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Nordic Light Open (3)

That’s it! All the home players are losing and I’m leaving.
(Or maybe just a case of finding some coffee before the next game.)
Vid sidbytena blir det tydligt vilka som har en exit-strategi


at the museum

Skansen 3

We stay at Skansen, Stockholm's open-air museum for a while. The museum opened in 1891 to the purpose of showing how people lived in the old days. Over one hundred years on they still show the old life - like these two gentlemen twirling the fibre of the flax plant into thread.


The Visitors

Suddenly something is huffing and puffing outside my window. I have visitors. A close encounter with beings from the other side of town!

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Upp flyger vi, upp
Med hela vårt mod
Ner tittar vi, ner
Över hela vår jord

(Björn Anders-Andersson, en låt med Shanes 1992)


no camera shutters

I suppose these shutters have been closed for a long time. I've wandered past them many times, but this particular day I finally saw them too. The shadows made them look great. I just had to stop. This is taken in Kocksgränd (Chef's alley), very close to the mall called Gallerian.

Konstigt hur man kan passera ett motiv hur många gånger som helst utan att riktigt se det. Plötsligt så är det något som skiljer mot den vardagliga synen, i detta fall var det ljuset som föll annorlunda än när jag brukar gå förbi - och pang, där är bilden. Jag hade egentligen inte tid att stanna, men jag blev tvungen att ta mig tid.


(posh) Östermalm

Skansen 2

A view from the open-air museum Skansen over the Östermalm (posh) district.



The European route E4 is almost exclusively a Swedish affair. If it wasn't for a kilometre in Finland I suppose we couldn’t call it a European route at all. While passing through Sollentuna it is six lanes wide and runs more or less in parallel with a major railroad. See more?
Tjugo kronor litern för bensinen så ska det väl ändå lugna sig lite härute?


fishy ?

Probably. Two Koi-fish in a fountain in Berzelii Park in central Stockholm. There were places where they could be seen better but this pic appealed to me. It leaves something to the imagination. Looks almost as was it taken through frosted glass.



Skansen 1

It's a nice and warm Sunday afternoon at the funfair at Skansen open-air museum. Maybe the kids favour the beach to the merry-go-around. Or more terrifying attractions, like this monster at neighbouring Gröna Lund.


Raspberry Mountains

Raspberries with whipped cream is my unrivalled favourite among desserts. It brings back memories of summers gone by, people I miss dearly and those small in-between-moments where time stands still and I’m a kid again.
Hallonbergen (”Raspberry Mountains”) is a suburb in the municipality Sundbyberg, immediately west of Stockholm.
I Hallonbergen startar landets enda nedlagda (!) t-bane-sträcka


what an ass

Or is it a donkey? I don't remember. It's huge anyway and it's not supposed to sit there. On the other hand, neither is the green monster. Then again - since the house they're sitting on is a movie theatre, perhaps it's natural anyway. The fountain on the left, yes - we have seen it before and the skyscrapers as well. For those who haven't already guessed it, we're back at the Haymarket.
Skräcken griper tag i oss - eller var det Shrek'en. De kan möjligen se lite malplacerade ut, men det känns på något sätt ändå lite naturligt. Det är inte de första stora figurerna som sitter just på det taket. Filmstaden vid Hötorget brukar ju då och då slänga upp figurer där.


pop star

The name Per Gessle may not be that well-known, but as a founding member of the pop duo Roxette (along with Marie Fredriksson, they sold 75 million records or more, had three number ones at Billboard Top 100 etc.) he carries some weight. Here he is seen autographing his latest solo album En Händig Man at a large department store. The queue of waiting fans was very, very long.


Summer Night City (10)

‘Twas midnight… Remembering summer, this was shot literally in the middle of the night (1AM, daylight savings time) a month after Midsummer. Just look straight north and there it is – the light.
Svenska huvudkontoret för 3M synes vila i sommarnatten


oh no, they're back...

Oh yes. The fantastic 5 are here again. This time from a slightly different angle, taken from the roof of the old parliament building at Riddarholmen. Everything looks a bit different from there. Ideally would have been from above, but I'm not sure how to manage that. Maybe a trip with a hot air balloon?
Hötorgs-skraporna ger sig inte. Eller är det vi som inte låter dem vara i fred alltför länge i stöten kanske?


juggling (2)

Juggling at the island Skeppsholmen, just outside Moderna Museet. We also see parts of the sculptures 'The Fantastic Paradise' (de Saint Phalle and Tinguely, 1966).


nothing to hide (2)

These lamps provide enlightenment among the customers of the shopping mall Kista Galleria. Is it just me or do they look like
a pair of huge eyes?
Rödluvan: Men mormor, varför har du så stora ögon?
"Mormor": Det är bara för att jag skall se dig bättre, mitt barn.
(Bröderna Grimm)


did you bring the evening paper...?

