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On top of a granite column, the bust of Swedish inventor John Ericsson. Sculpture by John Börjeson. Ericsson has also been commemorated in Battery Park, New York City.

Nybroplan (map) 21 September 2010


cieldequimper said...

Beautiful. I love the lush green all around it too.

VP said...

Beautiful, but It looks more the statue of a poet than the one of an engineer. I remember the statue in Battery Park, but I had no idea at the time who this guy was...

Lowell said...

This is very nice. Is this the same Ericsson of cell phone fame?

Re your question on Ocala DP: That little bleu sign you can hardly see tells motorists that there is a hospital nearby...I'm sure it has an arrow, also, indicating which way one should go (if, of course, one needs a hospital)...

Actually, there are two hospitals within a few blocks of the sign!

Halcyon said...

Is he that cell phone dude? ;-)

stromsjo said...

This particular Ericsson invented stuff within a military and specifically a naval context.

cieldequimper: This was shot at dusk and the result turned out a lot better than I had expected.

VP: A poetic engineer, mayhaps. (Interesting that you remember the one in Battery Park.)

Jacob: Nope, different Ericsson.

Halcon: Could have been.

Thanks all for stopping by today.

arabesque said...

quite an imposing statue per.

stromsjo said...

Not generally a big fan of statues but yes, I do like this one. Thanks, arabesque.

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