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I get my morning paper delivered to my door. I read it and then put it in a pile. When the pile gets too high I put my papers in a green container at Borgargatan. When that container is full it is collected and taken to - I don't know where, but it is made into new paper.
It works quite well, actually.


photoimagine said...

Allt verkar fungera fint på din gata...även kameran,linsen och fotografen samarbetar fint och det blir väldigt härliga bilder av det...
Ha det bra i sommarnatten och fortsatt trevlig helg!

stromsjo said...

In suburbia these containers are being concentrated to ”recycling depots” which are relatively few and far-between. The good citizens are supposed to use their own cars for the first leg of their waste transportation. And the good citizens who don’t have cars find it hard to be part of the sustainable society. How’s that for a contradiction!

But otherwise I agree - it seems to work well.

kent a: Håller med, återigen en väl avvägd bild från korrespondenten på Söder.

stromsjo said...

…and while we’re at it: IHT did a slide show
on this topic.

Z said...

I visited the IHT slide show on the topic. CH doesn't have deposits on anything but wine bottles, AFAIK, but since we have to pay by the bag for our waste collection, I suppose people tend to properly dispose of the recyclable material. Re paper, in our small village, we have paper pick-up only 4x a year! I had a post about that, on the 24th of Feb this year.

Coltrane_lives said...

I like the idea of having these neighborhood recycling bins. We have such bins around our city at various points where people take their paper, glass, aluminum, et cetera, or people can "pay" to have a service pick up weekly directly at their home. More and more people are recycling in the States but it takes effort and not everyone is so willing to drive to a recycling center or pay to have their goods picked up. Thanks for an informative narrative and photo.

Kiwi said...

In some areas, and parts, the recycling thing is working fine, in others not. One fascinating experience in central Stockholm is the recycling boat. During the summer it visits different areas of the city.

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