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37 days

How much is a day worth? This girl had to leave us after five weeks.
37 days, a life. I found the little stone in Bollmora.
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blueboat said...

each day must have been incredibly precious to her parents - I can't imagine how people make it through this sort of situation. So sad. It is a beautiful headstone, however.

Anonymous said...

We never know. Life is here and gone. The photo is sad.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

inspired said...

life has no promises or a contracts of years or even days .. life itself is a precious gift ..

Sally said...

Very poignant.

stromsjo said...

Thanks, all of you.

For me, visiting a cemetary now and then is a good way to rearrange priorities in life. Being remembered that I shouldn't take too much for granted. Small things, like "tomorrow" for instance...

Anonymous said...

i have a blog called "37days" that i thought you might like to see, given this post - - I wonder if you would mind if I linked to this post and photo from there?

stromsjo said...

You’re most welcome, Patti. I wasn’t aware of your blog but obviously the topics are very much related. Life is precious. Take care. /per

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