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A backyard in the immediate city centre - district Södermalm. There are still a few of these lovely places left. A small town in the urban city.

Ludvigsbergsgatan (map) 10 October 2009


VP said...

Is that a huge natural rock or a pile of something I can't see better?

B SQUARED said...

Wish there were more places like this.

Leif Hagen said...

Lovely indeed. I wouldn't have guessed that your photo is from Stockholm but rather a "smaller town." Trevlig helg

Halcyon said...

Beautiful! These sights are rare in the big cities, but I'm glad a few remain.

Lowell said...

This is a superb glad that one can find a place like this in the center of urbanization!

Kiwi said...

@V Poet: It's the Maria mountain, as natural as it comes, in the foreground.

Another peek of small town Stockholm is coming in a few days.

Good of you all to drop by!

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