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escape the fire

A fire escape can make a nice graphic pattern. This one belongs to a house on Fatburs brunnsgata. Hopefully it's not used too often. See more?
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.Det är inte ofta man ser snygga brandtrappor. Ofta är de en nödvändighet bara och det läggs inte så mycket tanke på att göra dem snygga. Här har man lyckats rätt bra, i mitt tycke.


escalating in Vällingby

-Our shopping mall is bigger than yours!
-But ours is fancier!
-Well ours offers free parking!
-Ok, but ours has cost more!!
-You win.

...i loppet som vi springer
finns det ingen som vinner...
(Mauro Scocco, hela texten här)


sing-along is prohibited

Once you've passed these doors, it's not a good decision to sing with the artists. I suspect they don't even want to be called artists. Performers is probably better. This is one of the doors to the Royal Swedish Opera at Gustaf Adolfs Torg.
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.En imponerande ornamenterad dörr leder in till "öfre och nedre tredje raden" på Operan. Gissningsvis blir man utkastad genom densamma rätt snabbt, om man själv upphäver sin stämma i "allsång på operan" :-)


The Tall Ships' Races

The Tall Ships' Races are the biggest annual event for large sailing vessels in the world. It is a combination of sailing races between ports and festivals while in the ports. The Races fleet is
in Stockholm between 27 and 30 July.
Read more on the TSR home page.
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Summer Night City (8)

Like most parts of town, Vasagatan is a lot more agreeable in summer. There is of course a dark season to this street as well but we’ll leave that for now.
This is the façade of Radisson SAS Royal Viking Hotel. Imagine answering that every time the phone rings. Why in the world would anyone pick such a long name?
Royal Viking har vi spanat på förr



I'm not quite sure whether this will be office-space or new apartments. The latter would be nice. The view ought to be magnificent. This house is being built in the vicinity of Stockholm Stadion, and I guess you will be able to see at least some part of the football game from the upper floors.
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Jag är osäker på vad detta blir när det är klart. För en som inte är i dessa trakter ofta så stod det plötsligt bara där. Gissningsvis blir det kontor men det vore ballt med lägenhet där.


...and there was music

This young accordionist in Kungsträdgården had a different business idea than I’m used to. He first asked for money and only then played his instrument. A guy apparently paid too little and he only played a few notes. But at the girls' table he stayed a long time.


shopping cathedral

In need of a sign from above? Kista Galleria offers plentiful. It is a commercial temple for any shopaholic. The major attraction is however its food court. We’d go for lunch and skip the shopping.
Listen and see more?
Räcker parkeringstiden?



Rotebro by day

The local commuter train station in Rotebro doesn’t exactly represent the peak of Swedish architecture. A bit of sunlight together with a recent paint job makes for a nice appearance anyhow.
Här fångade vi första frosten häromåret


park-a-lot (3)

Yes, we're on our way down in a parking-garage - again. This has a nice roof with a view. Västgötagränd ends in this garage, and you can just see Södertorn in the left upper corner.
Vem har sagt att garage måste vara trista?
Denna nerfart (i förgrunden här) är väl helt OK?


drummer boy

Today is closing day for this year's Sthlm Jazz Festival and we are sure it was a huge success. Every year one hears complaints that there is too much pop and too little jazz. Anyway, outside the Festival area on Friday afternoon the Stockholm Landslaget 2007 played - and boy, did they play a mean jazz! Here are some photos of what it looked inside. Want to see the whole band?
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"Initially, alcohol generally produces feelings of relaxation and cheerfulness, but further consumption can lead to blurred vision and coordination problems." (Wikipedia)
If your balance is temporarily below par, don’t blame Västra skogen (“the Western Forest”) subway station. It will provide a rock-solid foundation after any night on the town.

See more?
Tänk på avståndet mellan Hallonbergen och Näckrosen!


on guard

City hall has its own kind of guards. Lions and cherubs seem
to be a good combination. The last major mishap was in 1878.
Kanske är det bland annat dessa två som sett till att det inte
hänt något allvarligt här "sedan Eldkvarn brann"


your average punk rocker

This is photo blog post number 700 on pixels since October 2005
One of your average punk rockers waiting for the subway train to Alvik. The punks are like flowers in the concrete jungle: when the summer comes they bloom in all their colours.


not in our back yard!

Söder Torn is a skyscraper situated next to Fatbursparken, home of that fountain. It is 83 meters high so it’s hardly a skyscraper at all by international standards. It was however tall enough to cause a major debate before being completed in 1997. Our little Metropolis isn’t quite ready for prime-time yet.
Gärna förändringar men inte just nu och absolut inte här!


wet on all occasions

This fountain is situated in Fatbursparken. The building surrounding it is a huge half circle, which unfortunately isn't seen in this picture. Maybe it will turn up later on.
.En bild från det numera inte så nya Södra stations-området. I Fatbursparken finns denna härliga fontän. Det finns en hel del annat intressant att beskåda där också.


Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is a fictional DC Comics super villain - Superman's archenemy for most of the superhero's existence (wikipedia). Lex Luthor is also the name of a darn good hobby band. Here seen
in the cellar of Skål Restaurang och bar.


tin map

The sun chose to illuminate part of a tin roof by Drottninggatan in the inner city. Meg and Ben of Nelson DP had a cloud shaped like Australia the other day. I’d better refresh my geography soon.
What map does this look like?
Ska nå'n katt få grepp om det här plåttaket krävs sugfötter. Mer het plåt här.


orfeus close-up

Particular of Carl Milles' statue Orfeus fountain
at Hötorget (the Haymarket)
Listen and see more?


Summer Night City (7)

T'was the first night of summer. The bus schedule had been properly adjusted to make room for late night photography while waiting. Behold the bus station in Upplands Väsby.
Alla bussar går inte till Väsby men Upptåget gör det!


reflections of Stockholm

Yes, Stockholm is really a town with a lot of water. The view is from the new Årstabron towards Liljeholmsbron on a calm morning. We have been in the vicinity of that bridge a few times already this year. Need reminders ? Here, here & here for instance.
And this one of course.
.Många gånger har jag tänkt kliva av tåget en tidig morgon när vattnet ligger lugnt vid Årstaviken. Äntligen blev det av och resultatet blev bland annat detta.


pocket of resistance

Cafe Sturekatten is located in an 18th century house on Riddargatan, a small street off Stureplan. On the photo we see one of the coffee tables where you help yourself with a cup. This is a serious pocket of resistance even though you can get a
cafe latte if you insist.

In 1941 Anna Skoog moved into the house and arranged a bakery in the cellar. She already had a cafe on the opposite side of the street and eventually moved that to the "bakery house". With its many rooms and rococo furniture the place is made for “fika”, that is long coffee drinking sittings with a friend or two.

The name Sturekatten comes from Sture as in the location and katten (the cat) as in the Swedish expression "only the cat knows" when you really don’t know. Anna and her former companion really had no idea of what to call their cafes.




This is Kungshuset. Which means The King’s House. Which means The Castle (Slottet). This is not Slottet. I give up.
Notice the robust, prehistoric, environmentally friendly
air conditioning facilities. See more?
En rolig sak så här års är alla gäspande markiser.
Vi följer upp Bernts studie i trängsel.


summer in the city

...and if someone is offering a free shower, I'd be a fool not to take the offer. The temperature is hot. The pic was taken during the Stockholm Marathon, on Strandvägen.
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.Det gäller att passa på att få svalka där den finns. En tillfällig dusch för deltagarna i Stockholm marathon duger åt en varm vovve också. När det är 28 grader i skuggan kan det behövas...


gone sailing

Summer is in full swing in this Nordic capital and everyone with a boat is out sailing. Those who stay behind working can enjoy, well not sailing but a boat anyway, at Fridhemsplan underground station. The cleaners supply all the water. After that we go into tunnel vision on the red subway line.


invisible in Vällingby

The aesthetics of multi-storey buildings have been questioned. Here’s a novel approach. Using space age technology the entire house can be made transparent. No more complaints from passers-by! Or from us drive-by-bloggers. You can already see some blue sky through this building by Skattegårdsvägen in Vällingby.
The method is still at an experimental stage.
Fasaden höll på att ge upp alldeles på dessa halvsekelgamla höghus


lights, please

This used to be a lightship. Now it's transformed to office-space, about 200 square meters. A while ago it was for sale
for the round sum of 1 million pound sterling...
Biskopsudden är inte bara en marina. Här finns också ett f.d fyrskepp. Numera kontor. Sugen på att handla? Det kanske fortfarande går, jag vet inte men
i mars förra året kostade det 1 mille - i Pund Sterling...
andra om stockholm fyr


make noise, not war

At Hötorget (The Haymarket) you can buy flowers, fruits and vegetables and even a small soldier for that minor war.


Summer Night City (6)

Swedish is surprisingly easy to learn. At least for a Swede! ;)
Centralstation, for instance, means just what you’d expect. The logo sign SJ represents the state-run railroad company. It used to be a monopoly and it used to be subsidized. No more of that.
Our railroads haven’t been entirely deregulated yet
but we’re getting there.
Den här entrén mot Klarabergsviadukten känns nästan lite kaxig.
Tåget behöver tagga upp.


daily photo theme day: the red boat "Mälaren"

The red boat (lake) Mälaren is a popular lakeside hotel and hostel only a stone's throw from the Old Town and Södermalm (South). Although the boat is named Mälaren, it has always been called the Red Boat. Astern lays the floating restaurant Oasis.
.Want to see it from the other side?
Theme Day for the month of July 2007: "The Color Red"
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