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Nordiska Kompaniet

The Great Department Store at Hamngatan.
Established in 1902, NK is a commercial institution. A hundred separate departments provide all the trend and fashion you could yearn for. The store's darkest moment came when
Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Anna Lindh
was stabbed to death here in 2002.
Sta'ns kanske mest uppmärksammade skyltfönster finns här


GMG said...

Just discovered your blog. As I think Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world (in Summer) I'm looking forward to seeing your coming photos this year! Take care.

stromsjo said...

Hi Gil! Living here we’re sort of biased of course but with all the surrounding water Stockholm certainly has an interesting geography and there’s a lot to see. If you want a sneak preview of things to come you could click on the label “summer” and see some stuff (with captions in Swedish) from last year. Thanks for joining us. /per

Dsole said...

uooh... what a dark story

I saw your link about the chocolate fountain... yummmy! :)

Ming the Merciless said...

I remember watching the news on TV about the stabbing of the Minister. That was indeed a dark moment in Sweden.

stromsjo said...

Dsole: I guess we have a common interest in chocolate... :)

Ming: It was horrible. It was in the final week of a big political campaign. She was the kind of young, optimistic leader who was respected by people from all political parties. At least we were able to solve the case and catch the guy who did this to her and to our democracy.

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