Aftonbladet used to be an evening-paper until a few years ago. A common comment when someone was late in the morning was "Did you buy Aftonbladet on your way....?". Today the same comment would go by without anyone reacting at all, since we only have morning-papers.


subway day: the train has arrived

subway day is a theme shared by the following blogs
New York City Daily Photo
stockholm by pixels

. The blue (line) underground train number 11 to Akalla has arrived Fridhemsplan. I never could understand why underground people always run for the trains. If you miss one the next will come in just a few minutes. It is a completely different thing with the commuter trains which have a habit of letting you wait for a long long time before they feel like showing up.
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Sofia kyrka

Vita Bergen (the White Mountains) is one of Stockholm’s green lungs. At the peak of Vita Bergen is one of our major churches. Inaugurated in the early twentieth century and with a great view of Södermalm, Sofia Kyrka (Church of Sofia) was named after a Swedish queen. See more?
Suverän utsikt och kyrka på en gång, ett paketerbjudande


from above

Since a while back it's possible to climb up the roof of the old parliament building at Riddarholmen and spend an hour or so watching over the roofs of Stockholm, while a guide is telling you a little about the stuff that is a little higher than this roof (among other things). The building is said to be 43 m high. This lonely (?) person might be about 42 m below us; I didn't care to count that exactly. .
.Inget för höjdrädda men en trevlig timme för den som vågar sig upp på taket till gamla Riksdagshuset. För en rimlig peng kan man få sig en guidad tur. Om vädret är bra är det naturligtvis roligast.


street for a king

Kungsgatan (“the King’s Street”) is a lively shopping street and also classic historical ground. A rain of confetti from these windows is probably the image most Swedes still associate with the end of WWII. A couple of previous visits here and here.
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Skulle kunna bli en fin gågata... om man nu får drömma lite


juggling (1)

Juggling - the art of throwing and catching several objects simultaneously. These two guys practised their skills in the Tanto park. I can see six clubs and one ball.


37 days remembered

Remember the little girl who didn’t make it through her sixth week? She’s got company now. I’m not sure about those antennae
but with wings it’s got to be an angel.
Someone hasn’t forgotten. Someone never will.
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Tryggare kan ingen vara...



When I was walking on the Västerbron bridge i suddenly heard huffing and puffing below. I looked over the edge and found a climber on a training session. There was a whole little gang on the ground. What next?


Summer Night City (9)

The World Trade Center by Klarabergsviadukten claims to be the world’s meeting place. Sort of a contradiction since there are about 300 similar centres around the world. It’s the next-door neighbour of our Central Station in the very heart of the city. Or, as they put it, only 20 minutes from the airport. It’s all a matter of perspective,
I suppose. Been here before.
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En häftig byggnad är det, hursomhelst


trimming the bike

This gentleman on Rosenlundsgatan was not trimming his motorcycle with a handsaw to make it go faster. He had had a mishap with the front mudguard and was just cutting the broken edge. But I just had to stop and ask.


fawlty towers ?

Whatever gives you that idea? These towers are by no means faulty. They are the twin towers of Kungsgatan - often seen just like this, but mostly photographed one at a time, I suspect.
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Nordic Light Open (2)

Remember that tennis tournament? Attendance for this year’s Nordic Light Open could have been better. In fairness, this was shot during a prolonged interval between matches on the centre court when everyone was out finding some food
or just stretching their legs. See more?
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"Alla var där." Nästan. Fortsättning följer.


Healthy & Sweaty

In the summer the gym Friskis & Svettis (Healthy & Sweaty)


early morning train station

This is the northern entrance of the train station Stockholm Södra.
Early in the morning as you can see by the time.
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Nordic Light Open

Stadion has been an Olympic venue twice. It was inaugurated for the summer games of 1912 and in 1956 Stockholm filled in hosting the horse competitions instead of Melbourne. Nowadays it’s mostly used for first league football games and
an occasional athletics event.
This week marks the sixth annual Nordic Light Open tennis tournament. It is in fact the only WTA championship in the region. See more?
Not far away is a metro station and a tower-to-be.
Högklassigt spel och perfekt väder. Dock inget läktarvåld och inga
kravallpoliser, på tal om en del annan aktuell sport i stan...


daily photo theme day: bloody breakfast

Some people like this for breakfast, some don't and some say anytime of the day is OK.

The typical Bloody Mary consists of vodka, tomato juice, salt and pepper, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and squeezed lemon. And oh, don’t forget the celery stick. The drink on the photo was enjoyed at a brunch at a Stockholm hotel, which I think is the best place and occasion to enjoy a Bloody Mary.

There are a number of variations to the drink. Most common would be Virgin Mary (without alcohol) and Bloody Maria (tequila). The name Bloody Mary is said to associate to Queen Mary I of England – known as Bloody Mary after she had many hundreds of
religious dissenters executed.

How did we come to meet Mary this time?
It all started the day before ...

Theme Day for the month of August 2007: "Typical Breakfast"
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