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acoustic energy

Visor på Vinter is a recurring folk music club at Restaurang Vinter, hosted by the trio Viskraft ("Ballad Power"). Here's singer-composer-cellist Emeli Jeremias. See more?

Tomtebogatan (map) 29 April 2010


cieldequimper said...

Cool. I like that kind of stuff.

Halcyon said...

She looks very much "in" to her music. I like it when performers are expressive like that.

arabesque said...

i would love to hear her play. ^0^

stromsjo said...

Do check out their myspace page where you'll find quite a few songs. Just follow the link.

cieldequimper: The best things in life are... live?

Halcyon: I so agree. It was a privilege to share an evening with them.

arabesque: Fortunately they're on the web for those of us who are unable to stop by Tomtebo Street anytime soon.

Thanks all for singing along with us today.

VP said...

An interesting portrait... caught in the act!

Lowell said...

Sometimes these performers are excellent...sometimes they are awful...we have "coffee" shops here which offer home-grown's usually a lot of fun.

Nice portrait!

stromsjo said...

I'd try almost any trick to avoid flash photography but there's wasn't much hope for anything else in here.

VP: Very much in the act.

Jacob: I know what you mean. Well, this was mighty popular.

Thanks, guys. I'll be sharing some more folk music with you all later on.

Tinsie said...

She seems to be into her music :-)

stromsjo said...

And so were we. I enjoyed listening. Thanks, Tinsie.

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