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needles and pins

No pigeons were harmed in the making of this blog post.

It's not as bad as it looks. That said, this bird in Hallunda is having all sorts of difficulties trying to find a spot to sit under a roof among all these pigeon spikes. Their purpose is to make it impossible for the bird to perch or nest here.

Tunnelbana Hallunda, Botkyrka (map) 23 August 2009


city on water

Stockholm is often called city on water, which shouldn't be surprising for our beloved followers of A city on water naturally must have restaurants on water and this is one of them, Strandbryggan ("the beach jetty") at the Djurgården bridge.

Strandvägen (map) 18 July 2009


helter skelter

I cannot understand why people go through this. I would feel sick even before take-off. Well, people love it so what is there to say?

Gröna lund (map) 18 July 2009


out sailing

text & photo: Petra Edvardsson

A German sailing boat - GER 4929 - is passing the lighthouse Rödlöga on its way to Möja in the Stockholm archipelago. The wind is 8 metres per second. Click on the map link to see where we are.

Rödlöga, Norrtälje (map) 5 August 2009


paint the scene

It is popular to stroll along Strandvägen boulevard - "a street unparalleled in Europe". It takes you along the waterfront all the way from the city centre to Djurgården. The boulevard was made ready to the Stockholm Exhibition in 1897.

Strandvägen (map) 18 July 2009


the Fittja connection

Fittja in Botkyrka municipality is located 18 kilometers or 30 minutes south-west of the city center. The subway network was extended to Fittja in 1972. Here's a train arriving from Norsborg. It will reach Bredäng in 11 minutes and is bound for Ropsten, north-east of the city.

Tunnelbana Fittja, Botkyrka (map) 23 August 2009


non-violence in Täby (2)

All 26 municipalities within Stockholm County are actively cooperating with the aim to strengthen the region. An association of local authorities has been established for development and lobbying. Maintaining peace with one's neighbours is not a bad idea. Sculpture by Reuterswärd.

Täby centrum (map) 3 August 2009


dog days of summer

A heads up to dog owners near and far. Do be careful when you leave your furry friend confined to a car in the sun. In this case the window was clearly open and the car driver soon returned so this little fellow probably enjoyed being an Important Guardian of Stuff with a good view of the parking lot and - incidentally - not far from that Echinops sphaerocephalus.

Dragonvägen, Upplands Väsby (map) 10 August 2009


gone fishing

Some kids try their luck with some angling in lake Trekanten ("the Triangle"). The fishing is good in many parts of Stockholm. In the immediate city centre you can catch salmon, sea trout, perch, zander and pike. I don't know what fish can be caught in lake Trekanten, but does that really matter?

Trekanten (map) 25 July 2009


rainbow people

Once again the Pride Parade has marched through the streets of Stockholm. Once a year it seems perfectly OK to have a "deviate" way of life, and showing it in public, without getting harassed. The other 364 days it's probably not as colourful, and cheerful.

Kungsträdgårdsgatan (map) 1 August 2009


we'll race you to Finland

text & photo: Petra Edvardsson

South of Söderarm in the Stockholm archipelago we challenge the Viking Line ferry: First to Helsinki! Click on the map link below to see where we are.

South of Kapellskär, Norrtälje (map) 5 August 2009


snake in paradise

Interior of Hedvig Eleonora Church at Östermalm square. The children have a place of their own where they can sit and read or make drawings and ... what?! ... a snake in the window. But no fruit as far as I can see.

Hedvig Eleonora kyrka (map) 18 July 2009


Helenes by the lock

This is one of my favourite Stockholm bars. Located at Slussen (the lock or sluice) right in the middle of town, you get the real under-the-bridges-near-water Stockholm experience. The food is simple bordering to bar snacks, and they only serve very regular beers and wines, but I always feel very much at home here. Only open when the weather is good in the summer (yes, here you can make fun of Swedish summer).

Slussen (map) 17 July 2009


the train that could

Roslagsbanan is a popular old urban rail system. In a peaceful referendum 1980 the good citizens of Täby and Vallentuna even overturned a decision by the local transport authorities to have this line replaced by buses and an extended subway network.

