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Summer Night City

Dusk falls by the commuting hubs of Stockholm.
Bus terminal Cityterminalen in the background is a neighbour of the World Trade Center. The platform between tracks 17 and 18
at the Central Station in the foreground.
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the big blue

Maybe people in Sweden will think beer when they see this photo. One of the larger breweries - Pripps - has a label called Blå (Blue) which is quite well spread. The brewery has been very successful with their blue advertising. The photo of the lonely canoeist was taken from Västerbron.


time's up

This must be one of Stockholm’s most visible clocks. Designed by Ruben Morne, the clock originally sat on top of a telephone-tower nearby. The tower is long gone but the clock is still
rotating high above NK at Hamngatan.
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.NK-klockan har väl ingen missat. Länge har den snurrat runt högt ovanför taket och länge ska den förhoppningsvis snurra än.


cheers, Minister!

Interval at the Opera: a couple of friends, a bottle of something bubbly and Carl’s Office in the background. See more?
Utrikesministern är måhända på vift.
Hans personal hemma kan brista ut i musik inom gångavstånd.


going to a date

They say that if you want to meet people you should get a dog.
And it seems to work. It's a good way to keep in shape as well.
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bad place to get big

This one thought he had it tough. What about the one above?
How the heck did he find some room to grow, and for how long?
You might have guessed where we are. Stockholm Central Station. Hint: make the picture bigger.
Snacka om hårda växtplatser. Den här har inte mycket att klamra sig fast i.
Tips: förstora bilden.


spring sprang sprung

Stockholm County Council (remember?) includes 26 municipalities with a population of 1.9 million. One of those 26 municipalities is Solna, number eight in terms of population.


the hunter and the prey

Here we see two of Stockholm by Pixels' four lenses ready to
document the city. The place is Karl Staaffs park.


soon time to get wet again

The fountain at Sergels torg is empty of everything but the water. My guess is that this will soon change. This year's students will be released and most likely some of them will end up here - as usual.
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Bara vanligt vatten i fontänen så här långt men snart är det studentfirande och då blir det säkert ett och annat besök här också. Visserligen är det inte så varmt än, men badas ska det nog ändå...


Sundbybergs Folkhögskola

Folk high schools are institutions of informal education for adults. There are about 150 of them in Sweden, most of which are situated in the countryside. Tuition is free. After graduating, the students are eligible to study at a university.
Thanks, Wikipedia.
Sundbybergs Folkhögskola är närmast oundviklig för korrespondenter i Rissne


city in bloom

The early days of summer are fantastic. Here we have three ladies admiring and taking photos of the flowery trees at Brunkebergstorg. What we don't see in this photo is a huge grey building to the left, that the black building in the background is a great wall and we miss the large grey building to the right. Brunkebergstorg is a really small park in the middle of stone and concrete.


the two towers

I don't think this is more than remotely related to
the Lord of the Ring saga. It's the second ventilation-shaft
for Södra Länken near Hammarby Sjöstad.
The first one is here along with a little more to read.
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Här har vi det andra av de två ventilationstornen för Södra länken.
Detta står vid Hammarby Sjöstad. Det första syns här.


Heart Of Glass

Väsbyhem is a real estate company which owns some 7 900 flats. All the properties are located within the municipality of Upplands Väsby. To become a tenant you have to be registered in a queue for flats and you also have to pay an annual fee while waiting. Their office is a glassy thing located in the intersection between Centralvägen and Industrivägen.
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Återstår att se hur regimskiftet påverkar allmännyttan och därmed Väsbyhem


ready to go

The kids are ready to go do their thing on a local skateboard championship in Björns Trädgård at Medborgarplatsen. It was quite a party! Kids in ages from seven to 27 skateboarded, a rock band played good live music and a lot of people of all ages were watching the action. And the sun was shining. See more?


bridge over troubled water ?

