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Summer Night City (2)

At last some calm after another busy day by the Central Station.
The moon surveys the scene as our city prepares
for that big, messy project when local railroads
will finally get a reasonable capacity.
Säga vad man vill om Centralen, den låter också
andra om stockholm citybanan tåg


lv2scpbk said...

Very pretty. Love the lights.

inspired said...

looks a quite relaxing mood ..

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting photo and the lights add to the effect. I like it.

Abraham Lincoln
Remember "The World's Ugliest Cat?" He got a haircut!
Brookville Daily Photo

stromsjo said...

Thanks, guys.

I’m a fan of the dusky hour. There won’t be many dusky opportunities during the coming weeks. Unless, maybe, if one stays up ridiculously late and catches that glimpse of relative darkness which precedes the next early morning. Crazy season. Daylight almost round-the-clock.

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