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dreaming of Vaxholm

With 5000 residents, Vaxholm is a smallish town. In the tourist season this locality is a busy hub for the Stockholm Archipelago and well-known Waxholms hotell might wish they had more than 42 rooms to offer. See more?

Hamngatan, Vaxholm (map) 2 October 2009


Halcyon said...

What a beautiful blue sky! And that hotel looks quaint and cosy. Think they have a room for me?

cieldequimper said...

Looks like a really nice place to stay at and enjoy the last rays of sunshine.

stromsjo said...

Notice the flag. Took a while (and quite a few photos) until it agreed to sway the way I wanted it to...

Halcyon: I'm sure they do. A picturesque place in the sun - on that day.

cieldequimper: But probably not very quiet during summer. This is at the harbour, right in the center of town.

Thanks for dreaming with us.

Lowell said...

Superb photo! What a gorgeous building. And that sky! Fantastic!

arabesque said...

hi. you're back!
i like this angle better...i understand how you have a hard time capturing the flag. ^0^
the flag makes all the difference!

VP said...

It looks more a castle... Nice place to stay!

stromsjo said...

Imagine this hotel with Christmas lights and a bit of snow...

Jacob: It was that kind of day. Not half as warm as it looked though!

arabesque: Flags are independent thingies. One simply has to wait for them to cooperate! :)

Vogon Poet: I'm sure it is. Not exactly cheapish though.

Thanks, everyone.

Tinsie said...

Looks like a beautiful place - I wonder how often the sky is this blue though?

I know what you mean about capturing flags. This one is very well done!

stromsjo said...

It could be a subjective thing (I really do like autumn) but I'd say this is a September kind of sky. No objective data to back that claim up, I'm afraid.

And let's keep our flags swaying in sync! :)

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