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not your average hangover (2)

Ever had one of those days? Head feels like it’s been misbehaving recently although you can’t seem to recall any details. A cluster of pneumatic drills are working overtime renovating something
inside your ears. Even the colors seem oddly tilted.
And that sun, can’t anyone turn it off for a while please!
Must have been something in the coffee.
Mind your head!
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...och vem tusan har vänt Klara Västra Kyrkogata?


let there be light

The interior of Tibble Church i Täby. All four walls are made of glass which creates a spectacular light as the sun moves during the day.
This is a modern church, it was inaugurated in 1978.
It's located on the top floor of larger building in the center of Täby.


Vi har flera kyrkor i Täby, Tibble kyrka stod klar 1978. Den ligger högst upp i ett fyravåningshus. Kyrkorummet är rektangulärt och domineras av de enorma glasmosaikväggarna.


walking the dogs

Walking the dogs in Rålambshovsparken. The park - other parts of it - is a very popular spot in the summer. People meet, play games, have picnics or just show off. On a sunny weekend it is always packed with people.


I Get a Kick Out of You

A zillion pigeons can’t be wrong: Foot Loose & Fancy Free by the Concert Hall at Hötorget. Statue by Carl Milles.
Kamrat Orfeus med fågelkompisar har vi hälsat på tidigare


what's going on ?

Apparently there are marine-archaeological investigations being made here. They have found at least one old wreck on the site where the new "Söderströmtunneln" (a railway tunnel) is going to be built. Now they're searching the bottom for more interesting things. This view is from a restaurant called "Matkalaset".

Jag trodde man var i full färd med att bygga ny tunnel redan, men det är tydligen marinarkeologiska utgrävningar som pågår, efter att man hittat ett gammalt vrak på platsen. Senare ska detta bli "Sveriges största grop" enligt vissa källor. Undrar just hur man kommer att se det...?


the sauna

After a warm and relaxing sauna you just jump into the sea. If there isn't ice 'cause then you have to make a hole first. This sauna can be found in Åkersberga.

Vackert belägen bastu i Stockholms skärgård. Vattnet var uppfriskande...


walking my baby

In Stockholm we have very few cornices like other great cities; we go more for the gravel paths - functional in beautiful surroundings. Like this one on Norr Mälarstrand - baby in front, Högalid church in the background.


tensta gymnasium

The upper secondary school in Tensta was established as the well-renowned school Norra Latin moved into this suburb in the eighties
Försök själv säga Högre allmänna läroverket för gossar å Norrmalm.
Undra på att det blev nedlagt, f’låt flyttat.


alien attack ?

Don't worry; the little green man from Mars (?) can't hurt us now. He's in jail as it seems. The bars look sturdy enough to hold him for a while. The place is Tensta. Beware...
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Detta är nog en av de mindre gröna män som finns. De flesta andra gröna gubbar brukar sitta på trafikljusen vid övergångsställen, men den här verkar sitta i finkan. Tenstaborna har sett till att han blev inburad.


football training

The inter-company (korpen) football league is training at Zinkens IP.


duck surprise

- If you don't like duck, you're rather stuck
In all fairness, Östermalms Saluhall provides more delicatessen
than you and I could think of. Including duck, of course,
at B Andersson's. With or without orange or cherry.
Twenty stalls, restaurants and cafes - this food hall
by the Östermalm Square is an institution.
- Duck with Orange; duck with cherries; duck surprise
- What's duck surprise?
- Er... that's duck without oranges or cherries

(quotes from Fawlty Towers by John Cleese and Connie Booth, 1975)
Anka, gås, tjäder, orre, fasan, kalkon, majskyckling, duva, ripa och and hör självklart till kostcirkeln hos Fågel & Viltspecialisten B Anderssons eftr


teamwork the name of this sculpture in front of Tensta Gymnasium. For once a sculpture that is actually comprehendible. I failed to mark who made it though. I'm sure someone will tell...
"Samspel" heter den här skulpturen, och det kan man förstå.
Här samspelar till och med solen lite grann.


late nite diner

At Daisy's by Ringvägen you get your hamburger or hot dog
served with a smile


rissne by rust

Some football players in Sundbyberg
might feel a bit rusty at this time of year.
Incidentally the same is true for some of their equipment.
See more?
Försäsongsträning med stålborste nästa år?


the cemetary - a nice place to rest ?

