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new housing

Yes, they are building a house on what used to be a park and people were a bit upset. On the other hand, the park was small and dark and there's a huge open park just next door.

Hornsplan (map) 31 January 2010


loading ship

The ship Östanvik (or one of her sisters Sunnanvik and Västanvik) anchored at the Cementa depot at Liljeholmen.

Hornstull/Liljeholmsstranden (map) 31 January 2010


order in Hemmesta

Use the blue post box for local mail, the yellow box otherwise. Any irregularities will be noticed by a four-legged inspector.

Hemmesta centrum, Värmdö (map) 7 February 2010


bridgeworks (4)

Ever had one of those days when life feels impenetrable, grey and heavy?

Uddnäsvägen, Stäket, Järfälla (map) 21 February 2010


meet me by the shell (2)

Enough is enough. A young lady no longer waits patiently by that symbolic shell fossil. Sculpture by Nils G Stenqvist.

Huddinge station, Huddinge (map) 24 January 2010


above all in Hässelby gård

Sometimes, the subway becomes an above-way. From a station platform we can look down on life as we know it in Hässelby gård and westwards along the tracks to and from the end station Hässelby strand. In the foreground is a sculpture "Flora II" by Per-Erik Willö.

Tunnelbana Hässelby gård (map) 23 January 2010


take my arm

Kids are amused, car drivers get frustrated and for the rest of us the wintry landscape is an ongoing exercise in risk control. When possible, find yourself an arm to cling to while walking down a slippery surface.

Handen station, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


sunday brunch

People having Sunday brunch at Loopen marina. It's too cold to sit under the characteristic plastic palm trees.

Hornstull (map) 31 January 2010


watch your step

I'm not sure about the reason behind the different colours on the steps, but it made a good picture and that's enough for me :-)

Skärholmen (map) 26 December 2009


go sledding

It's been winter since mid-December and the kids are really making the most of it.

Drakenbergsparken (map) 31 January 2010


winter swimmers

A gang of feathered winter swimmers with a small but fascinated audience.

Sockerbruksgränd (map) 31 January 2010


the lightful night

This is a view from Skansen. In front - the gates, with some trees with lots of lights. Then some dark parts (mostly water) and after that you see the many lights of two ferries to Åland. In the background you see the lights from the Globe and the church tower of Sofia.

Skansen (map) 20 December 2009


eating out

Ambulating sausage joint at Tantolunden.

Tantolunden (map) 31 January 2010



Stockholm is a city on water (or on ice) so we have quite a few bridges. Here are the two railway bridges over Årstaviken. In the foreground the new western bridge completed 2005 and, behind it, the old eastern bridge from 1929.

Årstabroarna (map) 31 January 2010


modern architecture

I guess this is an example of modern architecture and I like it. Found in Hammarby sjöstad.

Sickla udde (map) 23 January 2010


building a tunnel

Construction work going on in Riddarfjärden. Here they are building a part of the commuter train tunnel - the City Line - under water. Three tunnel parts measuring 100 meters in length and 800 tonnes in weight has been built in the Estonian capital Tallinn and are being towed to central Stockholm. Ice skaters had the surprise of their life when they were confronted with one of them on Lake Mälaren (a scene shown on this photo from the City Line project site).

Riddarfjärden (map) 18 January 2010


wise advice with medium fries

We all need to think twice now and then. Here a young gentleman has left the restaurant playground to confer with his Senior Advisors.

Sjödalstorget, Huddinge (map) 24 January 2010


a touch of glass

Whoever believes that modern art has got to be unattractive and incomprehensible should pay a visit to St. Eskil's Church from 1994 by Handen centrum. Artist Bosse Falk created this monumental glass painting. See more?

Runstensvägen, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


making friends

Got some old bread in the kitchen? Now is the time to share it. Crumbs of any kind are immensely popular these days among the feathered squad.

Odelbergs väg, Gustavsberg, Värmdö (map) 7 February 2010


yellow blues for an empty station

A symbolic view of Johannelund, not a particularly crowded station situated 12 kilometers (and 18 stations) west-north-west of the city. In fact, of all our subway stations Johannelund has the fewest commuters. Roughly 1000 individuals board a train here on a weekday as compared to some 140000 for T-Centralen ("Subway Central"). See more?

Tunnelbana Johannelund (map) 23 January 2010


service oriented architecture

Within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), providers offer certain services for the benefit of consumers as regulated in the context of a service contract. The contract stipulates, among other things, certain non-functional requirements such as performance and availability.

A dad, on the other hand, is supposed to provide all sorts of services without a specification. And he should always be available.

Övre Rudasjön, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


kungsträdgården ice rink "This outdoor ice rink [at Kungsträdgården] is a popular local point all winter long, from mid-November until March - as long as it's cold enough for the ice. This place has a great atmosphere with live music and stands with hot drinks and various other (hot and cold) treats."

Must hurry and make the perfect ice for another day of skating.

Kungsträdgården (map) 13 January 2010


the snow has to go somewhere

It has been a long snowy winter and there is no sign of an end. Here is some of the snow put in a heap while waiting for spring. The white thing in the top left corner is not a heap of snow, it is the Stockholm Globe arenas.

Hornstull (map) 23 January 2010


swimming prohibited

This used to be a bird bath. Closed for the season, I'd say. Winter has really hit us this year. Lots of snow, as depicted on several occasions already. It's not easy for our winged friends. Not only is the bath closed, it's cold as well.

Grödinge, Botkyrka (map) 17 December 2009


frosty morning

Another frosty morning 60 degrees North. The research ship Altair along with a smaller (unfortunately) nameless vessel are safely anchored at Slussen.

Slussen (map) 13 January 2010


a tree of hope

In a place where it's really needed. The stained glass window is found at Lilla dalen, a funeral chapel in Tumba. This work of art was created by Karin Bernerstedt and is called "Time and Eternity". In the dark and lit from behind it's beautiful.

Lilla dalen, Tumba (map) 6 December 2009


red light

Evening traffic at Hornstull, the westernmost part of the island Södermalm. The street Långholmsgatan - with the green light - ties the two bridges Liljeholmsbron and Västerbron together.

Långholmsgatan (map) 13 January 2010


monday morning

It's up-hill on Västerbron, 12 degrees Celsius below zero, and Monday morning in the first real working week after a loooong festive season. But eventually it will be down-hill, weekend and summer. You just have to endure ...

Västerbron (map) 11 January 2010

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