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windy, sacred ground

Nynäshamn is a coastal town 58 kilometers south of Stockholm. On top of a hill in the town center there used to be a lighthouse. In 1930 they instead erected Nynäshamn Church by architect Lars Israel Wahlman.

Nynäshamns kyrka, Nynäshamn (map) 28 September 2010


Lena Möre said...

A beautiful building!

VP said...

A diffrent kind of... beacon! Impressive building in a vantage position.

arabesque said...

nice structure per.
i like the almost clover arch design and the pointed spire. ^0^

stromsjo said...

I was visiting on a pleasant, sunny September afternoon and it was frightfully windy. Wouldn't want to spend a stormy winter day up there.

Lena Johansson: SL-kortet är bra till mycket.

VP: I suppose the church wouldn't mind the analogy with a beacon...

arabesque: Also, notice the reflected sunlight in the wind vane...

Thanks everyone for blowin' in the wind with us.

Lowell said...

Fascinating architecture. I'm not sure why they'd replace a lighthouse with a church, though. And certainly it must be true that "sacred" earth would not be windy. Eh?

Halcyon said...

A simple building, but very nice.

stromsjo said...

Oddly, this hill makes the church appear somewhat distant even though it's right at the town center.

Jacob: An interesting location from the outset - having that lighthouse in downtown Nynäshamn.

Halcyon: And I'd say those words pretty much sum up the inside as well.

I salute your relentless stopping by and commenting.

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