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There’s no shortage of political demonstrations on and around Sergels Torg, the square which is widely regarded as a symbolic center of the city as well as the country. This flag was on display at a small pro-Palestinian event.
Liten demonstration är också en demonstration. I brist på celebriteter på plats var man i full färd med att ringa upp någon palestinsk ministers mobiltelefon när jag strosade vidare. Undras just om man lyckades.


Anonymous said...

too bad Sweden has became a second
Palestine. It's not fun visiting there anymore.

inspired said...

is this part of flag day ? not that i know this festival just heard about it..
it's a clever shot of the flag ;o]

stromsjo said...

Thanks both for visiting and commenting.

tourist: If you find it hard to accept that 20 people gather and wave the wrong flag you and I probably have very different interpretations of what free speech is all about.

inspired: It was a small political gathering, one of many at this particular square.

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