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street entertainment

Some street musicians doing their playing best to get through to busy pram-pushing mothers and fathers.

Sergels torg (map) 20 July 2009


VP said...

I know that appearance could be de deceiving, but they look more thugs with instruments than street musicians...

B SQUARED said...

Good luck to them. It's like rolling a bolder uphill. Same for the musicians.

Halcyon said...

It almost looks like that man and woman in the back right are going to kiss.

Doesn't look like they were any good as everyone is walking by.

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

That's quite a modern urban setting. Happy mothers and fathers, sale for happy customers, and busy street musicians! Nice slice-of-life shot.

Lowell said...

It is so difficult to do this kind of thing. Have to have a thick skin and not take the apathy of the citizens personally!

Cool slice-of-life shot.

Yes, I've been busy "relentlessly" searching for "Swedish" houses for months! Very difficult work.

Then this one just showed up one day; serendipity!

Can I look for Italian houses, now?



Leif Hagen said...

I always get a kick out of seeing street musicians! I hope they made some money!

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