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flesh quartet

The Swedish music group Flesh Quartet has teamed up in concert with some of their artist friends. The band is an electrical string quartet with a percussionist. They play everything from classical string music to experimental rock. They have a home at My space.


the fabric of spacetime

In cosmology, general relativity is addressed as a stretching fabric of spacetime. This particular stretching fabric was captured at a construction site in the Old Town. (map)
Strängteori för alla!


it's getting dark again

...and pictures like these are bound to turn up. This is the King's bridge (or Kungsbron). If I'm reading my map right, the church in the distance should be St. George's church (or St. Görans kyrka).


meta photo

You are looking at a photo of people who are looking at photos - that's what I call meta! The photo shows part of the daily Dagens Nyheter's exhibition in the shopping mall Gallerian.
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water week: hammarby sjö

Between the city and southern Stockholm is Lake Hammarby (here) with a modest average depth of four metres. New residential areas are being constructed by its shores. This is a busy water way so the new inhabitants have many boats to check out.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

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Under ytan lurar gamla föroreningar, meddelar Stockholm Vatten


water week: fountain play

Who can resist this sight? Not me. Stockholm has lots of water, fountain water in this case. We're at Sergels Torg like many times before. It's once again too hot not to take a dip in the fountain. The backlight makes the pic look almost like a black and white one.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

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Många har badat i fontänen vid Sergels Torg och här är två till
andra om stockholm vatten


water week: yet another lock

photo: Christer Palm
Hammarby lock from Lake Mälaren an afternoon in October.
Locking is boring.

water week
- seven days to celebrate a city by the water

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water week: water on water

The Liljeholmsbadet pontoon public bath was inaugurated in 1929. It was built in Nyköping some 100 kilometers south of Stockholm and towed to its place at Hornstull. The pool is 17 meters long and the temperature always 30 degrees centigrade.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

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andra om stockholm vatten


water week: weed, water and memories

...previously on pixels

A quiet moment on a sunny afternoon at the Woodland Cemetery
(here). Cremation is increasingly common in Sweden. Still, here are 90000 graves to look after. Fighting weed, watering generously and afterwards... sitting down for a while with the memories.

water week
- seven days to celebrate a city by the water

Kyrkogårdspersonal vattnar, luckrar, klipper och ansar om man så önskar och betalar en slant. Minnena får man ta hand om själv.


water week: water scooters

These two seem to enjoy the fact that Stockholm is surrounded by water. Water scooter riding in Lake Klara, they might consider taking it a little slower.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

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Det ser rätt ballt ut men kunde kanske gå lite lugnare just där?


water week: pumping water

Major works are going on at Söder Mälarstrand. It is part of the joining together of the central and southern district heating shown in an earlier photo by Bernt.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

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the royal guards (2)

...previously on pixels

Stockholm is a city filled with music. This gentleman guards the castle
(here) and makes sure any strolling bands don't come too close for comfort.
Många gatumusikanter på en gång kan bli lite jobbigt


towering high

This is the church tower of S:t Birgitta's church in Nockeby. I've passed it every now and then over the years, thinking I might stop. Finally I did and it was worth the stop. The tower is quite extraordinary. So is the church. It was inaugurated in 1962 so you could say it's modern. The church will appear a little later.
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S:t Birgittas Kyrka i Nockeby syns rätt bra, eller rättare sagt kyrktornet gör det.


military Östermalm

Posh Östermalm is full of military remembrances. This photo of Kaptensgatan (Captain st) towards Artillerigatan (Artillery st). The chimney is of the Royal Stable, neighbour to the Army Museum.


mid-month theme: subway day

St Eriksplan is a small commuter hub in Stockholm. Here you can catch the subway's green line, many buses and the commuter trains at Karlberg station are just two stones' throws walk away. The numbers of restaurants, bars and cafes between St Eriksplan and Karlberg sometimes make that walk long (but jolly).

subway day is a mid-month theme shared by the following blogs:
New York City Daily Photo - PHO (Paris) - stockholm by pixels

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dark skies

Not only dark but colourful too. The sun was going down in Rissne and at the same time these heavy rainclouds came by and got a nice orange touch. They do look dangerous. The subway train was a bonus, it just happened to be standing there.

...and tomorrow is subway day!
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Mäktiga moln. Bådar om en nära förestående skur av det slag man inte vill vara ut i. Solens sista strålar får dem i alla fall att se extra spännande ut.
andra om sundbyberg


the crematorium

...previously on pixels

Some people prefer cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. Different cultures have very different views on cremation. Twentieth century history has given tragical examples of how cremation can be misused as part of genocide. In some places cremation is forbidden. In the US a man is serving a long prison sentence for failing to cremate hundreds of corpses.

These are the chimneys of the Woodland Crematorium
(here) in southern Stockholm. See more?
Kremering eller eldbegängelse är i Sverige vanligare än begravning



While everybody is busy going from A to B, a military man is taking the load off his feet at St Eriksplan. Maybe he's waiting for his girl or boyfriend?


worth a laugh

This wastepaper-basket made me sorry I didn't have anything to throw in it :-) Found at Hökens gata on the way to Mosebacke Torg.
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Kul med lite upp-poppade papperskorgar. Hoppas att det får folk att slänga skräpet i dem istället för bredvid.
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A gang of youths chilling out at Brunkebergs torg. We have posted surprisingly many photos from this place. It's otherwise regarded as one of the lost spaces in Stockholm.



...previously on pixels
Prästgatan (the Priest Street, here) runs all the way through the Old Town and has remained unchanged since 1885. The name was first used in the 16th century and its history can be traced further back. Stockholm and Sweden has enjoyed peace for centuries and for this reason we've got more than our fair share of historical buildings. We would have had a lot more of those if there hadn't been a demolition spree in the 1960's when local politicians destroyed hundreds of buildings while trying to reshape most of the inner city.
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"Något av större intresse har mig veterligt aldrig utspelats där"
(Martin Stugart i DN om Prästgatan)


waiting for summer

The Ulriksdal castle has this nice little building, whatever it is. I suppose there should be lots of flowers around it, but now it stands like a black skeleton waiting for the next green season.
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.Jag har ingen aning vad en sådan här anordning kallas. Den blev i alla fall en intressant förgrund till Ulriksdals slott.
andra om stockholm solna


on the other side

On the other side someone is waiting for you. Here at the other side of a Parliament complex building


in the swim of things

Night falls by the sports complex Eriksdalsbadet (here). Beside being the national swimming arena per se they also offer extensive gym facilities. This is the outdoor pool where nobody will be swimming until June next year. See more?
50 meters-bassängerna här är de enda i regionen - klent för en miljonstad


over the rainbow

The towers of Kungsgatan (Kings st) after the rain. Somewhere out there is a pot of gold. Here's another day and another angle.


this is low

Lower than this is hard to get. The camera is standing on the ground. This was a little experiment that turned out pretty good. The view is from Kungsträdgården towards Västra Trädgårdsgatan, and perhaps it's what an ant or beetle would see?

Så här någonting borde det se ut om man är skalbagge, myra eller något annat litet djur och försöker ta sig fram i stan :-)


chapel of faith

One of several chapels at the Woodland Cemetery (here). Its world-renown architect Gunnar Asplund was appropriately given grave #1 next to this Chapel of Faith. See more?
Asplund ritade också Stadsbiblioteket vid Sveavägen


daily photo theme day: lady in blue

A lady in blue is being served lunch at the Gallerian mall. The people around her are all clad in dark and sullen colours - the light is on her.
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andra om stockholm blå dam

Theme Day for the month of November 2007: "The colour blue"

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