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red breeze down under

Red is the signature colour of subway station Duvbo, nine kilometers north-west of the city center. We're on the platform underneath a ventilation shaft looking straight up. See more?

Tunnelbana Duvbo, Sundbyberg (map) 16 April 2010


cieldequimper said...

Funny, I thought we were looking down! That's a very creative shot!

VP said...

I like bright colors in a subway.

Mo said...

Cool. Are we doing subways again?

Lowell said...

I'm sure glad you explained what this was...I wouldn't have guessed in a million years.

Re your question about water temperature...the ocean is probably in the 60s to low 70s this small lake, it's more likely in the 70s. By summer the ocean will be in the 80s (going to the high 80s) and lakes like this will also be quite warm.

We don't like high ocean temperatures because they tend to trigger hurricanes.

I'll be showing a spring on Florida Fotos in a few days where the water temp stays at exactly 72 degrees (F) all year round.

Halcyon said...

Interesting angle. I like the colors!

arabesque said...

hi per, it looks like a big red ribbon at first, but you do always get the right angle, innovative shot, one that's so abstract. ^0^

stromsjo said...

I probably wouldn't have recognized this myself if I hadn't taken the photo. Also, I should point out that the grey background is the cave ceiling. Hopefully, that clarifies things a bit.

cieldequimper: Can't blame you! :)

VP: So do I. Unfortunately the coloured surfaces tend to attract vandals.

Mo: Certainly! There's no resisting them.

Jacob: I suppose that would count as progress. If I recall correctly, yesterday you were only briefly confused! ;)

Halcyon: For whatever reason, I get some sort of Star Trek vibes here. That's just me I guess.

arabesque: Thanks. Sometimes it's easier to catch abstract themes in artificial environments - such as a station in a cave...

Good to have you all doing a bit of colour analysis with us today.

Lena Möre said...

Tror jag skulle bli förvirrad där.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a very creative shot!

I, too, like the red color for the subway.


Unknown said...

This is brilliant! But I had to read it so I could understand it becuase the word zipper was crossing my mind all the time! :-)

stromsjo said...

Some Duvbo trivia... The station is named after a district in Sundbyberg Municipality and obviously an entrance from Duvbo was planned. However, constructing that entrance proved difficult so it was scrapped and now there's just one entrance at the other end of the station which is not situated within Duvbo! So when you exit station Duvbo you're not in Duvbo, although reasonably close of course.

Lena Johansson: Möjligen skulle du få nackspärr av att stå och kika såhär rakt uppåt. Det är å andra sidan därför man har stativ. Så får de ha nackspärr istället! :)

Paz: The sight of just about any colour is stimulating down in a grey cave.

JM: Ha! After reading your words, now I see a zipper too.

Thanks, all.

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