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culture, that's me

A provocative bronze pig in Kungsängen. Situated immediately outside the town hall, I'm not sure what it's supposed to symbolize. Things that do come to mind in an election year are "immobility" or even "pork barrel politics". Be that as it may, the sculpture by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd is called "La culture, c'est moi".

Kungsängen, Upplands-Bro (map) 10 May 2010


Luis Gomez said...

Great photo and an excellent text!

Unknown said...

I have seen it IRL!
Bra perspektiv på grisen!

cieldequimper said...

I love the tail. Ca c'est de la culture.

Halcyon said...

Hmmm.... maybe Carl was a bourgeois pig! At least he was self-aware!

arabesque said...

en français? haha! good title.
and nice butt! (of the pig) ^0^

Unknown said...

I have never seen this sculpture before and I really like it, at least as seen from this angle which, in fact, makes for a great composition.

Pia K said...

ah in my hoods i see. i think this not so little piggy is adorable and i love that he's now in bronze and not grey anymore.

i wrote a piece about him here
and he's supposedly a self-portrait of said artist.

stromsjo said...

This fellow carries a Laurel wreath. Hardly visible here so you'd have to trust me on that one.

Luis Gomez: I wonder what kind of text the sculptor himself would have written.

Claes/Lena: Även overkliga grisar är bäst i verkligheten.

cieldequimper: Some would argue that this is not the most favourable angle but - tail and all - it does convey a sense of piggish pride.

Halcyon: The sculptor was born in 1934 and doesn't seem to have any intention of stepping down from the art scene.

arabesque: Another day, another angle. It will be more polite but less fun! :)

JM: According to an inscription, the sculpture was presented as a gift to the municipality in 1992.

Pia K: Used to be grey, did he? Didn't know that. So far, we haven't been giving proper coverage to your hoods so consider this a modest compensating effort...

Thanks all for feeling artsy with us.

Lowell said...

Maybe it's just a big pig joke!

Re you question as to lens...if I recall correctly, I used one of my point-and-shoots...probably a Casio...

stromsjo said...

Reuterswärd has referred to this sculpture as a self portrait.

Thanks, Jacob.

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