of the Resurrection

Uppståndelsekapellet - Chapel of the Resurrection - at Skogskyrkogården cemetery. The chapel was designed by Sigurd Lewerentz and opened in 1925. Skogskyrkogården is one of the UNESCO World Heritages. See more?

Skogskyrkogården (map) 22 May 2010


the old theatre

With over 150 years of history, the beautiful Södra teatern is still standing high on the Södermalm heights, here captured from Slussen. According to themselves, Södra teatern is "Sweden's foremost International venue for Music, Theatre and Debate".

Södra teatern (map) 24 April 2010


waiting for the tram

Construction is going on for tramline City.

Hamngatan (map) 3 April 2010


hard currency

The currency in Sweden is as you all know kronor (if you didn't know - you do now). Kronor in English is crowns. You may have seen these pop up every now and then. This time as a nocturnal closeup.

Stadshuset (map) 20 March 2010

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