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last call for Akalla

...or maybe not. This was taken right after all passengers had left and before any new have had a chance to enter.

Tunnelbana Kungsträdgården (map) 8 December 2009


Halcyon said...

Hope there's a taxi stand nearby!

Tuula said...

Hello! You have many nice photos in your blog. I'm planning a visit to Stockholm in april, and it would be nice to see the cherry trees blooming in Kungsträdgården. How do they look right now? I guess they aren't blooming yet?

Bernt Seipl said...

tuuluska: I'm not in the city nowadays, but doing a search for "bloom" on the blogg, gives that in 2008 we had cherryblooming aroung 16th of april, and in 2009 around the end of april, so - given that this winter was a hard one, I'd say we'll have to wait a while more. But they should be on their way soon now.

Kiwi said...

@tuuluska: Here's how it looked in Kungsträdgården last Friday. Not blooming yet.

Thanks for your kind words! Hope you'll have a great trip.

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