Täby centrum (map) 3 August 2009


vacation is overrated

It's good to be back in business! Those of us fortunate to have a workplace will appreciate the happy buzzing sound of colleagues striving towards a common goal.

Dragonvägen, Upplands Väsby (map) 10 August 2009


blow my brains out

The ghetto blaster is a thing of the past. RLS-IKYN (Really Large Speakers - I Kid You Not) connected to a match-box sized MP3 player is the thing of today.

Hornstulls strand (map) 24 July 2009


mid-month theme: subway day

Tree-top metro. At Bredäng station, south of Stockholm, we go completely haywire and throw the underground up the trees.

Bredäng (map) 25 July 2009

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swing ride

text & photo: Kenta Jönsson

- the beautiful swing ride - is one of the attractions at Gröna Lund, Sweden's oldest amusement park.

Gröna lund (map) 6 August 2009


...and then some green

A typical example of Swedish suburbia. Two-storey apartment blocks and a lot of green. On the hill, a few more floors. And a lot of green.

Sätra (map) 25 July 2009


living library (3)

Life goes on in the rotunda of the Public Library by Sveavägen. According to the LIBRIS database, there are 367 libraries in Stockholm County. That figure includes libraries in hospitals and schools, corporate and research libraries and so on. See more?

Stadsbiblioteket, Sveavägen (map) 13 July 2009


hedvig standing tall

Here's Hedvig Eleonora Church again, seen above the rooftops from the city center.

Hedvig Eleonora kyrka (map) 13 July 2009


non-violence in Täby

Täby is a reasonably peaceful suburb, 15 km north of the city. At the Roslagsbanan train station is a replica of the sculpture Non-Violence by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. We've spotted it before in Stockholm, here and here.

Täby centrum (map) 3 August 2009


elevated water

A water tower in Sätra south of Stockholm City. The idea is of course to keep the water at sufficient height to get enough pressure when it goes down to the consumers.

30 metres (98.43 ft) of elevation produces roughly 300 kilopascal (43.511 psi), which is enough pressure to operate and provide for most domestic water pressure and distribution system requirements according to our friends at Wikipedia.

Sätra (map) 25 July 2009


heaven at 5.20 PM

The tower of Hedvig Eleonora Church at Östermalm Square. The church was consecrated in 1737 and is named after the Swedish Queen Hedvig Eleonora (1636-1715), wife of King Charles X of Sweden.

Östermalmstorg (map) 18 July 2009


public services office

A Citizens' Office (medborgarkontor) in the suburb Skärholmen. Here several municipal offices come together to help residents in any question regarding public services.

Skärholmen (map) 25 July 2009


a ship comes loaded

The ship Östanvik is anchoring by Cementa's cement depot at Liljeholmen. The ship is one of three - her sister ships are Sunnanvik and Västanvik - and is specially built for transporting cement as a part of a closed system. In the foreground is the public bath Liljeholmsbadet.

Hornstull/Liljeholmsstranden (map) 18 July 2009


tiles of the unexpected

Artist Sivert Lindblom has decorated Västra skogen subway station. I wonder how many glazed tiles he used for shapes like these. See more?

Tunnelbana Västra skogen, Solna (map) 6 July 2009


living library (2)

Talking to your friend, dropping in on the Internet or just browsing those bookshelves... whichever path to knowledge you choose they all lead to the Public Library.

Stadsbiblioteket, Sveavägen (map) 13 July 2009


the feathered squad (3)

Here is the boss of the feathered squad. Guthrie Gull may well believe he runs the show but someone has to elaborate strategies, contemplate alternatives and intervene in times of uncertainty. Meet Jackie Jackdaw.

Sveavägen (map) 13 July 2009


changing trains

Travellers making their way from the railway station to the subway. The underground passage connecting the Central Railway Station with the tunnelbana was built in 1958.

Centralen (map) 20 July 2009


daily photo theme day: accessories

At night you should be at sleep. With a good pillow and blanket you will have a good night.

Hemtex, Mäster Samuelsgatan (map) 26 July 2009

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