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subway day: the train has arrived

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. The blue (line) underground train number 11 to Akalla has arrived Fridhemsplan. I never could understand why underground people always run for the trains. If you miss one the next will come in just a few minutes. It is a completely different thing with the commuter trains which have a habit of letting you wait for a long long time before they feel like showing up.
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stromsjo said...

Mind the gap. And don’t forget that ticket. Subway day is here!

Unknown said...

That's a thing that always manages to bother me. Which gap? The two centimeters? :)

Anonymous said...

I saw the other one in New York. I like the blue picture took. I think it is interesting.

GMG said...

Fast train, fast food, fast shot! Maybe it should be better to slow down a bit, it's summer anyhow... ;)

stromsjo said...

Naseer: The gap can be a lot bigger if the platform is curved which is the case on many of our older stations. But sometimes it’s no big deal, really. The expression ”mind the gap” has been awkwardly translated into ”tänk på avståndet mellan vagn och plattform när du stiger av” (that’s right, eleven words, Swedish can be so compact) which are repeated over and over but only for those stations where there is a gap at all.

oldmanlincoln: We’re thrilled to be doing this together with Ming of New York and I’d encourage every visitor to go check his great shot for today – like you already did.

GMG: It’s all so hectic, isn’t it? Well, my vacation starts soon so I certainly intend to cool down!

Lena Möre said...

Did you read all the vowels in the Swedish expression by Per?

Ä - Å - A -E -O - U - I

We have alltogether 9 vowels in our Swedish language. Per wrote 7 of them. There are also Y and Ö.

All the vowelsounds are pronounced long or short, so there are 18 wowelsound in our Swedish language.

We Swedes have to talk slowly to really let you listen to all the beatuiful vowels.

Why not study our language?

stromsjo said...

You can listen to that very phrase here.

Thanks Lena. I must learn to appreciate my vowels... :)

Meg said...

You guys didn't put a link to Waves?

Ming the Merciless said...

I love the blue color!! And it does look very similar to NYC.

Ming the Merciless said...

Bernt Seipl - I posted a response to your question about the NYC subway system. Here is what I wrote:

Yes, the NYC public transport system is really old (some were built 100 years ago) and the MTA is doing a poor job of keep it clean and working.

Last week, heavy rain caused flooding in the tunnels and horrible disruptions in the subway system.

Kunterbunt said...

My husband likes metros and me, too. So, whenever we are in a big city, we have a look at them and at the different stations. An interesting photos; I think I have seen that station, too.
Btw, Stockholm is a wonderful town :-)

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