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stonewalling in Råsunda

When life provides a window of opportunity, are we open to embrace new possibilities? Or will the sun shine in vain on our closed façade?

A philosophical question in Råsunda Church.

Råsunda kyrka, Solna (map) 14 March 2010


VP said...

I won't say that a stone wall must be seen only as a symbol of immobility:
Confederate general 'Stonewall' Jackson's was famous for moving his troops quickly, earning them the funny nickname 'foot cavalry'.
The 'Stonewall' bar riots of 1969 are widely considered the start of the modern gay movement.
Still, finding a stone wall on your path usually don't help...

svenske floyd said...

A brick wall, to be more accurate, or a concrete wall panelled with brick. Great philosophical shot anyway!

Lena Möre said...

I like the patterns made of the light!

arabesque said...

wow! such deep thought!
this would've looked like an ordinary wall and the window would've been boring, but now it looks very dramatic, the lighting and the shadowy effect of it was perfect!^0^

Luis Gomez said...

Love the image and the text!

Halcyon said...

Very cool photo! It's all about the lines and shadows.

stromsjo said...

The church itself appears open and inviting.

VP: From bar riots to a church wall... Maybe we could learn a thing or two from the flexible general?

Svenske Floyd: Point taken! :)

Lena Johansson: Somewhat abstract, I guess.

arabesque: Sometimes, there's drama in simplicity.

Luis Gomez: Appreciate that!

Halcyon: I've been wanting to make something out of predominant shadows. This experiment turned out nicely.

Let's seize the moment when we can, folks.

Mo said...

Lovely play on light texture and words.

Jenny said...

This is just amazing - a photograph that takes my breath away, quite literally...

A sun that produces imagery like this, shines never in vain.

cieldequimper said...

Are you planning an exhibition at the MoMa?

Lowell said...

I'm reminded of that old country song by George Jones with the line "Every time I make my mark, someone paints the wall"!

Up against the wall is a common feeling, brick or stone or whatever.

I'm going to have to reflect on your philosophical observation, and when I've reflected long enough, I'll...ah...probably forget all about it!

Alexander said...

Very creative use of shadows to capture the window. Simple and elegant.

Alex's World! -

stromsjo said...

The name Råsunda is usually associated with football since this part of Solna hosts our main national arena where - incidentally - the FIFA World Cup Final took place in 1958. [end of trivia]

Mo: Sometimes, the words precede the photo.

Jenny: Thanks for such encouraging and heartwarming feedback!

cieldequimper: Now that'd be the day! :)

Jacob: Someone suggested that it's the thought that counts and that when we forget a thought we should just keep on counting!

Alexander: Oddly, I never bothered to check out the window itself. All I saw was this effect on the wall.

Thanks everyone.

Tinsie said...

Too philosophical for my liking, but an interesting shot all the same.

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