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shopping cathedral

In need of a sign from above? Kista Galleria offers plentiful. It is a commercial temple for any shopaholic. The major attraction is however its food court. We’d go for lunch and skip the shopping.
Listen and see more?
Räcker parkeringstiden?



Coltrane_lives said...

I must say I'm not too fond of malls (too chaotic in the States) but this is a nice shot of today's typical advertising. So, what type of restaurants would one find in your average Swedish shopping mall?

stromsjo said...

I don’t care much for malls either but I’ve got to admit that they’re practical if you can find several items in one place without having to struggle through – possibly – lousy weather.

Like we wrote, Kista is very well equipped as far as restaurants are concerned. In those other, average malls you might find a cafeteria or some sort of fast-food establishment. You know, hot dogs or possibly McDonald’s if it’s a large mall.

Z said...

So, is a photo from the food court forthcoming? I remember the food court in an old building that you had posted some time ago, it would be nice to compare.

stromsjo said...

There is a tasty sound clip coming up on waves in August. No photo in the pipeline as of yet but we might be able to correct that... Do I detect a wish list item? :)

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