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not in our back yard!

Söder Torn is a skyscraper situated next to Fatbursparken, home of that fountain. It is 83 meters high so it’s hardly a skyscraper at all by international standards. It was however tall enough to cause a major debate before being completed in 1997. Our little Metropolis isn’t quite ready for prime-time yet.
Gärna förändringar men inte just nu och absolut inte här!


Anonymous said...

It seems like an attractive building. What is that on top? It looks like an observation area.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

stromsjo said...

There are 116 apartments in this building and they share the top flat. With its glassy walls it should be most appropriate for the annual house party, if there is such a thing. I imagine everyone living in the house can book that space when they have guests. If you follow the link “Söder torn” you’ll get a better view of the top floors.

Also, check out Peter’s night view of this tower.

Thanks for commenting.

stromsjo said...

Josephine sent us a comment by email:

Any skyscrapers are OK with me
as long as they have a public restaurant on the top! Like the new one in The Hague - I'll put it online soon. 40 stores high!

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