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The trio Viskraft ("Ballad Power") was formed a couple of years back by friends studying at the folk music academy Visskolan in Västervik, 190 km south-south-west of Stockholm.

We've already met Emeli Jeremias. Here now is singer-songwriter Dick Pålsson together with Oskar Jeremias, in charge of the bass (while not busy singing or composing).

Tomtebogatan (map) 29 April 2010  


Luis Gomez said...

Seems like everyone is having fun! Cool shot.

cieldequimper said...

Nice 'action' portrait.

VP said...

How interesting that you have a folk music academy! Only 'serious' music taught in schools here...

Halcyon said...

They certainly seem to be having fun! And I also like the idea of a music acedemy for the"folk" genre. You guys are so progressive in Sweden!

arabesque said...

gr8 sight! ^0^
and like luis, everyone's cool!

stromsjo said...

I only wish there had been enough light to skip the boring flash!

Luis Gomez: It was that kind of evening!

cieldequimper: Thanks.

VP: I'm not entirely sure if "academy" is the right word but it's a serious education and they spend an entire year full time so - yes - in fact I'd say it's an academy!

Halcyon: Folk music has seen a revival in recent years and that's very encouraging.

arabesque: Glad you like it too.

Keep on groovin' folks!

Lowell said...

I like folk music and have written quite a bit of it myself. I'd probably enjoy this group a lot!

Re your comment on Ocala DP: Clean your glasses and see what happens! ;-)

Unknown said...

Hi everyone,
Thx Per for the nice photos and that you took the time to visit us on Vinter. We had a blast and we hope the audience hade it too.

I must say that the year I spent at the folk music academy in Västervik is the best thing I have ever done. Wonderful little coast city whit wonderful teachers and peoples.

stromsjo said...

Incidentally, their Grande Finale before summer is on Wednesday, 3 June.

Jacob: So, it's not just images that are being composed in and around Ocala?

Dick: Must have been a terrific year and you have certainly found of way of sharing the joy.

Good of you all to stop by.

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