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the sky's the limit

High-rise buildings are few and far between around Stockholm. Here's one in an odd location. The hotel in Infra City is located 20 km north of the city center. It has 320 rooms and a splendid view overlooking a boring motorway.

Infra City, Upplands Väsby (map) 26 September 2009


VP said...

You almost ruined everything: splendd view on a boring motorway.

Halcyon said...

It is sad when they make these buildings with nice views, except there is nothing nice to see!

Tinsie said...

Ahh you can't beat a motorway view!

B SQUARED said...

A lack of high-rises is a good thing.

stromsjo said...

I hope this view didn't cause any symptoms of wry neck today.

Vogon Poet: I haven't actually been inside. Who knows, maybe the view is... special?

Halcyon: Yep and in this case the interior is supposed to be a lot more interesting.

Tinsie: Poets near and far will have to work on that one:
- Honey, why don't you ever take me to see the motorway anymore?


B Squared: It is. That state of affairs is slowly changing though. Some of us still measure progress by the height of buildings.

Thanks all for going vertical with us.

Mo said...

Pity more cities dont follow the low rise model

cieldequimper said...

Thanks for the warning! I see you've been out in daytime... ;-)

Lowell said...

I rather like the building. Obviously, just being able to look out at something doesn't mean much.

Cherie said...

i need to come here more often. how quaint sweden is!

Unknown said...

I'm allways in the low building mood, but this is a fantastic perspective! Well done, Per!

arabesque said...

lol, well, if you can't enjoy the view outside, perhaps the hotel is amazing in itself ! ^-^

stromsjo said...

Maybe it's all about sleeping in a strategically chosen place, half-way between the city and the airport?

Mo: I couldn't agree more.

cieldequimper: Oh yes, that was a strange and unusual feeling... All that daylight! However do the rest of you cope? ;)

Jacob: All the more incentive for them to keep the interior attractive enough, I guess.

Cherie: You're most welcome!

JM: And I'm with you on the kind of architecture which is less high-flying and more artistic...

arabesque: Now that's a pretty good summary we could all agree on!

Thanks folks.

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