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nocturne for Sigtuna

I guess we all have our eccentric traditions. Me, I bring my camera for a night in Sigtuna, a small town north-north-west of the city center on the outskirts of Stockholm County. I've shown you the harbour before.

Sigtuna hamn, Sigtuna (map) 15 May 2010


Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful eccentricity!

Unknown said...

So blue in the night!
Happy hours, I guess!

cieldequimper said...

What's eccentric about that? This is so calm!

VP said...

A great dark blue sky. It's a pity that at night is the only moment I don't carry my camera. I have to try...

Lowell said...

This is what I think to be the perfect time for photography--when the blue of the sky meets the earth. Love the shot and the lights and the reflections.

Halcyon said...

You always get the best night shots. You must have some extra colors in your sky that we don't get here. :)

arabesque said...

everything's so blue! ^0^
i think this blue scene is something i can't capture!
it's magical...

stromsjo said...

I wonder how many of these boats are owned by local residents.

Luis Gomez: It takes all kinds... :)

Claes/Lena: Happy... and quiet. I imagine this will be a hectic place during summer nights.

cieldequimper: The fact that the photographer skips a good night's sleep?

VP: I'm just the opposite. At this time of year, daylight bores me.

Jacob: I fully agree, these can be delightful moments. (With or without a camera.)

Halcyon: There is in fact the term "Nordic light" and I guess there's some truth to that. Mostly it's just a matter of persistently hanging outdoors during the oddest of hours while normal people tend to sleep... :)

arabesque: Due to the laws about sunlight on different latitudes you may only have a brief moment to catch it.

Thanks everyone for stopping by.

Speaking of eccentric traditions, tomorrow we'll be sharing another one with you. Stay tuned for that.

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