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wireless style

If only Alexander Graham Bell would have known.

Tunnelbana Västra skogen, Solna (map) 1 September 2010


VP said...

You mean Antonio Meucci...

Mo said...

Maybe he does and is hoping we'll catch up with his latest technology. - Speaking to outer space.

arabesque said...

i think she's looking at you! ^0^

B SQUARED said...

Seriously, what did people do before cell phones?

stromsjo said...

So, how many days per week do you talk on a cell phone?

VP: Right you are. I wasn't aware that the dispute had been settled. Evidently, Bell has fallen from grace, officially and posthumously. Thanks for setting the record straight!

Mo: That's an interesting story in its own right. Our radio and television broadcasts over the recent century are spreading like a bubble in interstellar space. Like ripples on a pond with Earth at the center.

arabesque: We'll never know.

B Squared: Have a life?

Thanks all for commenting.

VP said...

I was joking... I can't agree more with your answer to B Squared!

Lowell said...

Mr. Bell's ears would be ringing at all the ding-a-linging!

Who could have predicted: Not cell phones, but the inordinate need to yak all the time on the damn things? The amount of "important" conversations has increased exponentially. Not!

Lowell said...

P.S. VP knows everything! He's a walking encyclopedia; a font of knowledge and wisdom!

Halcyon said...

I can usually live without a cell phone. What I can't live without is the mobile internet!

Tinsie said...

Good capture and interesting discussion! I'm a bit ambivalent about mobile phones - I have two, but often leave them at home, or only take them with me to use as cameras, stopwatches, alarms, calculators etc.

stromsjo said...

Hold the line, will you?

VP: Many well-known inventors probably weren't alone in forming and testing an idea... My favourite example is Columbus who discovered an inhabited continent. Go figure.

Jacob: And the fact that many are worried about health effects hasn't helped limit the enthusiasm.

Halcyon: Yep, you're right there.

Tinsie: That's a wonderful compromise. Bring the cell phone but don't actually talk on it! ;)

Thanks, all.

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