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the show must go on

Eagerly waiting for the musical We will rock you to begin.

"Everywhere, the kids watch the same movies, wear the same fashions and think the same thoughts. It’s a safe, happy, Ga Ga world. Unless you’re a rebel. Unless you want to Rock. On Planet Mall all the musical instruments are banned..."

It will be a night filled with Queen music!

Cirkus (map) 7 September 2010


Luis Gomez said...

Wonderful! Glad you went to see it.

Bernt Seipl said...

I went too. Queen have been favourites of mine 4ever. Unfortunately this show did not impress me so much. Perhaps because some of the songs were translated to Swedish. I didn't fancy that.

stromsjo said...

Musical theatre was a fading genre a while back. Then something happened. I wonder what.

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