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organ without bodies (2)

The organ of St. Thomas Church in Vällingby was constructed in 1962. A modest instrument, when compared to some others.

S:t Tomas kyrka, Vällingby (map) 9 September 2009


Hilda said...

I thought it was some piece of artwork! Fantastic photo from such an unusual angle!

VP said...

An original angle for a beautiful image: the organ really looks like some strange artwork!

Tinsie said...

So is this what it looks like when you look up towards it?

B SQUARED said...

Modest but impressive.

Leif Hagen said...

Let the organ sound! Blow the horns! Make a joyful noise!

Halcyon said...

Very neat angle. Have you heard it?

stromsjo said...

Those in the know will describe and measure an organ in terms of stops and ranks but to me it's just a beautiful instrument.

Hilda: It is a piece of art, isn't it? I did like this angle. Took a while to find it.

Vogon Poet: If I hadn't failed getting decent shots from other angles I probably wouldn't even have tried this one.

Tinsie: Exactly. Looking up from the vantage point of a tripod, camera some 50 cm above the floor.

B Squared: I suppose the symmetry does it, really.

Leif Hagen: And a joyful noise there is, once in a while! I wish I could play one of these.

Halcyon: Yes, I grew up in the vicinity and have had plenty of opportunities. To my amateur ears it sounds impressive.

Good to have you all joining us for a bit of cultural star-gazing.

Lowell said...

It's beautiful, even if modest. And unless the church is huge, it should be more than adequate. Nothing like a real pipe organ.

arabesque said...

oh! that's totally an unusual angle!

toticle said...

Sembra simile alla mia:

Ciao. Toti (

stromsjo said...

Wish I had a sound clip from this organ to share with you.

Jacob: It's not a huge church, I'll see if we can show some more of it.

arabesque: Do check out the panoramio link in the other comment...

essec: La tua foto è spettacolare, ma la composizione è certamente simili. Guardando avanti alla mia prossima vacanza in Sicilia. Io di solito finiscono a Taormina. Ciao.

Again, thanks folks.

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