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poetry in motion

Poet Nils Ferlin hasn't been moving about a lot recently. Neither did this night bus. Statue by K.G. Bejemark. See more?

Klarabergsgatan (map) 30 May 2010


cieldequimper said...

An absolutely marvellous composition here.

Lena Möre said...

Underbart tillsammans!

Tog du en fika där före eller efter detta lyckade ögonblick?

Luis Gomez said...

Love this image! Great colors and composition.

arabesque said...

oh, interesting shot, like it!
but what about the bus, still not moving? ^0^

stromsjo said...

The nighttime is a strange time. Predominantly quiet with distinct spots of party mayhem from clubs and restaurants.

cieldequimper: Thanks!

Lena Johansson: Jag tog en fika strax före fast det är en smula ont om öppna fik vid tvåtiden på natten...

Luis Gomez: The sculpture is rather well-known locally so I tried to frame it somewhat differently.

arabesque: It'd be long gone by now but apparently the driver needed a break. After all, here is where this particular line ends.

Thanks all for commenting.

Mo said...

Great capture.

VP said...

A good idea for a picture and a funny caption, as always.

Lowell said...

Fun and funky photo!

Re your comment on Cedar Key: No bugs or insects unless you happen to wander off into the back bay area.

Lena Möre said...

Fint medlite kloka vuxna på natten i Stockholm.
Min 17-åring brukar åka in ungefär när det är sängdags för mig.
Bra att du finns där ibland!

Unknown said...

Fine capture, Per!

stromsjo said...

Poetry on the night bus? Why not.

Mo: And an easy one. They were just standing there.

VP: So what about bus traffic in Livorno?

Jacob: Mind you, snapped in the company of some local insects as well.

Lena Johansson: Det är onekligen en speciell åldersfördelning på sta'n så dags.

JM: Also good to sneak in the occasional bus between all my subway shots.

Thanks, folks.

Tinsie said...

Hahahahaha - they are both quite stuck, by the looks of it!

stromsjo said...

And we're supposed to be living in an age of mobility... ;)

Thanks, Tinsie.

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