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tin city

While strolling in February we suddenly came across this small tin city, standing on poles on the lawn. There were even more small "tables" with houses, but I think this one pretty much gives the picture. Kind of different, actually.

Brinellvägen (map) 9 February 2009 | others bloggar


sure, it looks quiet now ...

text & photo: Anna Boberg

This appears to be just your average residential block. But it's located on Lappkärrsberget (commonly known as "Lappis"), a housing area dedicated to student's lodgings. On Tuesdays at 10 p.m. the students will open their windows and a primal scream will wipe out all other city sounds. It's an understanding they all have, to join in on a cry in an attempt to diminish the anxiety-ridden feelings connected to studying. You can also watch a Youtube video of the phenomenon here.

Lappkärrsberget (map) 10 February 2009 | others bloggar


rock-a-bye råsunda (2)

...previously on pixels

World Cup qualification matches against Malta and Albania are among the highlights of the coming football season at Råsunda. Also an international against Denmark and lots of premier division "Allsvenskan" matches beginning 5 April. Tickets of all sorts can be found right here.

Råsunda fotbollsstadion (map) 1 Feb 2009 | others bloggar


the old shipyard

Boats at the old Långholmen shipyard

Långholmen (map) 1 February 2009 | others bloggar


bring your own seat

It's going to be tough this year if you want to sleep (or sit) on a bench at Sergels Torg. I hope they are just renovating them.

Sergels torg (map) 10 February 2009 | others bloggar


white lotus cave

Having cave walls decorated with aquatic flowering plants is perfectly natural at Näckrosen, a subway station in Solna Municipality. After all, näckros is the Swedish word for European White Waterlily or White Lotus.

Näckrosen, Solna (map) 1 February 2009 | others bloggar


sunday walk

Some snow on the ground and cold weather, on the way up from Söder Mälarstrand to Högalid for a warming caffè latte

Söder Mälarstrand (map) 1 February 2009 | others bloggar


be square

Or don't. These boxes with lights in them are in front of the office building of Wallenstam. The house itself really stands out, with all it's lights, but I preferred to zoom in a little.

Birger Jarlsgatan 64 (map) 9 February 2009 | others bloggar


quiet marina

The marina at Pålsundet in its winter sleep with the boats on solid ground. Only in a near future this place will be pulsating with life.

Pålsundet (map) 1 February 2009 | others bloggar


local hero in solna

Korv-Ingvar ("Sausage Ingvar") Rogell was a local fast food pioneer in Solna. His once humble business is depicted in the form of a sculpture outside Solna centrum subway station and in front of the restaurant which bears Ingvar's name.

Solna centrum (map) 1 February 2009 | others bloggar


welcome to subtopia

It looks like a giant arm with a snowball, ready to crush the poor car, but it is the new landmark that points toward Subtopia in Alby (in the southern suburbs). A place for contemporary art forms - circus, dance, music, film among others. There are presently around 30 different activities going on there. See more?

Rotemannavägen, Alby (map) 1 February 2009 | others bloggar


Harley boat

I have no idea why this boat is named Harley-Davidson 1. As I understand it, men over 50 buy most HD motorcycles. Maybe men over 50 also like boats?

Stadsgårdskajen (map) 8 February 2009 | others bloggar


the curvature of space

The Stockholm Centre for Physics, Astronomy and Biotechnology (AlbaNova universitetscentrum) of Stockholm University is located between the main campus at Frescati and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) at Valhallavägen. AlbaNova by Danish architect Henning Larsen was opened in 2001 and there couldn't be a more appropriate place for astronomers (or indeed the rest of us) to study the curvature of space.

Roslagstullsbacken (map) 4 February 2009 | others bloggar


mid-month theme: subway day

A subway train makes a brief leap in daylight between Slussen and Gamla stan. We have been here before.

Centralbron (map) 1 February 2009 | others bloggar

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orb attack

Or are they just oversized soap bubbles? This decoration was put up in December and lingered on until just recently, when they were replaced by big red hearts. It just might have something to do with a certain Valentine, I suppose. And - hey, there are those "spamscrapers" again.

Sergelgatan (map) 12 January 2009 | others bloggar


and the time is...

A huge clock at Åhléns department store by Skanstull in southern city

Skanstull (map) 7 February 2009 | others bloggar


the colour of solna

When the sun is near the horizon, its light must penetrate a long way through the atmosphere before reaching our eyes. Most rays of light are scattered by air molecules. Since red light does not scatter as easily as do other colours of the visible spectrum, we can enjoy skies with all sorts of red nuances. This one was captured in Solna.

Frösundaleden, Solna (map) 1 February 2009 | others bloggar


obelisk in grey

Just an ordinary foggy day in a grey Stockholm. The obelisk at Sergels torg can be quite beautiful on a summer night. Just have a look at our photo number 999 and be convinced!

Sergels torg (map) 7 February 2009 | others bloggar


spaced out at centralen

Getting high on light, patterns and architecture in general sounds reasonably healthy as compared to some other substances. Here's yet another dose of our central railway station.

Centralen (map) 11 January 2009 | others bloggar


up the hill

It's called Söders höjder ("South Central Heights") and one can imagine why. They have a fantastic view over Riddarholmen and downtown Stockholm.

Södermalm (map) 1 February 2009 | others bloggar


rock-a-bye råsunda

Few places are more superfluous than a football arena in February. Here's the Swedish national football stadium in Solna, waiting for spring to arrive and put it out of its misery.

Råsunda fotbollsstadion (map) 1 Feb 2009 | others bloggar



Kungsängens kyrka cemetery. It is not very common with a menhir as gravestone in Sweden. This one was raised in the eighteen hundreds by the family Bodenstjerna.

Kungsängens kyrka (map) 21 January 2009 | others bloggar


won’t go out with a whimper

text & photo: Jennifer Hallqvist

The remnant of nature left in Stockholm refuses to go out with a whimper. Instead it wraps its trunks around any solid matter it can find. It morphs itself into a coexistence to stay alive. Nature will not give in; it stands fast roots firmly in the ground.

Kungsholms strand (map) 1 February 2009 | others bloggar


intermission at tredje raden (3)

...previously on pixels

Back at the Opera. I had to go get some more of those lines. Curves in the right places can be irresistible.

Operan, Gustav Adolfs torg (map) 13 Jan 2009 | others bloggar


slí na sláinte

Stockholm is an excellent city to walk in. Around the island of Södermalm is a ten kilometres walk in beautiful surroundings. The walk is one of many Paths to Health (Hälsans stig) in Stockholm. Path to Health was an initiative by the Irish Heart Foundation in 1995 and can now be found in ten different countries.

Yes, Slí na Sláinte is Path to Health in Irish.

Söder Mälarstrand (map) 1 February 2009 | others bloggar


rest in peace in färentuna

Färentuna is a 34 kilometers' drive west-north-west of the city center, well into the countryside and yet very much a part of Stockholm County. Here's a wreath at a grave by Färentuna Church.

Färentuna kyrka (map) 4 January 2009 | others bloggar


travelling in style

Stockholm is City On Water. Along Söder Mälarstrand for instance, many people live and work on boats. Some take their pink Vespa when travelling overland. I think that's style.

Söder Mälarstrand (map) 1 February 2009 | others bloggar


daily photo theme day: the last passage

Many people hold strong beliefs on what lies beyond this earthly life of ours. Here's a garden of remembrance by Kungsängen Church where cremated remains are being dispersed. Most Swedes (70%) are cremated after their death. This might well change in the future as some cultures and religions disapprove of cremation.

Kungsängens kyrka (map) 21 January 2009 | others bloggar

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