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the town between the bridges

The Gamla stan/Old town on a hazy evening. We are on our way from Gröna Lund amusement park by boat. Also called The town between the bridges, the Old town dates back to the 13th century, and consists of medieval alleyways, cobbled streets and archaic architecture. North German architecture has had a strong influence in the Old Town.

Gamla stan (map) 18 July 2009


reaching out to you

A wordless moment by Observatory Grove.

Sveavägen (map) 13 July 2009


the colour of solna (2)

Solna is a colourful place. The subway station is a symphony in red and green. Even a humble fire hydrant becomes a voice in the fugue. See more?

Tunnelbana Solna centrum (map) 6 July 2009


the bookkeepers

Books have been around for ages. We seem to be reading more than ever and - in spite of an abundance of electronic media - we cling to books. We borrow books for a while. We buy books to keep them or give them away. Here's Pocket Shop at Central Station.

Centralen (map) 13 July 2009


the feathered squad (2)

Meet Guthrie Gull Senior. He's the fastest among the feathered squad. Unlike Junior, he's not much for observing the dishes. Before you can say "medium fries" he'll simply grab a bite and take off.

Sveavägen (map) 13 July 2009


where did I park my car?

Great drama when they fished out an old Saab car from the water by the Liljeholmen Bridge. Judging from the look it had been down there for some considerable time.

Hornstull (map) 14 July 2009


red bus for blue train

Due to the construction of a new commuter train line - Citybanan - the blue subway line is closed between Kungsträdgården and Rådhuset so the trains are replaced by buses. In rush hour traffic you notice how outstanding rail bound transportation is when it comes to transporting many people.

Klarabergsgatan (map) 7 July 2009


fifty-seven channels and nothin' on

In 1992 Bruce Springsteen sang Fifty-seven channels and nothin' on. Still, according to sources Swedes bought 875000 new sets last year. That's 10 people on every new set. Perhaps there's something on after all? Nah, I doubt it.

Barkarby handelsplats (map) 11 July 2009


bad weather protest

Sergels torg is the number one place in Stockholm for demonstrations and citizens protesting or celebrating. The black and white - round! - square is perfect for many people gathering. There's even a speaker's balcony (seen on the right) and if the weather is bad you can get under the roof.

Sergels torg (map) 9 July 2009


all aboard the Akalla Express

Rush hour in July is a laid-back experience. A subway train bound for Akalla is about to depart northwards from station Västra skogen. The next one is due in ten minutes. See more?

Tunnelbana Västra skogen, Solna (map) 6 July 2009


the feathered squad

Summer is here and many guests choose to enjoy their meals outside this restaurant at Sveavägen. Not surprisingly, they are soon joined by quite a few of our feathered friends. See more?

Sveavägen (map) 13 July 2009


size matters in Norrtälje

Norrtälje harbour offers a scalable architecture, ranging from this small fried herrings' establishment to some serious silos. See more?

Hamnplan, Norrtälje (map) 22 June 2009


pro, anyone?

Sweden have produced many good tennis players through the years. Names like Janne Lundqvist, Björn Borg, Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg are well known to the world. I don't think these are future pro's of Swedish tennis, I think they are more enjoying themselves on the tennis court in the woods on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Haninge (map) 27 June 2009


black and white day

Sergels torg. Sometimes life is almost black and white.

Sergels torg (map) 7 July 2009


jump little kid, jump

At an outdoor bath in Nynäshamn the kids throw themselves crazy from the high jump tower.

Nynäshamn (map) 28 June 2009


living library

Stockholm's Public Library resides in a world famous building from 1928 by architect Gunnar Asplund. The interior is a delight but I can imagine the 200 employees would appreciate a slightly modernized head quarter. There are in fact plans for an expansion, having the complex augmented with an adjacent glass building. Stadsbiblioteket is happy to welcome 3000 visitors each day. See more?

Stadsbiblioteket, Sveavägen (map) 13 July 2009


mid-month theme: subway day

Whoever says that red and green don't go well together should pay a visit to Solna centrum, 6 km north-west of Stockholm City. We're back in this subway station from 1975, artistically devised by Karl-Olov Björk and Anders Åberg. See more?

