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Riddarholmen in February

photo: Michael Zucker
.The sun sets gracefully by Riddarholmen. Our Friday Guest takes us half a year back. Or is it half a year into the future? The huge differences between four distinct seasons make our climate ever fascinating. Riddarholmen is a small islet, rich in history,
in the centre of Stockholm.
Och nu är det bara 178 dagar kvar till jul!


Dsole said...

I guess there's something magic about the change of weather... my brother lives in Canary islands and even there is always sunny and 20ºC average, I think indeed it's pretty boring!

stromsjo said...

If you were to teleport a Swede during the month of January he’d find the concept absolutely lovely during the first month. Then, as you say, slightly boring… Well, I wouldn’t know. Never been there. Every place has its unique qualities. Thanks, Dsole.

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