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light a candle

For the year ending.
For those no longer among us.
For a new year with hopes and fears.

This is what it looked like in the Högalid Church when they lit 300 candles on All Saints' Day (see more?)
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Högalidskyrkan från 1923 har ett magnifikt läge och dubbla torn
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Högalidskyrkan (map) 4 Nov 2007



The old mail center at Klara (built in the early 80's) is presently being torn down (it started on Dec 11th). In 2010 the new building will be ready, almost 75000 squaremeters big (hotel 20500, conference 20000 and office-space 34000). Right now it looks as if war has come to Stockholm, but I guess it always will when old buildings have to go. The machines used to tear it down are awesome. They chew the concrete like it was a sandwich. Have a look at plenty.

Det är inte utan att man kommer att tänka på Gamla 34:an eller Esplanadsystemet när man ser att gamla postterminalen vid Klara är på väg att bli ett minne blott. Det är bara drygt ett halvår sedan jag själv var på fest på "Matlusten", längst upp i högerkanten på bilden. Idag skulle jag nog sätta på mig varmare kläder.....

Södra Klarabergskopplet (map) 27 Dec 2007


christmas D.I.Y.

Another look at the Kinnevik Christmas tree kit at Skeppsbron. More about the tree here and here.


christmas concert hall

The ticket office of our Concert Hall is properly decorated for the season. Tickets, recordings, all sorts of musical items are on sale.
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Ifjol var det såhär välpyntat i Stora salen
andra om stockholm jul konserthuset

Hötorget (map) 19 Dec 2007


tre kronor

This is part of the mill Tre Kronor (Three Crowns). It was built during April 1897 - August 1898 and was in different shapes used until 1992 when it finally came to rest, due to bad profitability. You will pass it on your way out of Stockholm by boat.
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Läs mer om kvarnen Tre Kronor här
Hästholmen (map) 15 May 2007


christmas gift

Every Christmas the estate agent Erik Olsson gives away hundreds and hundreds of Christmas trees for free. This year the annual chaos took place on the 12th on a parking lot outside their main office. The green/white in the middle and on the lorry are trees and the people in red are staff.


a very merry ... (2)

Most of us would have preferred something like this but no amount of playing Bing Crosby helped. Here's a view from Odenplan this afternoon. A mild, hazy Christmas Day in Stockholm.
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. tänk så många lårbensbrott vi undviker
andra om stockholm jul tristess

Odenplan (map) 25 Dec 2007


parliament sweets

Candied almonds from the island of Gotland on sale outside the Parliament building. Here's a recipe for all of you with a sweet tooth out there.


shop until you drop

Rushing to and from various stores carrying bags and parcels is an important part of the Christmas pleasures for many people. This was shot outside the PUB department store but - except for the familiar buildings in the background: the Concert Hall, the movie complex Filmstaden and the Hötorget skyscrapers (here dressed in red) - it could have been almost anywhere these days.
Jag vill ha rymligare säck, segare knäck,
fetare fläsk från grisen,
krimsigare krams, längre långdans
och raskare räv på isen
(Text: Anders Falk
andra om stockholm hötorget jul

Hötorget (map) 19 Dec 2007


the circus is in town

Cirkus Wictoria has once again come to town or - more exactly - to Tantolunden (Aunty O's Grove). They put their tents up, stay for a few days, then move on. And the kids love it!


I'm blue tonight

Yep, it's back again. One of the "famous" skyscrapers of Hötorget. This time it's the middle one (of 5, you do the rest of the counting) and it's all blue, captured from Sergelgatan.
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En för kvällen helt blå (eller?) hötorgsskrapa.
Sergelgatan (map) 27 Nov 2007


hammarby lock (2)

...previously on pixels

Nordtimber is a Swedish registered cargo ship with a length of 90 meters. I suppose it has floated with the greatest of ease through the Hammarby Lock many times before.
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Snacka om flyt. De här gossarna har gjort det förut.
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Hammarby Lock (map) 28 Oct 2007


high in Högdalen

Wikipedia: "Högdalen is a working class suburban district in South Stockholm, built around the metro station with this name on line 19. It was connected to Stockholm City Centre in 1952, a year before the town planning was approved. The shopping centre was inaugurated in 1957."

Högdalen translates to High Valley according to The Local.


dark and colourful - a contradiction ?

