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galvanized vacancy

- Just got room for a few more!

For whatever reason, the bike rack doesn't seem to be entirely occupied tonight.

Staffans väg, Sollentuna (map) 17 December 2009


some like it cold

I bet Uncle Darwin would have had something to say on this topic. Stay in good health and look after those feathers day in and day out. Then you just might make it through another winter. If not, the following night may well be your last one. "Survival of the fittest."

How many species can you spot? See more?

Lötsjön, Sundbyberg (map) 18 December 2009


some like it wet

Seven lanes, 25 meters and lots of water to move around. If history is any guide, Sollentuna simhall will be rather crowded these days. As soon as we've finished our seasonal food orgies and start thinking about New Year's resolutions... well, you get the picture.

Stubbhagsvägen, Sollentuna (map) 30 November 2009


wintry philosophy

Snow is a type of precipitation in the form of crystalline water ice, consisting of a multitude of snowflakes that fall from clouds. (Wikipedia)

Now, whether we like to contemplate that multitude of crystalline precipitations or just admire the beautiful landscape remains our choice. Either way, Sundbyberg is as good a place as any to get you started along the line of wintry philosophy. See more?

Lötsjön, Sundbyberg (map) 18 December 2009


public skating

Public skating at the Zinkensdamm bandy arena. It was a rainy evening and the ice was covered with water but people of all ages enjoyed playing some hockey and bandy or just skating.

Zinkensdamms IP (map) 22 November 2009


canopy of light

During December there are a lot of outdoor stores below the fountain of Sergels Torg that sell just about anything. New for this year is the light canopy and it made a terrific difference in this picture.

Sergels torg (map) 2 December 2009


gingerbread house

It's that time of year. Cafe and bakery Eclair have turned the shop into a gingerbread house - a lovely tradition.

Zinkensdamm (map) 1 December 2009


warm drink for a cool Christmas

Have yourself some warm glögg (mulled wine) at Gröna stugan ("the Green Cottage"). The standard accessories include raisins, gingerbread and almonds as well as the occasional saffron bun.

Lötsjön, Sundbyberg (map) 18 December 2009


Lego Santa

A Lego Santa Claus at the Gallerian indoor shopping centre. Shop shop shop!

Gallerian (map) 17 December 2009


attributes of Christmas

A Yule goat and a gingerbread house at a café in Gallerian indoor shopping centre. Two very traditional Swedish Christmas attributes. The most famous Yule goat in Sweden is the Gävle Goat, a gigantic straw goat put up every Christmas in Gävle (160 km north-north-west of Stockholm) and burned down almost as often.

Gallerian (map) 17 December 2009


snowy Sergel

At last, according to some, the winter hit Stockholm in full force. On the photo we see the five Hötorget skyscrapers, in the middle a bank office and to the right buses parked on Malmskillnadsgatan. Oh, so cold ...

Sergels torg (map) 17 December 2009


a night at the Opera

Snow and Christmas trees at the Opera.

Gustav Adolfs torg (map) 17 December 2009


shall we sit outside?

There are still a few tables empty at Gröna stugan ("the Green Cottage") in Sundbyberg. Most guests seemed to opt for a table inside the restaurant.

Lötsjön, Sundbyberg (map) 18 December 2009


say what? winter here!?

It doesn't take much. Snowfall and high winds brought road traffic to a standstill in parts of the city. Several bus services were cancelled altogether yesterday. Some planners were probably envisioning something entirely different.

Staffans väg, Sollentuna (map) 17 December 2009


did we win, big sister?

Gaming Board for Sweden (Lotteriinspektionen) carries the overall responsibility to ensure that lotteries, casinos and other forms of gambling in Sweden are secure, reliable and conducted in a law-abiding fashion.

Here's a traditional, small-scale lottery at a Christmas Bazaar in Salem. All smiles, friendly faces and no need whatsoever for any governmental supervision! See more?

Säby kyrka, Salem (map) 21 November 2009


bridgeworks (3)

Sunlight has been a scarce resource lately. Having it framed among these pillars of society seems like an excellent idea. We're underneath the E4 motorway bridge in Södertälje. And we're not alone...

E4 Södertälje hamn (map) 21 November 2009


the colour of Salem

Low-key flower decorations outside Salem shopping center. Lovely, if you ask me. According to our botanical advisor, they're known as Brassica oleracea ("prydnadskål").