It just might be.
On the other hand, I don't think the water gets too troubled in Hammarby Sjöstad. You do however want to cross it without getting your feet wet and this is one of the places where you can do it. .
.Som en bro över mörka vatten... Ja på svenska så är texten kanske mer lämpad för denna bild, för mörkt vatten är det som flyter under bron.


cause and effect

Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson was a rebel with a cause. He led the Engelbrekt rebellion in the 15th century against king Eric of Pomerania. His success made him a statesman and, centuries later, gave name to this magnificent church inaugurated in 1914.
I forgot to check about the artwork in the foreground but I bet
it doesn’t depict Engelbrekt. Let’s hope someone else knows.
Med inspiraton från Bergspredikan ritades och lokaliserades Engelbrektskyrkan.
Fler än vi har avbildat den, se bara här och här.


resting bike

A kick bike is also a resting bike if you like.
Mind you, it's not snow in the background
even though this is Stockholm in spring.


what's going on (2)

. Something really interesting must be going on here, right outside the T-Centralen tube-station. Wonder what that could be? You'll have to visit our sister-blog to find out :-) .
Hmm, något verkar hända en bit upp. Spännande nog för att flera stycken ska vilja fotografera åt det hållet. Kolla på vår systerblogg för att se.


always open

Window shopping by Centralvägen in Upplands Väsby.
Many shops in Sweden are open seven days a week.
Once upon a time we had laws regulating those matters.


Santa came early this year

Santa is making notes in his book...
-Hm, there's a nice girl and that boy looks like he has eaten his spinach.
It all happened at Hornstull the other day.


tee-time (once more)

Imagine the size of clubs to use on a ball this big and then imagine the guy holding them. Land of giants? Actually it's a water tower. You already guessed? Wow - you're fast...
This one is right next to the horse track Solvalla
and not very far away from this one. .
.Så slår vi ett slag för golfen igen. Eller ? Kanske läge att investera i längre klubbor i så fall. Nej, nu kommer jag ihåg, det är ju bara vattentornet vid Solvalla.



Vällingby has got a floating roof and Kista a leaning tower. That don’t impress the good folks in Tensta. They’ve got an entire shopping mall slightly tilted with respect to the plane of commerce.
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Om man sitter en stund i Tensta Centrum går det oftast över


running up that hill

I guess running across any bridge is good training.
The Liljeholmen bridge is, with its 390 meters in length and free sailing height of 15.5 meter, probably reserved for beginners.
Here's another photo of the bridge.


Trojan horse ?

Let's hope not, but you never know. It's big enough though.
Standing at Solvalla, a horse track outside of Stockholm.
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Kanske inte en trojansk häst men stor nog så man kan inte så noga veta.
Nu har den i och för sig stått vid Solvalla rätt länge.
En här i magen hade nog svultit ihjäl för länge sedan.


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

"The million program was a platform for politics, housing research and industrial methods of production. The result was large-scale housing development with good basic qualities but all the houses were built with some uniformity."
Read more at the Stockholm City Museum
Det våras vid Gullingeplan. Dags att kliva ut ur skuggan.


three training toddlers

.Back in Rålamshovsparken (but not the same actual spot) we find these three little toddlers in a perfect synchronized display. I bet they will grow up and form a super gymnastics troop, win the world championships or something and strike the world with amazement.


park-a-lot (2)

Well, whaddayaknow.....we're back at the fair again :-) This time it's the parking garage that drew my attention (the fountain was shut down for the night).
Se där ja, så var vi tillbaka till Älvsjömässan igen. Den här gången ställer vi ifrån oss bilen. Det går inte dummer, det är ju stängt. Vilket för övrigt även fontänen var.


dancing garden

When they think no one is watching,
the vegetables by Klara Church enjoy themselves
En svängom vid kyrkväggen och begreppet tangorabatt får en ny innebörd


the key, please

This giant lock you can find on Täby Church. Built during the 13th century it is one of the most well conserved churches from the Middle Ages. Through the door you enter the porch. The porch was added to the church in the middle of the 15th century.
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Låset på dörren till vapenhuset på Täby Kyrka. Täby Kyrka byggdes på 1200-talet och är en av de mest välbevarade medeltidkyrkorna i Sverige. Vapenhuset bygges på 1400-talet.


on top of Tanto

On the first day of summer my soul mate and I climbed the "Tanto Mountain" and enjoyed a good day. Tanto is a large park on Södermalm (southern Stockholm city). In the park you find many allotments where people grow vegetables or just relax. Tanto is also, I have learned, a Japanese knife favored by the woman samurai. There is no connection between the two as the Tanto Park was named after one Hans Tanto who had an estate here in 1660.


daily photo theme day: is this really Stockholm?

Not really sure what city this might be. Somewhere in Scotland perhaps? But, no. It's actually Stockholm in disguise. Taken a few years ago during the Quarneval arranged by the Royal Institute of Technology every third year. .
Häpp, var är vi? Ett inslag från Quarnevalen för några år sedan får illustrera månadens tema "City Exchange", och då har ni redan gissat att vi faktiskt inte lämnat Stockholm. Nästa Quarneval går 2008.
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