Stockholm Globe Arena as seen from a distance. It's lit for the evening and I suspect there's a hockey game going on. The view is from Kaknästornet and you can see more than the Globe, if you know what the different lights are of course.
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Det verkar vara match i Globen ikväll ?
andra om stockholm

Globen (map) 1 Dec 2007


the sky's the limit

Ever been inside a railway semaphore? This was shot outside the office of a manufacturer of rail transportation equipment. A most appropriate symbol. Just like the railroad, this semaphore doesn't quite reach the sky. Still, a good start.
Kalla mig gärna enkelspårig, detta är sann konst!
andra om stockholm järnväg liljeholmen

Marievik (map) 4 Nov 2007


chimney church chimney

Back at Artillerigatan (Artillery st). The chimneys are of the Royal Stables, neighbour to the Army Museum, and the church is Hedvig Eleonora at Östermalm's square.


mid-month theme: subway day

Without signs giving us directions we'd be all lost in the subway. Communicating clearly to many people with different backgrounds, languages, references is a challenge. This was shot at T-Rådhuset underneath the Stockholm Court House. The blue dot symbolizes the "blue line" which is actually two distinct lines, both starting at the city centre and ending in, respectively, Akalla and Hjulsta.

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andra om stockholm tunnelbana

Rådhuset Station (map) 5 Dec 2007


M/S Stockholm

photo: Kenneth Blake
Strömma Kanalbolaget ship M/S Stockholm tied up at Strandvägen on a snowy November evening. The ship was built in 1931 by Oskarshamns Varv Ab and was originally sailing under the name S/S Öland. M/S Stockholm has been in service in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The ship's full history can be found here (only in Swedish).


strange Christmas tree

This is the "cookie-nose-tower" or Kaknästornet as it's really called. The first name is just to make fun of it in English (kaka=cookie, näsa=nose, torn=tower). Right now it's shrouded in christmas clothes. The tower is a communication central and the surroundings are littered with satellite dishes. A bit further up is a restaurant with different kinds of dishes. Both are enjoyable in their own way. It's 155m high (with the antenna on top, 170m), and would be considered rather small in comparison to others abroad.
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.Runt Kaknästornet finns det gott om parabolantenner i alla möjliga storlekar. De flesta av dem får våra vanliga hemmaparaboler att likna leksaker.
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Kaknästornet (map) 1 Dec 2007



I have no idea what shady business is taking place in this house at Rosenlundsgatan in south central, but they sure don't want us to find out. I wouldn't worry though. Behind my back is a police station.


birka party takeoff (2)

...previously on pixels

The Swedes and the Finnish people have a common history and close bonds. Many people travel frequently between Stockholm or Kapellskär on the Swedish side and cities like Turku or Helsinki in Finland. Quite a few are more interested in the cruise itself than actually visiting another city. The availability of duty-free alcohol on routes making a symbolic stop at Mariehamn is an important factor. As the M/S Birka Paradise leaves Stadsgården we see Altair, a research ship, steadily abiding in the foreground. See more?
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Den som tror att alkohol och båtar inte hör ihop borde göra ett studiebesök
andra om stockholm båtar alkohol

Slussen towards Stadsgårdshamnen (map) 4 Nov 2007



A centaur, a crossing between horse and man. Suddenly I saw him. Right there on top of the hill. Amazing. If the light hadn't been right on him, I'd missed him on my way home from a night with collegues, playing boule. Where I found him? I'm not sure I should tell... Oh, what the heck! Observatorielunden.
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Observatorielunden (map) 29 Nov 2007


première concert

To my surprise I found myself at the première concert of Peter Dijkstra, new chief conductor of the Swedish Radio Choir. It was quite OK, Shakespeare and some other 16'th century sonnets. The concert was held in the Oscar’s Church.


four guys on a mission

Around these guys you better not try anything stupid. These are the guards of Drottningholm Castle (the home of our monarchs) on their way to relieve their comrades. We had a comment about the life of the guards earlier and this patrol was mentioned. They're not quite as fancy as the ones at Stockholms Slott and I don't envy them at all. It was freezing that day...
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Vaktombyte på Drottningholm. Det är nog första gången jag ser det men å andra sidan är jag inte där så särskilt ofta heller.
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hammarby lock

...previously on pixels

This is the Hammarby Lock. Right in the center of Stockholm Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea (here specifically Lake Hammarby).
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Slussa snabbt är stort. Slussa rätt är större.
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Hammarby Lock (map) 28 Oct 2007


cakes on display

This must be one of the most minimalistic window displays in town. Seen at Mariatorget.


comfy hub

It's not every day we get a new commuter train station. The one at Årstaberg was opened in January 2006 and is connected to the light rail system Tvärbanan. If anyone would prefer taking a bus, Årstaberg has several bus lines on the menu. It's a comfy commuting hub. See more?
Alla var där!
andra om stockholm pendeltåg liljeholmen