Tunnelbana Solna centrum (map) 6 July 2009

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the shortest night: 11.20 PM

Stockholm is far south of the Arctic Circle so we don't get to see the midnight sun. But our nights still glow in that Nordic light. Take a look at this photo from Husby-Sjuhundra Church, west of Norrtälje. At 11.20 PM, this is Midsummer in Roslagen - the coastal areas of province Uppland. See more?

Husby-Sjuhundra kyrka, Norrtälje (map) 21 June 2009


nocturne for Furusund (2)

We're back in the coastal village Furusund. Part of the Swedish Road Administration, Vägverket Färjerederiet claims to be the world's sixth largest shipping company. This is Linea, one of their 63 yellow ferries.

Furusund, Norrtälje (map) 22 June 2009


road warriors

Having a work meeting at a café in Old Town. It's a good idea to get out of the office and be inspired - if you have an office to get out of. In a city like Stockholm there are many professionals that don't have an office. They move around cafés and restaurants and in public places. These so called road warriors have everything they need in their laptop computer and the cell phone makes them always available.

Gamla stan (map) 8 July 2009


mystery sign

Behold one of the mysteries of urban life. Why have a stop sign at this hill of crushed stone? "This is how far you crushed stone may go!"

Hornsberg (map) 20 June 2009


city on water (4)

SS Storskär, a 100-year-old steamship, on her way to Blasieholmen. During the summer months - May to September - she is in scheduled traffic serving the Stockholm archipelago.

Saltsjön (map) 29 May 2009


nothing served

Five groups of empty chairs and tables at the marina. Where is everybody? Not at sea anyway.

Västerbroplan (map) 20 June 2009


nocturne for Furusund

Jag minns en stund
i Furusund

när skymningen föll på.
(Evert Taube)

With only 126 permanent residents, Furusund in Norrtälje Municipality is a humble village as well as an island located 92 kilometers north-east of Stockholm. Many Swedes will remember the song Waltz in Furusund by author-composer-singer Evert Taube. From here, the road continues to the island Yxlan courtesy of double-ended ferries like this one. See more?

Furusund, Norrtälje (map) 22 June 2009


chilling in Västra Skogen

Before arriving at Huvudsta, you will encounter Västra Skogen ("the Western Forest") subway station - assuming that you're travelling from the city. Västra Skogen is a hub where you can change trains between the Hjulsta and the Akalla lines.

Tunnelbana Västra skogen, Solna (map) 6 July 2009


nocturne for Vallentuna Church

We first visited Vallentuna Church on a snowy, sunny winter Sunday. Remember? Three months later, here's a summer night rendezvous. First established in the 1190's, struck by lightning in 1856, organ replaced in 1959... if only these walls could talk!

Vallentuna kyrka (map) 8 June 2009


bike attack

I have no idea. Suddenly there were bicycles everywhere. They came up at one side of a road, hurried over to the other side in total contempt for death and then rode on. It was over in a minute and I never saw them again.

Västerbroplan (map) 20 June 2009


elevate me

Or, should I say educate me? That Stockholm has a famous elevator called Katarinahissen might be common knowledge (at least locally) but what about Mariahissen? It's not quite that easy to find.

Pryssgränd (map) 12 May 2009


city on water (3)

Kastellholmen ('castellum islet'). The flag is up, so we are still an independent nation. Well, three cheers for that!

Kastellholmen (map) 29 May 2009



Here's an architect who suddenly realises that "this is one ugly garage I'm drawing" and in an attempt to make good he puts up a decoration. And I like this fifties (?) car in mosaic at the entrance to the modern (grey) parking house.

Hornsberg (map) 20 June 2009


daily photo theme day: we've got the chairs

"So, we've got the chairs ... Great! That's a good start. Now let's find some people who can sit on the chairs. And perhaps an act or something for them to enjoy. Do you think we should serve snacks?"

Chairs on an empty car park that doubles as boat park in the winter.

Tanto (map) 25 June 2009

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