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Summer Night City (5)

A calm evening by Bollstanäsvägen. Possibly the last opportunity before summer to enjoy the stillness of night
without the company of mosquitos.
Kom, ska du få höra
De sjunger i ditt öra
Att suga blod och friden störa
(Lågprispoesi för talträngda, volym 136)


Tara said...

There are nights without mosquitos in Stockholm? When can I move?

inspired said...

beautiful shot ;o]

stromsjo said...

Well Tara, that is why I like spring and early summer so much.

inspired: Thanks. I can’t get enough of that blue sky...

Z said...

Mosquitos in Stockholm? Barefoot in Stilli? What is happening to the world? :-)

stromsjo said...

z: Globalisation? ;)

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