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new golf course

The Tantogårdens Bangolfklubb ("Aunty O's Minigolf Club") is building new courses to be fully prepared for the hosting of the World Championships in 2011.

Tanto (map) 16 May 2009


park-a-lot (6)

This parking block is found in Rissne, next to the big bank complex. It has recently been rebuilt due to lack of space and is now looking quite presentable, actually.

Rissneleden, Sundbyberg (map) 30 April 2009


fly by train

The Södertälje Syd railway station, situated on the two kilometres long and 48 meters high Igelsta bridge, has its own IATA code. So the next time you want to go to Södertälje, book your flight to XEZ. Below is the E4 motorway.

Södertälje Syd (map) 2 May 2009


eco-driving by Nybroplan

If you don't feel like paddling alongside fashionable Strandvägen you can always take the bike. In a dedicated bike lane of course.

Nybroplan (map) 25 May 2009


yin yang cubism

At Vreten subway station cubes of blue skies penetrate cave walls as well as the platform itself. The artist Takashi Naraha wanted to emphasize balancing opposites. Therefore, glimpses of skies here in the underground and - indeed - also a dark cube of diabase rock outside the station entrance, above ground. A yin yang perspective in Solna.

Vreten station (map) 27 April 2009


paddle alongside Strandvägen

At this café by the Djurgården Bridge you can rent a canoe (first hour: €7) or a kayak. They even serve coffee.

Djurgårdsbrons sjöcafé (map) 16 May 2009


bravo basket cup

This weekend thousands of basketball enthusiasts from the Nordic countries gathered in Solna for the twelfth annual Bravo Basket Cup, hosted by Solna Vikings and Duvbo IK. Here is a Danish girls' team from Hørsholm Basketball Klub reviewing their strategy during a time-out.

Vasalundshallen, Solna (map) 21 May 2009


lazing on a Saturday afternoon

A man and his dog taking a nap on a sunny afternoon

Högalid (map) 16 May 2009


Huddinge lake district

Doesn't look like your average lake district but these are silhouettes of the lakes in Huddinge municipality. Created by Olle Brand, this is found in the center of Huddinge.

Huddinge Centrum (map) 25 March 2009


blue hill housing

Blocks of flats in Hagalund, Solna, just north of Stockholm. This particular area is nick-named Blåkulla (Blockula) as the houses are blue (blå) and they are on a hill (kulle). Blåkulla is otherwise where the Devil holds his Earthly court during a witches' Sabbath.

Hagalund (map) 9 May 2009


it's electrifying

The north bound tracks at Södertälje Syd railway station, a 20 minute ride south of Stockholm city by regional train

Södertälje Syd (map) 2 May 2009


heavenly parking

No, they are not building a crypt under the Högalid Church. After many years of arguing a new underground car park is being constructed.

Högalid (map) 16 May 2009


eco-driving by Konserthuset

There's a lot of talk about environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Some of us have quit talking and started practicing, cruising down King's Street.

Konserthuset (map) 27 April 2009


nocturne for Gustaf Vasa

Gustaf Vasa Church by Odenplan has seen 103 summers come and go

Odenplan (map) 16 May 2009



Now there's a new neighborhood growing here. Remember how it looked a while ago? That picture was taken where the leftmost birch is standing, facing the other direction.

Former Driving range, Stora Ursvik (map) 27 April 2009


rissne by night

Once again we're back in Rissne at night. This time using the fountain pool as a huge mirror. Turned out pretty good, don't you think?

Rissne Centrum (map) 5 May 2009


mid-month theme: subway day

text & photo: Jennifer Hallqvist

Root map and underground art.

My favourite graphical designer, Lotta Külhorn, shows some of her famous patterns in the subway at Zinkensdamm station. The pattern on this specific one is a radish which is very common in Sweden and known by the name rädisa (of the beet root family). I love the pattern and the colours but most of all Ms Külhorn's pun when she named the pattern root map (rotkatalog).

Want to see a close-up?

Zinkensdamm (map) 21 April 2009

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keep on truckin'

Five Scania trucks in line, waiting to be delivered. Scania was founded the year 1900 in Malmö in the southernmost part of Sweden. They are now a world renown manufacturer of heavy trucks, buses and diesel engines.

Södertälje (map) 2 May 2009


life at an intersection

King's Street meets Svea Street. Boy meets girl. Rush hour is off.

Kungsgatan/Sveavägen (map) 27 April 2009


assorted vitamins from Hötorget

Here's a young artist at work. A fruit basket is being composed at Hötorget ("the Haymarket").

Hötorget (map) 27 April 2009


the final landing

The M/S Patricia is said to have taken part in the Normandy Landings on D-Day. Since 1986 she remains docked at Slussen, hosting a restaurant.

Slussen (map) 20 April 2009


stately home

A stately home at Dalagatan/St Eriksgatan. The houses in this area, the Vasastaden (Vasa city), are typically built in the beginning of the 20th century.

Vasastaden (map) 28 April 2009


folk music

Russindalen Spelmän is playing folk music on the International dancing day in Kungsträdgården. On the Kungsträdgården web page there is a photo of some people dancing.

Kungsträdgården (map) 29 April 2009


what to do on a Sunday?

text & photo: Anna Boberg

You could take the bike to Ugglevikskällan in Lill-Jansskogen, near Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan. It's originally an old fresh water spring, used in the 18th century as a day trip spa-resort. In the 19th century people from Stockholm gathered there on the first Saturday after Whitsun to drink the healthy water.

The area around Lill-Jansskogen has always been associated with drinking, but perhaps even more so by the notorious pub hosted by the royal huntsman Jan Persson, called Lill-Jans in the 17th century. Nowadays both the pub and the fresh water spring are long gone. But the little pavilion still stands. And it's still a popular place for an outing.

Lill-Jansskogen (map) 26 April 2009


two kings in one

Charles XIII & II (Swedish: Carl XIII) (7 October 1748 - 5 February 1818), was King of Sweden (as Charles XIII) from 1809 and King of Norway (as Charles II) from 1814 until his death. One statue, two kings.

Even though I'm of that age that I had to learn our kings by heart in school, I say what on earth would I do without Wikipedia?

Kungsträdgården (map) 29 April 2009


...and the living is easy

It doesn't take much. Some sunlight, slightly warmer weather, strolling down Kungsgatan ("King's Street") that same old life suddenly seems so much more enjoyable.

Konserthuset (map) 27 April 2009


arrival in Huvudsta

Huvudsta in Solna Municipality is yet another example of a modern, functional and good-looking subway station

Huvudsta station (map) 27 April 2009


the reader

A paper man reading a paper in the magazines department of Stockholm city library

Stadsbiblioteket (map) 22 April 2009


another underground

If you go up you enter the multi-storey car park Parkaden. If you go down you enter Malmfaret, an extensive network of roads and wharfs under the houses.

Malmfaret (map) 8 April 2009


winter dinner

This is the Winter Garden at the Grand Hotel and a fashion show held by KSSS (Royal Swedish Yacht Club). You could either buy a ticket to just mingle or you could have dinner as well.

Blasieholmen (map) 1 April 2009


daily photo theme day: morning shadow

Morning shadows on the Liljeholmen bridge foundation

Liljeholmsbron (map) 12 April 2009

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