Årstaberg station (map) 4 Nov 2007


living in a box

You're gonna have a hard time to get in but it looks OK to me. I don't think these are regular mailboxes, they are probably used to deliver something in bulk before the actual household distribution. Papers of some kind, perhaps ? Anyone who is a mail person and cares to explain? Anyway, from being boringly grey these seem to live up nowadays, sometimes turning into real pieces of art. This one just looks cosy. Found in suburbia (Skärholmen).
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Jag är osäker på vad som hamnar i dessa boxar egentligen. De är vanligen väldigt gråa men ibland lite roligare, som den här.
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building a house

When you build a house you shouldn’t start at the top like this little yellow - or green or greenish yellow - man is doing. You should do it the other way around.


birka party takeoff

Another 22 hour cruise to Mariehamn, Åland departs from the Stadsgården harbour. The ship M/S Birka Paradise can take 1800 passengers but no cars. After all, it's a cruise vessel.
Sakramentskade landkrabbor, som kapten Haddock skulle uttryckt saken!
andra om stockholm båtar alkohol

Slussen towards Stadsgårdshamnen (map) 4 Nov 2007


daily photo theme day: indecisive bridge

This bridge is leaving room for alternative histories: "going a bridge too far" or "sorry, wrong canal" or maybe it's just making use of limited space in a traffic intense area. The indecisive bridge is found not far from Bernt’s water scootering.

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The December theme is bridges.
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flesh quartet

The Swedish music group Flesh Quartet has teamed up in concert with some of their artist friends. The band is an electrical string quartet with a percussionist. They play everything from classical string music to experimental rock. They have a home at My space.


the fabric of spacetime

In cosmology, general relativity is addressed as a stretching fabric of spacetime. This particular stretching fabric was captured at a construction site in the Old Town. (map)
Strängteori för alla!


it's getting dark again

...and pictures like these are bound to turn up. This is the King's bridge (or Kungsbron). If I'm reading my map right, the church in the distance should be St. George's church (or St. Görans kyrka).


meta photo

You are looking at a photo of people who are looking at photos - that's what I call meta! The photo shows part of the daily Dagens Nyheter's exhibition in the shopping mall Gallerian.
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water week: hammarby sjö

Between the city and southern Stockholm is Lake Hammarby (here) with a modest average depth of four metres. New residential areas are being constructed by its shores. This is a busy water way so the new inhabitants have many boats to check out.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

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Under ytan lurar gamla föroreningar, meddelar Stockholm Vatten


water week: fountain play

Who can resist this sight? Not me. Stockholm has lots of water, fountain water in this case. We're at Sergels Torg like many times before. It's once again too hot not to take a dip in the fountain. The backlight makes the pic look almost like a black and white one.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

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Många har badat i fontänen vid Sergels Torg och här är två till
andra om stockholm vatten


water week: yet another lock

photo: Christer Palm
Hammarby lock from Lake Mälaren an afternoon in October.
Locking is boring.

water week
- seven days to celebrate a city by the water

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water week: water on water

The Liljeholmsbadet pontoon public bath was inaugurated in 1929. It was built in Nyköping some 100 kilometers south of Stockholm and towed to its place at Hornstull. The pool is 17 meters long and the temperature always 30 degrees centigrade.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

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andra om stockholm vatten


water week: weed, water and memories

...previously on pixels

A quiet moment on a sunny afternoon at the Woodland Cemetery
(here). Cremation is increasingly common in Sweden. Still, here are 90000 graves to look after. Fighting weed, watering generously and afterwards... sitting down for a while with the memories.

water week
- seven days to celebrate a city by the water

Kyrkogårdspersonal vattnar, luckrar, klipper och ansar om man så önskar och betalar en slant. Minnena får man ta hand om själv.


water week: water scooters

These two seem to enjoy the fact that Stockholm is surrounded by water. Water scooter riding in Lake Klara, they might consider taking it a little slower.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

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Det ser rätt ballt ut men kunde kanske gå lite lugnare just där?


water week: pumping water

Major works are going on at Söder Mälarstrand. It is part of the joining together of the central and southern district heating shown in an earlier photo by Bernt.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

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the royal guards (2)

...previously on pixels

Stockholm is a city filled with music. This gentleman guards the castle
(here) and makes sure any strolling bands don't come too close for comfort.
Många gatumusikanter på en gång kan bli lite jobbigt

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