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subliminal subway

A blink of the eye and you would've missed it. As indeed you did.
(John Cleese 1975)

The mythical Ghost Train of the subway is a rare sight. Modern inventions such as automated train control systems leave little room for anecdotal connections.

Tunnelbana Duvbo, Sundbyberg (map) 16 April 2010


cieldequimper said...

Taking the tube in Stockholm is an adventure.

Tinsie said...

Cool shot, I love the title too!

Halcyon said...

Ooooh... a ghostie!!

stromsjo said...

Looks like I managed to catch a translucent commuter as well...

cieldequimper: To paraphrase the navy: it's not just a commute, it's an adventure.

Tinsie: Slightly inaccurate in fact but I like it too!

Halcyon: A bit odd, I have never been able to get one single decent shot from Duvbo. At long last it seems like I'm beginning to get the hold of it.

Thanks all for commenting.

arabesque said...

hi per! it seems to me you're a fan of john cleese. ^0^ he's really funny in faulty towers.
such fluidity in this foto. ^0^

Lowell said...

I'm impressed. Can one channel this ghost train. I'd like to know what it's thinking!

Re the Snobs on Ocala DP: The Vanillis could lipsynch though...the Snobs can't even do that. As one blogger noted, their lips are fused.


Lena Möre said...

Vågar man åka T-bana mer?

stromsjo said...

There is an old silvery subway train which has been associated with some strange rumors.

arabesque: You know, for every conceivable situation in life, there is an adequate quote from that notorious hotel in Torquay.

Jacob: If I were a ghost train, I might wish for more exciting venues than a limited subway network.

Lena Johansson: Om man håller någon hårt i handen...

Again, thanks folks.

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