When I leave, I think I'd like to rest in surroundings like these.
Can it get better?
En blomsterbädd att härbärgera en trött och uttjänt kropp.
Vi befinner oss på Adolf Fredriks kyrkogård.


at the top of the bar

Slussen is a quite remarkable place in Stockholm. You have the metro, you have the commuter train and busses. You have the boats and ferries and cars and bikes and - above all -
you have the people and the bars.
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pearl jam

“I ain’t cleaning this!”
(quote from the TV sitcom “Benson”)
A larger-than-life lamp in the Gallerian shopping mall
Här behövs hushållsnära tjänster i mängd


a house by the river ?

Not quite so but at least by the water. These are found at the Pampas Marina and are permanent houses
to judge by the concrete lower part.
Husbåtar är en sak, men här har man tagit steget fullt ut ser det ut som.
Mer permanent än så här blir det väl inte vid Pampas Marina.


riding home

Riding home from work at Slussen


finding harmony

Rehearsing for the Sunday afternoon concert.
S:t Jacob's church in Kungsträdgården.
Jakob är den röda kyrkan som vi gärna återvänder till


where's Bryan?

A Djurgården Ferry arriving at Skeppsholmen. This ferry serves Stockholm’s inner harbor and is included in the city’s public transportation network.
Djurgårdsfärjorna, idag 6 stycken, har anor från 1700-talet. Då var det roddarmadamer som såg till att man kunde ta sig mellan olika stadsdelar på vattnet. I mitten av 1800 -talet började man använda sig av olika typer av ångbåtar.


almost fair - final

I've got so many of these fantastic colored fountain-pictures that it makes it really hard to choose only one. I'm gonna put a bunch of them on my Webshots page. This is just a taste of what it can look like. It's changing all of the time. Red, blue and lilac in different patterns. High and low, in pairs or all at the same time. Sometimes just puffs of smoke. I'm in love with this fountain. I could sit there forever and just look... sigh...
Så där, då är vi tillbaka till favoritfontänen vid Älvsjömässan för ett sista (?) avsnitt. Jag skulle i och för sig kunna hålla på länge än men dels har ni nu fått smakprover på den och dels så börjar det nu bli ljust ute och fontänen stängs av vid 21:00 så det blir inte samma färgspel längre. Jag kommer att lägga ut ett gäng bilder på min Webshot-sida. Kika gärna vidare där.


writing my sailor

I don't know what the girl was doing. Writing a love letter to her sailor
or just doing her homework. Well, we will never know.



Contemplating offshoring on the quays of Skeppsholmen
En gnutta vårsol (och en båtmässa) startar den årliga kedjereaktionen


the clock

This bell tower was built in 1763. It is situated on a hill just north of Täby Church. The bells were cast 1700 and 1710 in Täby.
They sound in major key.
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Klockstapeln uppfördes 1763 på höjden norr om kyrkan. Klockorna klingar i dur.


forgotten Christmas decoration?

It almost looks that way. This oversized "Christmas decoration" is hanging from the ceiling of the orangery at Bergian Garden.
Jodå, julen är över. Utdansad enligt alla konstens regler, så det är inte en julkula som hänger kvar i taket på Orangeriet på Bergianska Trädgården.


metro stillness

A short moment of tranquility at Hötorget Metro station


home delivery

Getting something extra for your home... Someone chose to wrap up an entire eight storey building by Skattegårdsvägen in Vällingby.
No Refunds or Exchanges without a Receipt.
När gav ni era vänner ett höghus senast?


an ancient blogger

A thousand years ago, during the Iron Age, blogging wasn't as easy as today. First you needed a hammer, a chisel and a giant stone or a rock. Then a couple of months later when you finished writing, you had to distribute it... This stone is located at Jarlabankes bridge in Täby. The area is famous for its population of rune stones.
"Jarlabanke lät resa dessa stenar efter sig, medan han ännu levde, och han gjorde denna bro för sin själ, och ensam ägde han hela Täby.
Gud hjälpe hans själ."


daily photo theme day: eastermailbox

Right, and where do you want me to put my mail?
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