Säbytorgsvägen, Salem (map) 21 November 2009


help me down! (no, not THAT way!!)

The things we do for photography. Not in my wildest dreams... but I suppose it would make a splashing photo! We're back in the swimming complex, looking at the world from the 3-meter springboard in Sollentuna simhall.

Stubbhagsvägen, Sollentuna (map) 30 November 2009


Deutsche Botschaft

I'm not sure the German Embassy in Stockholm is the happiest building on a grey November day but it's functional.

Artillerigatan (map) 7 November 2009


what the heck... this? Some of you out there might already have guessed. We have had quite a few of them lately. Need more of it to determine the species?

Ekeröleden (map) 20 September 2009


the blue gate is blue again

The gate by the Djurgården Bridge has been renovated. It was made in 1840 of cast iron and paid for by king Oscar I. Johan Adolf Hawerman designed the gate. It was once part of the fence that surrounded the royal hunting ground Djurgården.

Djurgårdsbron (map) 26 September 2009


round talks

The café-and-mingle part in a conference centre. I like the ring with cushions and the circular light intake.

Grev Turegatan (map) 26 November 2009


happy can

Guerilla can in Kungsgatan ("King's Street").

Kungsgatan (map) 10 November 2009



Paparazzi, or perhaps bird watchers, out testing equipment at Stockholm Photo Fair. In three days, well over 16,000 people browsed the stands, listened to lectures, visited a 3,000 metres long photo exhibition and bought new stuff.

Stockholmsmässan, Älvsjö (map) 14 November 2009


Sofia in haze

Sofia Church in a distant haze. Often large ferryboats lay here obstructing the view or - perhaps - creating another typical view. The photo is taken on a midday walk on Skeppsholmen.

Sofia kyrka (map) 17 November 2009


water sign

A neon sign - Tulo throat lozenge - from 1955 reflecting in the water by St. Eriksbron. The sign says "Always take Tulo" and there's the illusion of a pastille dropping down the façade.

St Eriksbron (map) 20 October 2009


blue beach building

Here, at Marinstaden just off Nacka, they are building "unique marine villas", semi-detached houses and some co-op flats. In this photo is one of the "small marine villas" of approximately 98 square metres. Yes, they are built on water or on concrete jetties. The project will also cater for a restaurant and café and of course facilities for the boating people. "Stockholm: city on water"? Yes, I think so.

Marinstaden, Nacka (map) 28 October 2009


bike hassle

Progress must proceed. If you leave your bike where we are making a mess of things, that's bad luck for you.

Hornstull (map) 7 November 2009


on a roll in Sollentuna

Remember this?

Absorbing wave energy and controlling water turbulence, that's what it's all about. Swimming lane lines ready to be rolled out in Sollentuna Sim & Sporthall.

Stubbhagsvägen, Sollentuna (map) 30 November 2009


electric icicles

Whaddaya know. We're 29 kilometers south-west of central Stockholm, in downtown Södertälje.

Olof Palmes plats, Södertälje (map) 21 November 2009


accessibility in Danderyd

At the end of a subway platform is usually an elevator (as well as escalators). It's not a fancy construction and when a citizen has chosen to urinate inside it does become a rather miserable place. Still, I've visited cities with large subway networks where you had to do the climbing in and out of stations by yourself. Accessibility is about making the city truly available and accessible to all of us - young or old, handicapped or not.

Tunnelbana Danderyds sjukhus, Danderyd (map) 1 November 2009


word processing in Storkyrkan

Storkyrkan is known as The Great Church. The pulpit, here seen from below and created by Burchardt Precht in 1680, isn't half bad either. He was also the man behind this.

Storkyrkan, Gamla stan (map) 1 November 2009


grey city

This is one grey colour photo. It's that time of the year. In the summer this is a favourite of mine.

Slussen (map) 10 October 2009


school's out ?

A while ago we had Norra Latin and it's just fair that we now show you Södra Latin as well. Both were well known schools in Stockholm. Quite a difference in the façade, I'd say. The present building was inaugurated in 1891 but the school has existed in different shapes since 1654. Girls weren't allowed in until 1961.

Högbergsgatan (map) 14 October 2009


stubborn old house

text & photo: Anette Åhlander

This lovely old house, abandoned since many years now, is as stubborn as the locals - the famous "rospiggarna". New houses are built around the corner, but it's still standing there, seeing life change and people passing on the wriggling gravel road. Only a year ago, a wolf killed six sheep nearby. And this less than 30 kilometres north east of Stockholm.

