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be strong - it will change

Sweden is a beautiful country and Stockholm is a lovely city, but sometimes I wonder what drove our ancestors to settle here 60 degrees north. When you are waiting for the bus at Västerbroplan an evening in January and it's raining and snowing you have to be strong.

Västerbroplan (map) 19 January 2009 | others bloggar


Copenhagen said...

That's one crappy weather. Be strong.

Stefan Jansson said...

But it was a beautiful morning with the snow fall!

Jane Hards Photography said...

It does make a beautiful image though with the bouncing light.

englundhelena said...

November, December January and February - You just have to survive them. Then you can start living again in March.

Kiwi said...

You're right Babooshka, you have to focus on the beautiful things in life

Thanks all for dropping by in winter land.

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