Åsättra, Österåker (map) 15 November 2009


bloody façade

House on Stortorget, Old town. According to folklore, the number of white stones on the façade of this house equals the the number of people executed in the The Stockholm Bloodbath in November 1520.

Wikipedia: "The Stockholm Bloodbath took place as the result of a successful invasion of Sweden by Danish forces under the command of king Christian II. It culminated on the 8th when around 80-90 people, mostly nobility and clergy, were executed despite a promise by Christian for general amnesty."

In Sweden, king Christian II is nicknamed 'Christian the Tyrant'. In Denmark he is called 'Christian the Good'. How's that for two peace-loving countries in Scandinavia?

Stortorget (map) 18 October 2009


a sign of motoring

Beautiful neon sign at the Odenplan driving school. They opened in 1954, in the golden age of motoring.

Odenplan (map) 20 October 2009


happy camels

Two happy camels on a tile wall at Gamla stan subway station. Or is it dromedaries, donkeys, llamas or even horses? Anyway, they are happy and that's what counts!

Munkbroleden (map) 18 October 2009


soccer practice

Soccer - or football - practice in Sundbyberg. It's impressing the work that kids, parents and leaders put into their favourite sports.

Ursvik, Sundbyberg (map) 14 October 2009


cutting edge

Little yellow man cutting the asphalt in a road construction work on Kungsholmen. He wouldn't stand still, even for my four seconds of exposure time.

Drottningholmsvägen (map) 19 October 2009


you're ruining my composition

And that's only me. I wonder what that poor Japanese guy (behind the last jet of water) is thinking - trying to get a decent shot of his buddy with Drottningholm Castle as a background. Yes, that is where you will find "The Cascades" as this is called. Originally designed and built by Nicodemus Tessin (the younger) some 300 years back and renovated in 1961.

Drottningholms slott, Ekerö (map) 20 September 2009


small town

Here's another glimpse of a small town paradise in the middle of Stockholm. This lovely garden is located by Bastugatan ("Sauna Street") in Södermalm. In the background you can see City hall.

Bastugatan (map) 10 October 2009


a resounding cathedral

The main organ in Storkyrkan ("the Great Church") is all mechanical. So don't forget to exercise and mind those toe pedals!

Storkyrkan, Gamla stan (map) 1 November 2009


pernilla on a roll

Subway cars in Stockholm have names. Here are Pernilla and Kent stopping by under Danderyd University Hospital.

Tunnelbana Danderyds sjukhus, Danderyd (map) 1 November 2009


St. Gertrude's Church (4)

Remember St. Gertrude's Church - The German Church ? Let's step inside. The altar is from 1659 and was created by Markus Hebel from Neumünster, Holstein. See more?

Tyska kyrkan, Gamla stan (map) 1 November 2009


royal spelling

We're back at University Station, a few meters away from where I shot this.

Several places in the vicinity were named after Italian cities by King Gustav III in the 18th century. He did get one name wrong though so this place was called Frescati instead of Frascati. To celebrate (or rectify?) this spelling error a modern university campus has been established here and this is subway station Universitetet.

Tunnelbana Universitetet (map) 1 November 2009


superjeans can

Another of Stockholm's guerrilla decorated trash cans. We have seen Lion can and Laughing can before.

Moderna museet (map) 11 October 2009



...the coach I was riding was invaded by tooth fairies. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I always thought there was one tooth fairy? And here I was, facing about 20 or so. Not only fairies but also a large number of tooth rotters. Turned out they all came from a party, closing an odontology fair and now they were on their way home - to Norway. So now you know where they live. But don't be scared - it was just a masquerade

Södra station (map) 24 September 2009


garden view

Doesn't this look peaceful? Behold, on the other side of this façade lurks danger.

Taxinge Slott, Nykvarn (map) 12 September 2009


western bridge

A view over Söder Mälarstrand, Riddarfjärden ("Knight Bay") and in the distance Västerbron - the Western Bridge. In 1945, a number of North American P-51 Mustang WWII fighter planes were delivered to Sweden. Some of the American pilots couldn't resist the temptation to fly under the bridge.

Söder Mälarstrand (map) 10 October 2009

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